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I AM just love? Ye know me not. I AM love. I AM also a consuming fire, wrath and correction – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

December 12, 2018

My heart is grieved. America has rejected me and I behold multitudes with my little ones line up to ” visit with santa”. As in the days of Noah. It is much worse today. YOU ARE MY FINAL GENERATION. YOU ARE IN THE FINALITY OF IT ALL. I weep over the rejection I have reveived in America alone. I tell you the truth if you but knew the revelation that is upon your blood soaked soil you would cover yourselves in ash and lament for the horror that has occured. You will. I have warned for some time that great pain is coming to America. Great pain. Lo, it is here. AMERICA HAS REJECTED GOD. My anger and my pain billow and burn like a tornado of fury. I will tear through America with vengance. I will repay. I AM not pleased with America. I AM sore vexed with the nation of America. I AM sore vexed with all nations yet America has robbed me and I will repay this most evil, wicked nation. I have warned. Many remain asleep beguiled by the god of this world. You live in sin. You “rule” over others with an iron rod of sin. REPENT. For I tell you the TRUTH, I shall remove, lower and abase all who self are self exalted. It is coming. It is here. Weep America for the travisty of your nation and your rejection of me. I weep and so will you. What a great mourning shall be heard. A harrowing lamentation. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I will not suffer a peverse nation any longer. Wicked and adulterous generation. Filled woth perversion and pollution. You think me harsh? I AM just love? Ye know me not. I AM love. I AM also a consuming fire, wrath and correction. What has occured in America makes me voimit. The lack of remorse causes my eyes to pour tears without cease. Oh I weep, I weep. America had been given a great gift, the best. What have you done America. I tell you the TRUTH. YOU HAVE REJECTED ME. I care not for your holidays of men. Vain traditions of man cause me to roar. I celebrate nothing with America any more. When America rejected me, I pleaded and begged. I cried, bemoaned and wailed to return to me. Stop hurting me was my cry. REPENT. Alas the ears were deaf and the eyes blind. Worse still the heart wax shut as the love their in dried up. So it remains today. You will wail bitterly when you behold my face. I was among you. A friend. A beloved. You did not even recognize me. When I revealed TRUTH to you, MY truth what did you do? What did you say? How did you respond to me? Come forward America, behold me. I will tell you what you did, what you said and how you responded. Anger, disgust and blasphemy was my alloted portion. You have fallen far from me. You see not as I see. You care not to. Sin upon sin, blood touches blood. You will cry out. I was rejected on your soil. You reject me and carry on as all is well. You have been deceived by a wicked and evil system that opposes and abhors me. You have been deceived and led astray by the devil. I weep at your foolishness and I raise my rod of correction high over this nation and with fire I execute my judgment. I AM NOT MOCKED. A man, a nation reaps what they sow. Sow in sin, reap a harvest of destruction. It is here. I gave my life. I poured myself out and offered myself up upon the cross. I took the sin of man I bore it in my body as my own upon the cross. I GAVE MY LIFE FOR ALL. I have given men what I require. Deny yourselves, pick up your cross and follow me. Love. Love. Love. You are to love. You are to be Holy. You are to come out of this world that hates me and thus you. You are quick to run head first into a pit. The blind lead the blind, consumed by darkness. You think you know. Ye do not know. Oh how pained I AM. How I mourn. You have profaned me. Trampled my cross, me underfoot. Do ye not care that I who have formed you, love you, walked with you, called you beloved and friend have been dejected from among you? Do ye not shed tears for the pain you have caused me, for what ye have robbed me of? Your streets run with blood. Ye kill your brother in fields abroad and at home. You are beguiled, you are deceived. You have caused me searing pain and now ye shall taste of the pain you have served others. It falls on your own heads as buring coal. Your light has gone out as a nation. You are a defiled people. I weary with the apathy of man. I AM risen in my fury. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. My love, grace, mercy repulsed you. My meekness was an eye sore to you. You know not the severity of what this nation has done, nor do many care to, blessed are ye that do. Blessed are ye who are awake. Who are watching. Who love and long for me. Cry out, wail. We have REJECTED JESUS CHRIST. LORD we have pierced you. Ye and your own hearts shall vex you. You shall feel the sword pierce you and you shall wail and bemoan for the act of horror that has been commited. You have caused me great suffering. The beast system is risen, how blind many are. The king will fall in America. I have spoken. A wall of fire I shall be in the midst of my people. My GLORY shall all behold. I do not cast my pearls before swine. I AM not a man that I would lie. Behold I come quickly. Oh my heart bleeds. Watch, pray ye are counted worthy to escape all these things and stand before me, the son of man. If I sound angry. I AM. ENOUGH.


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