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I AM closing in! – Todd Andrew Farley

I AM closing in!

March 16, 2024 7:50 PM
Todd Andrew Farley

March 16, 2024

My name is Todd Andrew Farley, and my name means nothing because this isn’t about me! I’m putting this in ink because I’m a witness in this case, by the word of my testimony. By the way: I declare Jesus/Y’shua came in the flesh, shed His precious blood and died for my (our!) sins, was resurrected 3 days later by the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit, and ascended to the Right Hand of the Father. He is my King, my Commander in Chief, my Savior and my Friend!

If you’re drawn to this, it’s your responsibility to take it to the Father and test everything, like the good Berean’s Paul spoke about in Acts 17:11. May He bless those He draws to this, with ears to hear and the Spirit who bears witness and leads to all truth.

Just a few days ago (Wed., March 13th), I heard a sudden and clear message from The King of Glory (Jesus Christ/aka: Y’shua) through the Holy Spirit. Often these occasional (especially the SHORT) messages happen when I’m not expecting them, and this occurred again on Wednesday, March 13th.

It was when I was working, and He simply said 4 very clear words that made a single short sentence and message, but at the time it was very encouraging to me. What I heard was:

“I AM closing in!” Then, I heard Him calmly and clearly say it again, two more times…

“I AM closing in!”

“I AM closing in!”

Originally, I wasn’t planning on sharing this with anyone; I know initially in my heart that it was Him saying EXACTLY what I personally needed to hear from Him, at just the right time. I’ve just been letting it soak in, and going along as best as I can in this very challenging (but blessed) season I’ve been placed in or assigned to by the Father.

Since then He placed it on my heart to prepare to share it, because there are others who I now know that He wants to encourage (or confirm) with this same “triple witness.”

Actually, after I heard Him say it the third time- I started to say or ask Him something in “testing the Spirit” as the bible instructs me to, even though I KNEW it was HIM. He interrupted me in that process, and instantly said something very close to:

“I came in the flesh, the Only Begotten One, to shed my blood, rise and conquer death;
I AM closing in!!!”

So, the Spirit was tested and He proved His voice to me and of course you now realize, He said it a 4th time! Then, in a mind blowing and cool final “cherry on top” moment, He said: “When you get back to your desk and remember to check the time- write it down.”

He knew I was going to be away from my desk for a little bit and honestly it was probably 3-4 minutes after I returned to it, that I “remembered” to check the time. It was 2:22 pm. I had a “wow moment” because He uses numbers fairly often with me (scriptures, or Strong’s references) to confirm things. I KNEW already what 222 was in the the Hebrew root word breakdown.

Before I assumed anything, I asked: “Scripture?” (Meaning was the 222 connected to specific chapter and verse?) The answer wasn’t spoken this time, but an instant inner knowing that it was the Strong’s word and not a verse, so I had my answer. What is that word for 222? It’s “Uriel” and means flame of Yah (God); Uriel.

The Word itself says our “God is a consuming fire.” (see Deut. 4:24 and Hebrews 12:29)

Literally while I am drafting or typing this (after consecrating myself to Him and praying a little while ago), He let me know to go and find and then also share the very first OFFICIAL word that He gave me, 8 years ago.

Guess what it’s about?

I found this older word on my drive in a folder for a book that I’ve not finished yet, thank you Jesus! I scribed (And heard!) this first big message- word for word, at the end of a special time of prayer and intercession. I was instructed to share it with ministers I knew, and at the time I also posted it a couple of months later on Facebook, in May of 2016,.

The word, “The day of the Lord is nigh at hand.”:

“I will not hold My hand back much longer. Rest and abide in Me!

Flesh & carnality are going to be purged and burned. My people will humble themselves, one way or the other. My righteous judgment is the final chance for many to cry out unto me!

To not decide, is to make an eternal decision, every individual must exercise free will. I AM not going to force the gift of my Son (Jesus/Y’shua) or what He accomplished, on anyone! Many mock, deny and even curse this gift of love- and even His holy name. For many of them, their time has come, and fire will be their reward!

It is written that my sheep will hear my voice. The final sleepers will soon be awakened by what I AM going to do in My great shaking and sifting. All who cry out and call upon My Name will be saved! Many will wait too long and seal themselves in eternal flame as they are blinded in their pride, to how close my return really is.

I LOVE each one of my sheep so much! Too many are going to fall, do not be one of them, NOW, TODAY IS the day of salvation; my burden is light, and my yoke is easy!

The outcome is already determined, to what is coming. The adversary will have a very short time; darkness will seem to rule, and then I will come. BEHOLD the day of the Lord is nigh at hand; prepare ye the way for Adonai Elohim (The LORD GOD) for it is finished; I AM coming soon!

end of word…

This word was received and transcribed by Todd Andrew Farley while in Lanesboro, MN, on March 26, 2016. A short reference list of scriptures I was given back then with this word are, please read them or look them up!:

Revelation 16:15 / John 3:16 / Matthew 11: 28-30 / John 14:6 / Mark 1:15 / 2 Peter 3:9
Romans 6: 9-13 / John 1:12 / Matthew 16:1-4 / Galatians 5:17 / Revelation 22: 10-12
Joel 2: 30-32 / Luke 21:36.

END of accompanying scriptures from “Day of the Lord is nigh at hand.” Feel free to SHARE this word or any words He gave me from the Lord if you feel led, but please leave all copy in place as it is ABOVE, including ALL scriptures, in Jesus’s mighty name.

In conclusion/summary: In early ‘16, He clearly said/sent (This formerly foolish & lost!) vessel a very concise and clear messaage; at the end of it He said: “I AM coming soon!” the entirety of that remains my witness on His behalf; sealed by the blood of the Lamb that covers me.

