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I AM THE SHEPHERD! – Victoria Ann



A Word for the Time

March 16, 2022 5:29 PM
Victoria Ann

This Word was given to me November 2 and 15 of 2021

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 The year of my Lord and Savior, King and Redeemer and Lover of my Soul Jesus Christ

It is 957am

I teach a class on Recovering Your Identity in Christ, at a Christ- based program from Women. This program is offered free of charge to all women who will commit to the 12-week program, staying clean from drugs and alcohol and to turning their life around. Many times these precious women are coming out of abusive and desperate situations and many times they are also struggling with lack of education and poverty. This program helps them to get their G. E. D., as well as other important life skills like, how to budget income, sew, cook, personal hygiene, interview and hold down a job by working at the affiliated thrift store, and other classes. I have been teaching this course, based on my book, Little Weed two semesters a year for several years.

On the morning of my last fall of 2021 course, I was running right on time: Not early and not late to make it to my 2-hour class. I have taught this class so many times, the last day is normally much like the classes before; seemingly too short for all the marvelous discussion and information I am so eager to share, and the women are so ready now to absorb!
They, like all of us, NEED to hear how precious we are to the One who knitted us together in our mother’s womb! We NEED to know how our Beloved found joy in paying the Bride-Price for US with every drop of blood He had! We need to know the true meaning of our names that He calls us by! We need to exchange the identity the sidewalk world placed on us, with the True Identity of who we are In Christ! His Bride! The last day of class, we discuss the Marriage Contract that Jesus perfectly demonstrates and offers to us… to become His Betrothed and then His Bride! This is the amazing affirmation of who we are, and our purpose!

This day however, I could not find my teaching materials! I had prepared the night before, but now as I was ready to leave, everything began to fall apart… I rushed here and there and could not find my binder and hand-outs, or even my book! I finally had to leave empty-handed! I knew I was going to be late and felt completely out of sorts; And just that morning I found out from my husband that his company was mandating the dreaded “vax!”

At the end of class on the last day, I always ask for an evaluation from all the ladies to see what worked and what did not, and what I could concentrate on more or less, so I can do better the next time. The private evaluations have been always been unanimously that they loved every part of it and would not change anything.

This time, there was one dear lady who did not receive what she needed that last day! The most honest evaluation is the one that makes me go back and examine what the whole class from day one to the last was really about. I knew the class was very, very good, until that last day when I “lost” my focus! I let my armor down. I lost my vigilance. I became like Samson and allowed my hair to be cut as I was sleeping. When I got up and realized I could not find my material, instead of prayer, I was looking for my material! I did not take the time to replace my spiritual armor! I went in unprepared and un-prayed up, and venerable to the attack of the enemy. I had looked at Goliath and I came out angry at the enemy and defiant… But I did not bring the Rock and the testimony of the Power and protection of Christ, until too late! I allowed the world to creep into that class on that last vital day. Any mention of the vax had no place… It was certainly current and an issue that we ALL have to deal with; but the question of, “Who are we, and therefore, who do we belong to?” should have been the only focus! It did not matter if it was a 1 minute or 10 minute discussion, or if the others did want to talk about it. NO place should have been given!

I came home and fell on my face before my Lord! Holy Father! I did the worst thing I could have in teaching a class on finding their identity in Christ!! —I was not wearing the Robe of Victory and Faith, He made for me. I had allowed it to be misplaced, and instead of standing at the door of victory in Christ, showing the way into the Holy of Holies and Oneness with their Maker, the Beloved of the Lord… I allowed the world, my enemy, to enter into that place! All the raves from all the other ladies did not compensate for the one out of the 99 who needed me to be wearing my armor that day! I cried out, “Will not my Shepherd protect us?”
Now, Holy Father spoke to my spirit…

