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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My daughter, you made an error in your statements on one of your last videos. You said to those who believe, that they contribute in their flesh to receiving My salvation, that this is not a Salvation issue. This is not the truth, My daughter, for if anyone does not enter into the narrow gate, which is Me alone, he has not truly believed upon Me alone and therefore cannot enter into the narrow gate. Many have taken the free gift that I offer and turned it into something that must be paid for. Did I not pay enough with My death upon the cross? Was My work not truly finished? Was My mandate left unfulfilled? You must stand corrected My daughter, for the many that believe the accursed false gospel believe a lie. These that believe a false gospel believe that their efforts push them through the narrow gate, and they believe that their efforts keep them on My path, therefore they are not true believers in Me. They rely on their own works and not My finished work. They believe that through their own efforts they are able to present themselves to Me as holy. They do not see that any of their self-efforts to Me are simply filthy rags. They do not believe, therefore do not receive My pure and simple gospel, for they are believing a lie. This lie has been carefully crafted by the enemy, for it is a picture that includes Me, but it also includes human righteousness which is no righteousness at all. My righteousness is being pushed aside here. With this lie, the enemy deceives many, for they believe that their salvation and sanctification are bound to their abilities. Even a sliver of flesh cannot be added into My holiness, for no flesh is holy, My children. If I am not your righteousness, you cease to be righteous. Only I can present you to My Father, and I cannot present you to him if you are wearing filthy rags. The filthy rags represent here the sin of unbelief. The unbelievers pride blinds them to the fact that they cannot add anything to what has already been accomplished by Me. Only those that have received My true gospel will be placed into My righteous robes, for My children that have received My true gospel know that apart from Me there is nothing holy residing within them. Those that have received My true gospel know that I am the only author and finisher of their faith. Those that have received My true gospel know that apart from Me there is no other gate, and to enter Me, the narrow Gate, 100% holiness must be achieved. Those that have received My true gospel understand this goal can only be met when I pour out My righteousness upon them. Again, not one sliver of flesh will enter the narrow gate. Be warned, for if you believe there is another way to enter, you are deceived. If you believe you have achieved righteousness apart from Me, you are believing a lie. When you spread this lie to others, you become a stumbling block to My true gospel, and you walk as a tool of the enemy. If you are in fear that you’ve been hoodwinked by this accursed and false gospel, turn to Me now and ask that I lay My truth upon your heart. Do not continue forth in this deception, for it is a salvation issue. I am the gate, and I am the way through the gate. There is no other entrance to My kingdom. Consider this a warning to those that continue to promote and teach this false gospel. You serve as accusers, and you are keeping My children from coming to Me. You are causing them to stumble. Woe to you. (Matthew 18:6-7, Luke 18:17) A child has blind trust and blind faith in his parent. This faith is not based upon the child’s human reasoning. It is void of fear and conditionality. It is pure and simple faith, and the child is secure in the love of his parent.

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  1. Mary Jane Galawis

    Praise God!

  2. Nettie

    So everyone who believes in OSAS is saved.
    Everyone who believes in Jesus are saved, even when they don’t follow Him or His Words or His Ways or His father.
    Everyone who lives in sin are saved, as long as they believe in OSAS.
    Everyone who believes in Schofield who brought the dispensationalism to America, supported by the Pharisees’ money, will be saved.

    Excpt those who live holy lives, repent daily by praying the Father’s prayer as commanded by Jesus. They will not be saved, as they are “working” by praying repenting.
    So those who do anything righteous, are trusting their own righteous deeds and thus will not be saved.

    So only real sinners, who sin daily and don’t repent, don’t live by Jesus commandments, but do believe in Jesus, will be saved.


    Shaking my head…..while slinking off to pray and ask my Saviour Jesus to forgive me for not living in daily unrepentant sin so that I can be saved. As clearly no one who tries to be holy, righteous, follow Jesus or the Father’s commands and prayer, could ever be saved, because they dare tried to not steal, kill or destroy. Oh, but wait, isn’t that what Satan do?? Oh, yeah, so Satan will be in heaven with all the other sinners, demons, fallen angels…… all who believed in Jesus, and trembled at His name, but continued to sin….

