Thalitha kumi


Received: 9/9/2018

Write, My daughter. There is not one day on this earth, when I do not somewhere speak to My children. But it is you who do not want to hear Me!

I am a Father and I am the Almighty. I speak and move according to Mý own good council and no one can limit or prevent Me.
I do NOT fit into any church box

I do NOT fit into any form or religion.

I am free and so are My children.

You can not limit Me, I move and speak and work where I will, as I will and through whom I will and when I will.

Do not try to prescribe to Me how I may or may not work: you are in fact not limiting Me, but you limit My Spirit to work in you. You limit your own ability to experience Me. You limit yourself to receive Me.

I am the Creator of all that exists. Why would any method be out of My reach? Is there ANYTHING ‘outside’ of Me? Is My whole Creation to part of Me – in Me? What is outside of My framework? Outside of My endlessness?

I am free and not limited to your dogma.

You are the one limiting Me, not I.

First open up yourself for My Spirit, allow Me to work freely.

Your thoughts are not My thoughts, My ways are higher than yours.

Free yourself from shackles, be free and follow Me. Allow me to lead You to free spaces – spaces of eternal, endless freedom and creativity, for you are Mine and should become like Me.

Allow yourself to grow in the freedom with which I made you free and see what I can do with you and where I will take you.

Is My arm too short?

Are My resources limited?

Am I deaf and blind?

Am I not the greatest Artists of all eternities?

Look at the great diversity of animals on your planet. Am I limited in creativity? Can I not work just as colorful, uniquely, unconventional and originally with every one of My children, just as I decorate dumb nature?

Your dull religion is your own product, NOT MINE! Knowledge alone kills, but the Spirit gives LIFE! Why would you want to look like wintry trees – stark, sharply silhouetted against a grey background?

Open the door to My Spirit and LIVE THROUGH ME!

Come, stand at the River of Life, suck Me in and be evergreen trees, full of beautiful blossoms and heavily loaded with delicious fruit!

I am unconventional, the world cannot fathom My ways.

Do I not have full power and freedom to do what I want?

Why do you keep Me at a distance, My children?

What did I do wrong?

Am I not inside of you through My Spirit?

Why do you divide yourselves by pushing Me – who are inside of you – outside?

Why do you destroy yourselves like that?

Why do you fear Me?

Have I ever wronged any one of You?

Do you fear that I will lead you where you do not want to go?

I only lead those who WANT to be led.

The others go their own way, or stay right where they are.

Become ONE with Me, that you may stand!

Why would you want to perish?

The things that are shortly coming to your earth will stun you. Do not loose faith in Me because of it, for I know what I do and allow. Hold on to Me and hide in Me. Insight and understanding is available through My Spirit inside of you. Just listen.

Come My children, hide in Me.

Let Me hold you tight and press you to My heart, for you are Mine.

I have called you by your name, you are Mine!

Come, My children, come !!

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