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I AM SHUTTING the door – Barbara Francis


I AM SHUTTING the door

March 1, 2022
Barbara Francis

Hurry! It is time to enter the arc . Everything is in readiness. The appointed time has arrived. There is only one door to enter in . Many have been called and warned that the appointed time was at hand . Warnings and the Gospel have been preached throughout the world to all peoples nations and tongues . Many have been called only a righteous few have been chosen. I AM SHUTTING the door. JUDGEMENT comes to the wicked unrepentant world . As it was in the days of Noah it is once again. Those who have not heeded my warnings and entered the Arc will perish. The earth will be in chaos when the door is shut, weeping and gnashing of teeth. Fire in the streets the smell of death and sulfur will be in the air. My messengers and prophets have been shouting REPENT from the roof tops . They have prepared the way for my return. Repent now.

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