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I AM going to raise  my company of Joseph’s

June 22, 2020 1:05 AM
Patti Young

I began to hear words from the Lord in my spirit. The Lord said

” I AM going to raise up my company of Joseph’s.”

Then the Lord told me that Joseph supplied the needs to Israel so they would not die. “These will all be sent out in the strength of my GLORY and none of this will be done by human hands, but by the will of my Father. There is a changing of all things. The Ark of the Covenant, I AM the Ark, I AM their covering, my Covenant is my promise to Israel.A message of Hope I will send out through my chosen workers of my harvest, Hope to a fallen world, nation and kingdom, Hope that I alone the Saviour of all mankind will bring. Rejoice all ye heavens, for Babylon the Harlot, the deceiver of many nations and people has now fallen. Dust of the earth she shall now return. My harvest will bring in many from my lost tribes, who have not found their way unto me, but I, as a faithful Father shall return many to my bosom, a promise that I have made to Abraham.”

Genesis 47:12 ESV
And Joseph provided his father, his brothers, and all his father’s household with food, according to the number of their dependents.

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  1. KarenO

    What a timely reassurance!
    The Saharan Dust is due to arrive in the US this week, & with it all kinds of microorganisms that may affect plants AND people where it lands. (We don’t know exactly what will be in that plume of dust. If for no other reason than to prevent dust in our lungs, wear those masks!)

    Those who know the story of Joseph are rejoicing at this Word! Thank you, Patti! May you be richly blessed.

    (Joseph, in spite of finding himself despised & in prison, was raised up to be the man standing next to Pharaoh in power. [Joseph’s story is in Genesis 37-50] The ultimate reason for Joseph’s hardships was to make sure that food was set aside for the seven years of famine & especially, to reunite him with his father & brothers.)

  2. Eyes Open

    I understand the story of Joseph and how God used him but this Word given states without human hands God is raising up Joseph’s to meet needs ‘without human hands’?? How is this even possible when God even used Joseph’s human hands?? God partners with humans to accomplish His purposes on earth.

  3. KarenO

    Eyes Open,

    I think she means “a movement of the Holy Spirit.” As you can see with the actions of OT prophets, having done things that most of us would NOT want to do unless we knew unequivocally that it was OUR Lord ~

    The “Josephs,” being shown the consequences of NOT following God’s instruction would also do the things God calls them to do (& you & I both know that when He speaks, WE listen.)
    I think, when God does something, like raising people up to witness, He does it with things people & events that seem impossibly amazing to us…without purposeful, human intervention.
    As I look back on the events that gave me witness to Him, not only did He do it with the urging of my parents to “go to college” near them, (They were nearly on opposite sides of the country ~ diagonally), I decided I’d better take a Bible with me (???!!!,) & the first Sunday I found out that supper isn’t served in the dining hall, but the church had a supper for the students. (I could go on, but you get the idea.)

    I’m waiting for more “literal” translations of Bible Prophecy. Most of the commentators on prophecy over the years added “allegories” or “similarities” to claim this or that has been fulfilled, or must reference a certain locale…etc, etc…

    I think “without Human hands” might be an interesting thing to see.

    Computer literate people & programmers think they understand & that God’s people are easy marks.

    God beats even the best computers, hands down. We just have to get out of His way and WATCH!

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