Fear will dissolve the connectors of your armor! It is a spiritual covering and it is held together by Faith.
Faith is more than a word! —More than what you would consider a “mind-set”;
It is a state of mind, and it bears a spiritual and vibrational signature the enemy understands and sees coming!
You have been considering Jonathan and his armor-bearer, who ran towards the Philistine company, and they ran from him!
— The young man without more than his armor bearer!
I went before him!
They fell down before him and were slain by Jonathan and his armor bearer,
Because I went before Him!
I went before David as he pursued the lion and the bear; and tore open the mouths of the lion and the bear to retrieve the stolen lamb.
He didn’t tear the lamb from the mouth, he tore the mouth open and rescued the sheep.
I did not equip the sheep with great defensive attributes, because I gave for the sheep a
Shepherd in order to show My own children
that I do not expect them to be able to defend themselves against the wolves and the bears and the lions!
I gave them a Shepherd!
It is the sheep who wander who are vulnerable to the wolves and hungry lions;
Who are always watching and seeking after those who wander and straggle,
and those who are stubborn and defiant.
The lamb with the broken leg is the safest lamb in the pasture, for he is always between the shoulders of the Shepherd!
The lamb cannot and will not wander and the lamb is always near to his protection:
Shepherd who will not allow the enemy to approach His gentle ones.
Behold, the sheep cannot even groom themselves!
They cannot thrive or endure a life without a
Shepherd; anointing them, protecting them,
grooming them by shearing them of their heavy burden of fleece.
The fleece grows unstopped, dirty and heavy like the sin of the world that is attracted to all those who are My children.
The heavier the fleece the more vulnerable the sheep is to the attack of the enemy;
for the burden of sin will cause them to stumble and blinds their eyes, and is hard to carry…

When they are relieved of their wool, their sin, they leap like lambs newly washed in the spring!

You must come to the
Shepherd for the washing and the removal of the sin which so easily cripples and blinds and causes fear:
For you cannot fend off the enemy on your own.
— It is the watchfulness of the
Shepherd that protects the sheep.
I Am the

I do not follow after the sheep,
I lead them.
I pass over and through the flocks seeking the lost, the lame and the sick.
I bind up the wounds of the injured, give comfort to the frightened;
rescue from the hidden pitfalls!
I hear the bleating of My sheep, and I know each call and who it belongs to.
Always, My eyes and ears are trained on My flock, and on the lookout for those who would prey upon them!
The lamb is not to run towards the enemy!
But I may lead My flock through the territory that the enemy inhabits,
driving out the enemy before My flocks!
My sheep do not have reason to
fear when they stay near to Me!

Like any predator, they smell and detect the fear of their prey and it brings them close to their prey…

they are alerted by the scent of fear.
Vultures and scavengers are always sniffing the atmosphere for the dead and dying!”

Holy Father, it is now Monday, November 15, 2021…
I left off from listening 13 days ago!

Holy Father, I do not know what I have been so busy doing… I feel like I have been in a daze… I got caught up in the “news” that was going on…
I was the very sheep that You are talking about! I was looking at the gathering wolves and vultures… the enemy closing and their terrible weapons of evil… carefully devised plans being carried out step by step…

“But do you not realize that I have seen and spoken of this time before I set the foundations of the earth?
I saw the enemy would come for My children and already provided a Shepherd and a Savior!
He has already defeated the enemy!
has been that is now occurring in earth time, and I have accounted for all things, all provision and the victory is already secured.
Do not be afraid of the things that the media is saying to you!
Do not look at the roaring of the black seas!
Remember they are calmed by a single command from My Voice!
Did you not just read
Isaiah 14?
I have already shown the end of the enemy to My prophet!

What is required is trust in Me. —Trust the plans and purposes that I have for you.

I have not forgotten the promises I have made to you, My gentle one!
You are indeed worried and anxious by many things.
You grieve for your family according to what
your eyes see,
and what you think you know.
—But have I not already spoken to you concerning your daughters?
Have I not told you of your grandsons? Have I not told you of your own husband?

