I AM the Only Way – Janice Sharp

I AM the Only Way

Dec 31, 2019
Janice Sharp


When are you going to put Me first?  Nothing else should matter now, for I come for all who have submitted their lives and their hearts for My purpose, My will and My glory alone.  Get on your knees more, this is not a joke and not a game.  You cannot control the fate of another, so do not try.  Risk being a fool for Me, get to know Me again for I AM the only way to make it through what is coming upon this earth.  

Write about the time when the giants will once again roam the land, plundering all in their paths.  They seek to destroy all that is of Me (My children).  They know their fate and want to take as many as they can with them into the pit.  Oh daughter if people could only see, I AM the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life.  There is not much time left.  You must seek Me with your whole heart, letting not the things of this world get in your way.  The wrinkle of time has come back full circle and the evil ones plot and scheme to steal as many souls as they can.  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  I will awaken My chosen ones by shaking the earth from it’s foundations.  NO ONE will be left standing once it begins.  Seek Me in your secret place or you also will not be able to stand in this time.  There are many who will say, “why did you not take me Lord?”  Did I not warn you this would happen?  Am I a man that I should lie?  Take no thought on what you will eat or drink for I will provide on an as needed basis.  Man has sought after his own glory, not My own.  They think they are doing My work but they seek their own glory.  So many, so, so many.  It grieves Me to see it daughter.  My heart breaks for what must now come.  Your faith will be the only thing that sustains you, so you must strengthen it now.

Yes I will use you, seek Me now.  Yes, I will send you out to seek out the lost in the hi-ways and bi-ways as I have spoken before but you must not get lost in the cares of this world.  This is the enemy’s work in you.  Many are lost in a fantasy world and must wake up from their slumber.  The tv, as I have spoken, keeps the mind trapped with waves of energy – it is beyond your comprehension, but believe Me when I tell you it is a trap and much more than a distraction.

Lay down your burdens at My feet, I AM your comforter, I love you, do not leave Me.  I never change – it is you.  I AM always with you, even to the end of the age. (I had prayed for Jesus to never leave me, but of course He never does, it is us that leaves Him).

Seek Me with everything you have, I AM coming but great tribulation has also come.  The war in heaven rages but I have the victory – Remember, none will be able to stand.

I love you


Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed forlack of knowledge. Because you have rejectedknowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

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