I am the Light of this world, take Me into your hearts – Cornell de Beer

I am the Light of this world, take Me into your hearts

Feb 14, 2020 4:05 AM
Cornell de Beer


Dear brothers and sisters Message received 7th February 2020

Little children, why is it that you do not listen to My judgements that is coming? Why don’t you prepare so that your hearts may shine bright, bright and pure with My Holy Spirit. Brighter then the stars at night.

Don’t you know that My Son Jesus paid the price on the cross for your sins and that He is coming soon? To gather His bride and to be with Me for eternity? Do you not understand that this is a matter of life and death?

You either follow Me your Lord, the one and only light of this world or the evil wicked deceiver. You can not have it both ways. The choice is yours to make as I won’t force myself on anyone. But let it be known, everyone is given the change to repent before my Judgement come. There will be no excuses for you to make. Follow Me on the narrow road to My Glory or stay on the wide road with your obomination and idols of this world.

My bride will recieve My wisdom, riches, understanding and knowledge to help her in these final days. The beauty and riches of My Kingdom is enormous. To much for you to even comprehend.

If you are not ready and prepared for my coming you will experience unthinkable trails of evil and darkness. If you think the messages that My children recieve from Me is one big joke or purely for entertainment, you are very mistaken. I am God, creator of all. Alfa and Omega, the beginning and the End. The great I Am. The sorrow and fear that will abide in those once they realised they were left behind will completely overcome you.

In my Kingdom is Glory, honour, love, eternity and fellowship with Me. I will teach, guide and love you until the very End.

I am a forgiving Father. I have compassion ALWAYS for those that wish to seek and find Me. You but only have to knock at the door for My beloved Son Jesus to let you into My Kingdom. He is there to recieve and let anyone that confess and repent of their sins in. The choice is yours to make.

Do not wait, for You do not know at which hour I might come. The time is NOW to repent of your sins and take My Light into your hearts. I might come at any moment and if you are not safed you WILL be left behind.

Verily verily I say unto you. Whosoever will shout out My name, I will safe. For I am King, Lord of Lords. The gateway between Heaven and Hell.

I love you my children. Those that are one with Me, seek Me and is faithful, do not be despaired. I long to finally have you with Me in my House. It won’t be long now. As certain as a healthy fruit tree carry her fruits in autumn, I will come for you! My angels is ready to recieve you and bring you to Me.

To say I love you is an understatement. Be strong and courageous in Me.

Your Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Confirmations from our Lord.

Matthew 24

Parable of faithful servant or door keeper. (Mark 13 34-37 and Luke 12 35-48) It’s important to stay faithful and watchful.

Parabel of the budding fig tree. (Mark 13 28-32 and Luke 21 29-33)

Matthew 26
The parabel of the 10 virgins. Watch and be ready.

Matthew 13
Parable of the Pearl

Eternal life in Heaven is worth more then anything on this earth.

Just as Jesus is our Pearl, so are we His pearl.

Jesus died for our sins because of His love for us. Jesus had absolutely NOTHING, He was poor. Buried in a borrowed rope and thomb. But He had one thing in mind, US. That one priceless pearl, He didn’t need anything else.

To Jesus we are not worthless but His priceless beautiful, unique pearls, valued above everything. Thank you Lord Jesus!

To God we are so important that He give His only Son to die on the cross for us. Thank you Father God, Abba my creator!

Ephesians 5

Confirmation number recieved: 886 Meaning not made with hands.

2 Corinthians 5.1 -5

Our resurrection body is a building or house. We have a building in God, a house not made with hands. Eternal in Heaven.

Be blessed brothers and sisters.
Love in Jesus, your sister.



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