8 years later, on March 13, 2023- He surprised me suddenly with “I AM closing in!” and He said it four times….

We’re now “inside the door” in the last leg of this race, the clock so to speak is past midnight, very soon the suddenlies of Isaiah 26:9 will come, HE is sovereign over all things- and the adversary will be able to do nothing, unless HE; allows it. See Isaiah 45:7 re: YAH (God’s) sovereignty. Take it to Him, & test everything! All of this is in the most prophetic book ever scribed and compiled; the BIBLE, the Living Word!
There’s nothing new under the sun and the Father has been warning for MANY years, time is now officially SHORT. Those who’ve walked through His purifying and consuming fire of preparation, who have come out of Egypt and Babylon (Revelation 18:4) know this.

He’s placed on my heart that a FEW people will read this whole thing, who haven’t believed in Him yet. God bless you if that’s you; stay with me a minute longer; He’s a jealous God and He WANTS to transform everything in your life and pour out His love upon you!

If He’s drawn you to this and you haven’t repented (of sin, stubborness, iniquity and idolatry) yet, or you don’t know Jesus yet, you’ve resisted the gospel in the past, or fallen to new age or other spiritual error; there’s no better time than the present! His word says TODAY is the day of SALVATION!
(2 Corinthians 6:2)

How do you do that? It’s straight-forward and it has to be a step of faith (BELIEVING that Jesus died on the cross to redeem us from sin and death); repentance, and confession with your lips, out loud and to Him. His salvation available for us is a GIFT OF GRACE, you can’t earn it, you can’t buy it, you can’t work for it; you just have to believe, & submit to Him in a step of faith and TRUST that He means what He says. (Ephesians 2:8-9 )

Here is the proof of this and what His word says, first in Romans 10:8-13, read this if you haven’t before.

Just believe, repent and receive His gift of salvation! Here’s a prayer example or model IF you need it to help you (say this out loud, to Him!) : Father God, I believe Jesus was sent as your Son, to shed his blood as a sacrifice for the sin of this broken world. I believe (in faith) that He rose from the dead, as a perfect love sacrifice for me! Forgive me of my sins, blindness, brokenness or stubborness! Lead me the rest of my life, have your way; Jesus- BE my King and Lord of my life!
Thank you that your Word which I read, that says I’m now SAVED and will know your love for all eternity! AMEN…

That’s it, done deal! If you prayed this, ALL the heavenly host (angels) in heaven are celebrating!
My final advice, pray soon for His divine connections in your life, to lead you to TRUE siblings or brothers and sisters of faith, to disciple and equip you, and in that process to protect you from any and all “false brethren” or churches dressed up as light, but who are in error.

Dive into the Word of God and pray/ask that His Holy Spirit make it come alive, for HIM to be your teacher, and for the knowledge and revelation that you need. Then, my new brother or sister, hold on TIGHT, for HE IS faithful!

He has known you from before the foundations of the earth, He has CHOSEN you for a time such as this! He has a plan for you and to likely use you for His glory! It’s not going to be easy, persecution is increasing against the sons and daughters of righteousness, but He will PROTECT those that are His and abide under the shadow of His mighty wings! (read Psalm 91 and be an abider, that’s your end-times covenant insurance contract, along with the power of His blood!)

To “abide” in Him, is to TRUST Him as you begin your new walk. He told me a while back the KEY to “abiding” is found in Psalm 125:1 and it says this which is from the Amplified version:

Those who trust in and rely on the LORD [with confident expectation]
Are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but remains forever.

Blessings to all who have ears to hear. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!
T. Andrew Farley (scribe/witness) *2:26 p.m., March 16, 2024
Indianapolis, Indiana

PS- *After I finished and hit save on this, I got up to move on to other things after thanked Him for helping me. But then, I heard a question by the still small voice of His Spirit, which was “What time did you finish it?” (I nearly ALWAYS document the time and I forgot or started to!) He then said : “Check it now and subtract 2 minutes, that’s the time you completed it.”) So I did, and my clock said 2:28, so I opened up my computer and this document- and added “2:26 p.m.” just above.

Of course, I knew then that if I looked it up, there would be a final confirmation from the Father that He wanted me (or some of you!) to see. I knew by the Spirit of God, that it was not verses but again Strong’s biblical word translation/definition in the concordance.

The first 226 word I saw was the biblical/Hebrew word “oth” and it’s definition is “a SIGN ” (So, for one or more of you, these words or the encouragement from Him was or IS “the sign” you have been asking for.

I looked at the Greek next, and it applies to0 and this is why He had me calculate His basic math on the time stamp. G224 is the word is transliterated as: alétheuó , I’m going to paste this one and link it, because you just can’t make this up, here is what it means:

Strong’s Concordance

alétheuó: to speak the truth
Original Word: ἀληθεύω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: alétheuó
Phonetic Spelling: (al-ayth-yoo’-o)
Definition: to speak the truth
Usage: I say (speak) truth, do truth, maintain truth (the truth).
HELPS Word-studies
Cognate: 226 alētheúō (literally, “truthing”) – speaking reality (truth) into a person’s life, making a record of what God deems is truth (reality, fact). See 225 (alētheia).
226 /alētheúō (literally, “to truth”) includes Spirit-led confrontation where it is vital to tell the truth so others can live in God’s reality rather than personal illusion.
The definition(s) above came from blueletterbible dot com and is from the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Here are the links to the site I looked them up through:

(link “oth”, H226):

(link “alétheuó”, G226):


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