  3. Nettie

    Oh, and btw, thanx for all the listed scriptures (apart fom the one about Jesus calling the little children). You’ve backed up all your statements nicely with scripture so that we can test the spirits. 😉

    Just amazing how those who washed themselves clean and wore all the righteous deeds as the Bridal gown won’t even get to see heaven. Pity. I’m sure King Jesus would’ve loved to see His bride adorned in the righteous deeds of the Believers as described in Revelation 19:7-8.

  4. Nettie

    Urgh. I’m brought back AGAIN. I believe the Father is prompting me to share more of what He has shown me.

    As we do good, a smile, love, happiness, an act of kindness towards a suffering human, a loving gesture towards a scared child, etc, it gets stored in our DNA. All the words and deeds and history of your forefathers are also stored in your DNA. Its the 98% so-called “junk” DNA that scientist don’t believe serve any function on the human genome.

    As you sin, it ALSO gets stored. Every wrong deed. Every good deed. Every act of anger. All feelings of hatred and unforgiveness. All deeds done in darkness. Deeds you wanted to hide from people around you. Everything you’ve done. Good and bad. It gets written down. In your own body. Your DNA.

    We all know, good deeds does NOT save you. Only the Grace of Jesus can save. By His blood ALONE. But during the darkness, there will be trumpets which will activate our DNA and change our bodies. What you have stored up in Jesus’ Kingdom and temple (your body and heart) will be converted. Sinners will not shine as bright lights. Those who lived in repentance, will every day store only good. The bad repeatedly gets wiped out. So when the last trumpet blows, your DNA will activate. God will see Jesus Blood (His Living Light) on those who are His. Who looks like Him. In His image. And thats how we will get sorted. Good from Bad. Wheat fom Tares.

    So even though you may still be saved in the last few minutes before end of time, your deeds DOES have impact, and hugely so. To ask forgivesness, is to clean yourself of spots and wrinkles. No sin will enter heaven. Its not trusting in your own righteousness, to trust in Jesus’ ability to clean your DNA of any sin you added into it!! He CAN do it and wants to. Just ask with a contrite heart. Don’t live in sin and think “all will be fine”. God’s Words have always been clear. Only the righteous will enter into His domain. Only those He recognises as His children. Don’t believe the lies, please. Jesus says “Follow me”!! If you can’t even do that for Him, how can you expect to look like Him, be called His child? He showed us the Way. The ONLY way. Follow HIM. Not the pharisees who He said of: “your father’s deeds you will do”. Show who YOUR Father is. Thats not tusting yourself. That is trusting God as your Father. By following HIS only begotten Son. Pray like He taught you in Matthew.

  5. Angel Rosas

    Grace through faith is how we are able to get through the narrow gate by Jesus. He paid for our salvation and is the door. We follow Jesus.

  6. Angel Rosas

    We follow Jesus and listen to Him out of love and in it in faith. We are His children and sheep. Even those with blemishes are still yet His sheep. He will not in no wise cast out those who come to the Shepard. He is our caring father. The Lord God. Ours forever.

  7. Marc

    Why is the fact 278…..doesn’t respond to the fact she’s a OSAS…BELIEVING person????
    It’s not upfront in her teaching idea’s, but hidden inside.
    My sister in Christ, you always present the message of God’s grace to repent once….but if done more, you call it work’s, us trying to save ourselves, not our response to the actions of God’s grace….daily.
    A big difference between self-righteous behavior and apostles writings teaching both Christ’s saving, and our response to him.
    What’s that living, Holy as he was Holy, how’s that done by prayers of faith and repentance daily from sin.
    OSAS believers hate certain bible scripture all of 1st John (covers both Christ’s saving, and our response to jim), verses and all apostles writings teaching to no longer live as worldly sinners do…uncaring in sin.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

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