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I Am Lives Within You, and Together We Are One – LynL

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I Am Lives Within You, and Together We Are One

May 26, 2024 11:14 PM


Each day as we walk through the shadow of death it is important to know I Am with you. My rod and staff are there to comfort you.

I Am lives within you and perceives the dangers that may await you. Believe and use my Word to fight your enemies. Do not back down. Be vocal and determined and steadfast for the enemy will shrink, as you fight using my name. Bring them to their knees and vanquish them to the abyss, to never be seen again. Each dagger (Word) you throw, will hit its mark. My Word is powerful and is the weapon of choice to negate the enemy.

My Word is contained within the pages of your (My) Holy Bible. Read it, memorize it, and use it in the coming battles that will ensue. Suit up with my full artillery and know your weapons are not carnal but fully spiritual. I Am lives within you, and together we are One.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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