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I AM raising up MY END TIME ARMY NOW – Angela Lynne

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August 2, 2022 11:26 AM
Angela Lynne

May 11, 2022

May 10th, 2022 5am Prayer Time ~

I have a word NOW for MY people. I can’t express for you the heartache I have and tears I have shed for the lost. All those that are about to die and will be entering into a wicked and vile place I never intended for them. I AM furious with the churches and pastors for not warning MY sheep. For not leading them to repentance. Many even MY daughter, Angela, tried to encourage to do this but they would not listen. Well now many will be removed from their positions as I rise up MY end time army that will do MY will. That will diligently seek MY will. Daughter you will be heard now going forward. Your authority has increased. I will confirm you and MY words through you with signs, miracles and wonders. THE GREAT I AM chose you from the beginning of time for this. This is your mission. You will be overjoyed, daughter. It is finally here. Many will be seeking answers in this time and there will be none to be found except through MY anointed ones. They will carry the truth and their torches will shine brightly. WARN MY PEOPLE to test those they believe to be MY anointed by the WORD. MY scriptures are your foundation. Pray for Greater Discernment. Seek ME about every person. Remember their will be counterfeits. There always are. MY Word says some will be performing signs and wonders. Many will say did we not do this and that in your name? But sadly I did not know them and they will hear the words DEPART FROM ME you workers of lawlessness.


Yes some has been altered by witchcraft and the lying pen of the scribes, but if you are truly born again and not just giving lip service MY spirit will alert you to this. The Spirit of Truth leads into ALL truth. Remember Also My true set apart spirit will convict of sin and righteousness. Use this as your measure The enemy counterfeits all the true gifts of the spirit. Don’t blindly receive just any manifestation..encounter…they claim to be the move of MY spirit. Be careful who you let lay hands on you. This is all in MY word. Study to show yourselves approved. That is all for now My daughter. Share this today.

Your Creator

The ALL Sufficient One

Judge & Ruler


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May Father God YHWH bless & protect you & your entire family/household in Jesus / YAHushua name, Amein!


Angela Lynne ~

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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