As you look around and take in what is going on in the natural world,

you are seeing that I told you much of this years ago.
I showed you many of these things that are happening right now;
and at that time, you wondered where those things could be happening,
for they were too foreign to the life you knew at the time.
You thought it must be China where there is persecution;
Certainly not your own country!

Now you see all these things coming together.
Now visions you could not comprehend are beginning to come to light, and it is indeed as you have seen.
Because you already saw the things in visions, you comprehend things you would not otherwise.

You thought these would be exciting times.
I have shown you these times before they came, so you would be prepared.
Understand that these are difficult times.
They will become far more
difficult for the unbelieving, and far more exciting for those who are using these times to grow in the power of their faith.
faith must be growing. Push aside all fear.

Stop looking at the waves. Stop looking at the enemy and stop listening to what he says.
You already know what is coming.
Be ready to ride the wave of My Holy Spirit as it breaks forth in great power across the land and the world.
Like a surfer who sees the waves coming and positions themselves to catch and ride the wave,

position yourself to be carried along within the eye of the tidal wave of Holy Spirit.
Indeed it is the Battle wave you saw 9-years ago and other times.
Do not look upon the wave in
fear, but in anticipation;
and do not look at the turbulence and tossing of the sea!
As long as you are in the center of My Wave, you are not able to be touched by the enemy.

Have I not told you I would hide you from the eyes of the enemy?

Banish all
fear and all that inputs fear. Banish it.
Do not practice anxiety and fear
Put away those things that feed fear and rob you of your faith and your memory of the things I have spoken to you of this time.
Listening to the enemy makes you forget the things I have spoken to you and you sink in anxiety for the times you are quickly entering.
I have called you to stay above it all.
Remember I Am your
Shepherd and I will not allow you to be overcome by the enemy when you are hidden in Me.

The enemy feeds on uncertainty,
fear and discouragement.
They resonate in the air and will attract the vultures of the enemy to harass and attack you.

—Yes, this will be difficult times as those who will not bow to the spirit of the world and its wisdom will be increasingly mocked and hated.
You will be seen as a threat to all those who are falling into the deceptions of the enemy.
Even your own family, at this time cannot understand you.
It is not right in their eyes that you should refuse to do as the world does, in order to be with your family.
They do not understand, for they are leaning on the wisdom of the world,
and not the wisdom that comes from Me.
They do not comprehend the times and seasons.
They are not locked into the things of heaven, but the things of the earth.

I said there would be a
separation and a division happening over these last two years.
This is increasing, for I Am indeed calling
out those who will come to Me to be saved
from those who are still attached to the world and its things,
forfeiting the far, far greater glory of the kingdom that awaits all those who call upon the name the Lord.
They shall indeed be saved!

I Am making a distinction between those who are of Me and those who are of the world.
Now is the time to be about My business.
Now is the time to go forth and serve the body.
I did not call you to those who will not have Me… I have given you much treasure,
and it is for My Kingdom and for My children; that they may learn of Me and be equipped for this time.
I Am calling My children out of Egypt.
I Am calling My sons and daughters out of the world, and into My Kingdom.
Leave the conflicting voices of the world behind you,
and run to the shelter of the
Shepherd. I shall care for you.

Remember the vision of the woman in the fields.
I Am calling you to the fields now. They are ready.”

Holy Father what exactly am I to do? In the vision of the banquet I am serving food.

“I have given you much bread and food to serve to My guests.
My halls are filling and the time for the banquet is soon and very soon.
Pray and intercede for those who are called to My kingdom.
Pray for their release from the bondages that hold them to the earth…that they can be set free to run to Me…

To let go of the things of the earth.
Pray for eyes to be opened and ears unstopped, and for a heart to understand the times they are living in.
Do not put your trust in man. Man will not save you, or anyone else.
Man can only save himself by calling upon the Name of Yeshua,
and be saved themselves. There is no other way.
Many do not see what you see and understand right now.
But the day is fast approaching when they will all see and understand with their eyes what you clearly know in your spirit,
for I have already shown you so you would be prepared”.

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