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Sep 3, 2019, 8:35 AM
Collins Ouma


I received this message on July 20th after morning intercession.

It is I Jehovah,your God,the creator of heaven and earth who is speaking to you this morning:
Behold My church is full of ABOMINATIONS!!!! Services full of defilement.Noises! Noises! I despise and hate them.There is no My fear and reverence in them. They don’t tremble at My Holy word
My church has become a den of thieves, fornication,immorality and all mamner of sexual perversions. They gather for evil and iniquity.
Hypocrites!! Hypocrites!! My church that My son purchased with His blood has become a place to harbour witchcrafty, businesses, corruption and selfish ambitions.

Behold some of them go to hell: deep down the oceans for power to do My work that they may abound in great riches and prosperity.

I only descend and dwell with them that are pure in heart, holy and Reverend. They only make noise for their own bellies. I AM BRINGING THEM TO NOTHING AS I RAISE MY OWN.

They are carrying abominable services in My name. They are full of philosophy and human wisdom. These are their KINGDOMS not MINE.
I made My final decision of SHUTTING AND CLOSING DOWN THEIR MONUMENTS. I am releasing a spirit of stupor and drunkenness upon them and their congregations. I hate such services that only defiles and defames My name.
My name is Holy and Righteous for I am Holy and I dwell with them that have washed their garments clean; them that tremble before Me.
I am SHUTTING DOWN ALL OF THEM as I begin My own.Already I have begun this job son. I am raising up and lifting My own church speedily and quickly.
They were full of rejoicing am turning it into mourning. They are going to weep terribly. Lamentation that has never been seen will be heard within their walls.
My anger is full of indignation and My cup of judgement is full for the abominations they have wrought upon My church.
I have made My decision and I have already released My judgment upon them. My anger has RISEN. I have begun My work of cleansing, shaking, removing and overthrowing apostasy within My church and I must fulfill it Myself

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