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Tess’s Time With JESUS

September 17, 2018

Dear Jesus do you have a message for us today? I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh It is me The Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day Yes, daughter, I do. My people, everything is coming to pass like I said in my word the Bible. My people what I ask of you now is to dedicate your little time to me Stay in prayer stay in the word Attacks trials and turbulent times lie ahead. There is still too many who are not ready for my return many will be left behind for their stubbornness and love of this stench sin-filled world. This world is a stench to me only my faithful few my bride pleases me most churches are teaching lukewarm doctrines of devils and feel good messages instead of teaching the truth no one teaches on the cross holiness repentance judgment heaven hell etc Tess My watchwoman tell my people there is no feel-good tickle your ears messages coming from me those who are saying that they are hearing from me and who are preaching you cant hear the lords voice or speak in tongues etc are lying. There is much deception in this world. Trust no man or woman test the spirits according to my word REPENT !!!!!!! I will not warn anymore because I have been warning the people for years and most are not listening. If you do not repent of your sins stop sinning seek me in a relationship and pursue me you will not be allowed into heaven I am not full of hatred I am an angry God because mankind has done so much evil in my sight the stench of sin reaching my throne room is nauseating I have warned America to turn back and repent but instead America has rejected me slammed the door in my face what you are seeing in the weather is just the beginning of my many judgements to wake and shake my church away the sleeping lukewamers I AM Is NOT PLEASED WITH AMEERICA My children my bride it is time to spread the gospel far and wide BEHOLD I AM LION OF JUDAH HAS SPOKEN

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