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“I am for you not against you” A message to my bride – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister


A message to my bride
“I am for you not against you”

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Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ?

Yes daughter I do I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. Daughter I have a message for you and the rest of my bride. Today I want to encourage and strengthen my people. I see all the suffering and attacks that you are facing it breaks my heart to see so much wickedness over this earth and it is growing each day. The stench of sin is filling my nostrils. Everyone is concerned about a pagan holiday that is not even when I was born. I do not care about man made holidays. I am sad my children. This world is a disappointment to me. My children my bride I am for you and not against you . This message is not for the lukewarm or wicked. This message is for those who truly belong to me.Daughter I am using you as a willing vessel in which to speak through. I know the weariness of my people I know you are tired, weary, frustrated and that you feel like giving up. Do not give up. Great are the rewards for those who endure for my namesake. Very soon your journeys on Earth will end and I will bring you home. Until then stand on my word. Get on your knees and seek me directly for instructions and peace. I am waiting with open arms to receive you unto myself. Despite the fact that my lukewarm children sing songs about my birth this time of year this is not the day I was born. My children it is time to let go of the traditions of men and put all of your focus on me. What does Santa, elves, flying reindeer trees with lights and ornaments hot cocoa stockings penguins snowmen etc have anything to do with my actual birth ? Nothing. None of these things are real. I am not a God you can put into a shoebox and take me out three times a year and then go back to the world the rest of the year. NO NO NO !!!! I am alive and breathing I am a person not a thing !!!! This world only holds your demise and destruction. This world is growing more and more evil by the day. America you have proved you are unholy, unthankful, wicked, sinful prideful and plain evil. Sadly most of you are choosing this world and Satan. My heart breaks over the thousands of people that will never get to spend eternity with me. My bride is not like this . My doves your journeys here are almost complete. Continue to pray, repent, worship and read my holy word the Bible every day. Today I come to you my people with a heavy heart. I am not pleased with what I am seeing in the Earth. Soon I will take you home to spare you from this sick evil world. This world is not your home. Eternity is but a moment away. I have prepared special places for you in my kingdom. There will no sickness, suffering, pain, death, mourning, crying, or sorrow in my kingdom. There will be nothing but pure love,joy, peace and happiness. Christmas is supposed to be about my birth but America has turned it into an idol. Those who celebrate this holiday do not know me. Only those who have come out of the world and who have stepped away from the pagan traditions of men are mine. You are supposed to be in the world but not of it !!!. How many times do I have to say that ?. Daughter this world and nation disappoints me, but not you and the rest of my bride. It is time to let go of these pagan holidays and celebrate me on a daily basis not Sundays or holidays only. Those who do this are lukewarm and do not know me. Only the pure holy and obedient will inherit my kingdom. I AM HOLY SO THEREFORE BE HOLY. Daughter I am full of sorrow and anger. America hates me and wants this world and not me. My people please spend time with me. Come to me on worship prayer and my word the Bible here you will find your answers that you are seeking. Seek to have a relationship with me works or religion does not save you only my shed blood and grace does. My children do not give up I will strengthen you and make you into the precious diamonds that you are. Right now many of you are going through periods of spiritual transition. I am testing refining and purifying you to be ready to enter my kingdom. Do not care about the opinions of men the only opinion that should matter to you is mine. My children my bride I love you with an everlasting love Shalom – YAHUSHUA (Jesus)

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