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I AM SHAKING THE EARTH – Barbara Francis


September 25, 2021
Barbara Francis

My children the battle rages for souls. Do not let your guard down . Truly these are perilous times . You will see earthy signs and heavenly events. Each one points to my return . Each one an outcry to unrepentant sinners to turn from sin. You now see earthquakes , flooding, asteroid fly bys , volcano eruptions , and fires over the nations . Soon you will see unexplained phenomena and supernatural sightings . Do not be afraid . If it was written it will come to pass . I am shaking the earth . Soon an unprecedented earthquake will strike your wide coast . Earth quake, molten lava fire and tsunami will erase abominations from my sight . Evil rebellious sinners will be no more . I will make my way across your earth , sudden destruction follows me . All creation will tremble at the sound of my voice as my Angels wait for my next command . You will be smothered by deception and lies as these events unfold and world leaders will try to give you an explanation for what has happened . If you read my word , you know what is happening do not be deceived . Stay close to me now . I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD .

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