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I AM proclaiming judgement upon the Earth – Sue Piccini

Sue Piccini
September 11, 2018

John 4:17

“ Love has been perfected among us in the day of Judgment; because as He is, so are we in this World.”

“ Hear My Words Children and know that I am with you in these last days. However, you will witness the Judgment that I am proclaiming upon the Earth. You will see and witness many disasters, earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and the total crumbling of the Earth. Many will be displaced and homeless and there will be death of people and animals. My Judgment is swift and at times unannounced. Be ready in season and out of season to proclaim the Name of Jesus to the lost and the hurting, for many will be searching for the WHY of everything that is taking place. You are My chosen ones and you must be ready for the times you are living in.

To My Watchers, get ready to proclaim My Word as far and wide as you can, for I the Lord will speak the Truth to you for all the World to hear. Until I come for you My Bride, you will be the Voice of one calling in the Wilderness. These days of Judgment will be hard, but I will sustain those who are My Faithful Ones and will uphold you with My Mighty Righteous Right Hand.”

Yeshua has spoken these things!

As I was listening to the Lord continue to speak to me, he told me to also write this down……. “ Death will abound in these last days, for this is the result of My Judgment upon all people who are already witnessing this on your Televisions and News Casts daily. This is the fallout of those who refuse to listen, who refuse My Son and will not obey Me and only Mock Me. Times and Seasons have changed and will continue on this path of horror until My Second Coming. I will be the Victor in the End.”
Thus saith the Lord!


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