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I am not an Edomite God

April 23, 2024 8:55 AM
Olasubomi Williams

John 15:18-27, Luke 20, 1 Corinthians 1:10-25, 3, 1 John 2:15-23, Amos 3,4 and 5, Zechariah 8,10, 13

I am not who the world presents me as. I am not weak by any stretch of the imagination. I am not sensual. I am love but the love I give is greater than the love of this world. I am the God of first for the Jews(Both spiritual and physical Jews) then the gentiles. I am YAH YAHUAH ELOHIM. Your Adon.

I am not the God of the Roman Catholic church. They serve another god apart from me which you all well know. I am not the Jesus that is being protrayed all over the media and storybooks. I have sent my destroyer to show you all who I am when he entered the vault of secrets of his forefathers and his father before him and to tell of my heritage. For soon, you shall all see me for who I am.

Do not be deceived, I have not come to bring peace but a sword. To divide the truth from the lies, to divide sheeps from goats, mothers from sons and father from daughter. Many now in their homes are seeing some form of persecution in their households as many of my true elects are coming out of deception. Those who still follow after the Jesus of this world will be shocked to know that what many are believing to be my son is false. My son came as a lamb and he was meek and humble but he was never a pushover. No far from it. He resented evil and corrupt authorities. The scribes and Pharisees tried to have him killed on multiple occasions but they couldn’t find any valid evidence to point him to. Eventually, they decided to kill him before anyone knew of this. He spoke against evil authorities and totalitarian dictatorship that was rife in Israel at that time. The governments were power hungry and decided not to follow after my ways. When I was trying to correct them through my son, they refused and hardened their hearts even more. Eventually, the hand of punishment came upon them later after their generation and they were scattered from my land. They decided not to obey me and for that they suffered the consequences. They had their way of life striped from them before their very eyes. Their resistance was futile and for naught and eventually, they were scattered to the four corners of the earth as part of my judgement against their stubbornness.
But I was never the God of the Edomite. Those who truly know me and worship me know this and keep it within their hearts of hearts. I never once came to the Edomites to make a promise to them. Children, what did my words say in the book of genesis, Jacob I love, Esau I hate. Ask yourselves my children, what did Esau do wrong that made me hate him? I do not physically hate Esau but I hated his bloodline and the lineage of idol worshippers and murderers that he will bring forth to the world. The Esau lineage is one created to bring forth the beast and his kingdom, just as they have planned for millennials. However, I do not resent the physical lineage of Esau, they can be grafted into the family of Jacob if they accept me and likewise those of my own who reject me will be etched into the family of Esau. To reject me is to reject life. I am the only one who can give life. Come to me and have life.
The Edomites for millennia has managed to pull a fast one on my children all over the world. I am not talking about Israel now but the world. They have made an image of a false Messiah and claimed it to be me. They then told my children to follow their Messiah. Not only that, they went a step ahead and told many of my Israel people that their Messiah is theirs and the concept of white Jesus was born. So many who carried this doctrines are now burning in the bowels of hell. Regretting ever listening to those who have given them this doctrine of Satan himself.

I am going to give you all the opportunity to accept this reality my children. Some of you will take this words harshly. Some will try to deny it and fortify their biases. Some will outright not listen to me and some will be transformed by this message. Do with it as you wish. I am slowly bringing the light of my words to you all so that you can be saved. For in my Kingdom, your inheritance is with me. Your hopes, dreams and aspirations and your eternal desire is with me. Your maker YAHUAH. I am going to uncover every falsehood in this world and many will be left with a choice. Choose me or choose death. And unfortunately many will choose death.

This Christian churchianity belief system of America is coming to an end worldwide. Many of these false servants will fall from their dwelling places. Many if not all will not save their ministries. Many of these televangelist will be exposed and made a foolish mockery of.

My son, The fall of Oyedepo will be great. I will hunt down his ministry and send the angel of my righteous indignation to tear down that building. That edifice will be brought down. I will shame that man in public. His public image will be so tarnished not even his loyal followers will be able to save him. They will all run away from him. All his sons will abandon him. However, his eyes will open as the world that he has built around himself crumbles. I will send true servants to speak against him and when I am done with him and I have washed him clean and spotless. He will be used to promote my gospel during the great tribulation. That is all my son. Your ELOHIM and Adonai Yah. Selah.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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