I am coming quickly for those who keep my commandments – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister

I am coming quickly for those who keep my commandments

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Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today?

Yes daughter I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. This is YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH speaking . King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This message is for my bride not the lukewarm or wicked. Only the pure holy and obedient will inherit my kingdom. The disobedient will not Inherit my kingdom. Those who sin openly without repenting and turning away from that sin will be left behind. The stench of sin is everywhere now on your Earth and it is nauseating !!!. The disobedient will find themselves in everlasting torment for eternity without escape. I am coming quickly for those who are mine who have a relationship with me . Very few are ready so few will be taken. My people I address you today as your friend bridegroom and king. I want to encourage you today. I am always here listening for your voice I want to hear your voice as much as you want to hear mine. Talk to me. I am the one true living God. Give me a full surrender and stop sinning. Live holy forgive everyone and repent daily. My sanctified ones already know this. My love for you my bride my beloved children is endless. I love you all so much that I gave up my life for you . As this world continues to grow more and more wicked you my end time army grow stronger in your faith in me. I am preparing, training, encouraging, strengthening and equipping you for these dark days. You will continue to go through the refiner’s fires until I come for you. I allow you to go through trials to humble and cleanse your hearts. You live in a time like no other. You are the end times generation that will see my return. Keep your eyes fixed on me. My coming could be at any given second. Be ready at all times to leave. There are more trials tests and sorrows that lie ahead. The enemy is attacking recklessly because he is loosing souls. I know what it is like to be on earth. When I was on the the earth the first time I suffered many trials and attacks from the time I was a young boy to my death. I am both fully GOD and fully man. All authority has been given to me by my father YAHWEH. I have won the battle for you already by defeating death hell and the grave with my sacrifice. I gave up my life so mankind could spend eternity with me. My prayer warriors and end time army I am always speaking to you come to me in the quiet hours. Here I will give you instructions, orders and plans on how to live and how to win your battles in spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare must be a major part of your life and walk with me. I know you get attacked constantly but fear not, I will fight for you. My people you were born for this hour. Stay away from all sin and temptation these are traps to get you off course. The enemy Satan is in the dark waiting for an opportunity to strike and knock you out. He is testing my strongest ones at this time. The attacks will only get more intense as you my bride are approaching the end of this church age quickly. Once the rapture occurs it will be too late to get right with me. The only other option besides the rapture is to reject the mark of the beast and be tortured and beheaded for your faith in me. I would rather you choose the easy way out. My people prepare for my return while there is still time on your earth. My warriors rise up fight hard stay strong my remnant BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY SAITH YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH KING OF KINGS JESUS

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