I AM Black & White – 278pikelk

I AM Black & White – 278pikelk

Published September 15, 2018

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear, for many will listen but few will hear what I have to say through My messengers.

Understand, My Loves, what you face in your days upon this earth are but a blink of an eye in My eternal realm. I love My creation, My Children, and this is why I became the perfect sacrifice to break the curse—the curse that was put on upon you all. Your earth has been cursed from the beginning, and the curse was broken upon My death on the cross, and your salvation was sealed in My resurrection to the right hand of My Father.

This is My promise to My own: I AM the way, and I lay your way straight before you. For My Father so loved His creation, He sent Me, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ, to die upon the cross, and in doing so, I took away the sin of the world. A perfect plan, a perfect and holy sacrifice for one and for all who will receive Me. It is not with joy that I have seen My creation fall under the curse, but it was with perfect elation that I broke the curse and provided the perfect sacrifice to break it. It is not My desire that one of My children perish. I will hunt down the last last sheep, in these last days of your earthly realm.

Open your hearts and I will reveal to you My love. Open your hearts and I will reveal to you My power. For I wish not one hair on your head to be harmed. And for all those that will turn to Me, I will keep you under My wing of perfect protection, and I will lay your steps before you, guiding each and every one. The enemy has his plan for your once-great nation. He has a plan for the apple of My eye, and he has a plan for all of the nations of your world. But understand, My Loves, that his plans will be thwarted, for only My plan will prevail.

It is inherent in My creation that each man fears death, and each man fears the unknown, but once you come to a secure place in your salvation, you will come to understand that whatever you face in your realm has no meaning in My eternal realm. When you accept this, fear will flee from you, and you will abide under My wing, free from fear, and residing in My supernatural protection, My supernatural peace, for in Me, you are supernatural beings, My Children.

I was sent to this world, My Children, not to judge it, but to save it. My work is complete and there is nothing left for Me to do. Only the hearts of men will reveal their eternal destiny to which I am the only judge. So take up your swords not against one another, My Loves, for a human heart has no ability to judge another. Admonish one another with My Word when you are called upon to do so, but ever so carefully, My Loves. Do not judge the heart of another, because you can have no indictment against anyone as you have all become a part of this fallen and cursed creation. Your goal should be restoration of souls, and in no way is any man fit to condemn his brother, for not one is in any position to boast. Coming against one another is not of use to anyone and will only bring My judgment upon the one who does these things.

What will it be, My Children? A fire? A storm? An earthquake? A flood? What will it take for My creation to call upon Me? Wars among men? All these things and more will be occurring, My Children. All of this and more. My Children who know Me will remain protected, My Loves, under My wings. But many more will face unthinkable challenges and they will be forced upon to choose their eternal destiny. I find no pleasure in the suffering of My creation, but I have made receiving Me the only way and the most simple thing a man can do.

Though I sit at the right hand of My mighty Father, I stand right next to you, My Loves. Reflect My love, peace, and joy, so it is seen by many. Extend your hearts, reaching out, so the lost will catch a glimpse of Me. Do not wait for times of peril to do this – do this today. My Children will escape My coming wrath and should invite as many as they can to board the ark alongside of them.

Always remember, My Children, that My love for you is immeasurable, and cannot be fathomed by your human mind. It is a love that encompasses all of My creation, and your goal should be to share it with all who cross your path. My mercy will be extended to every heart that chooses Me. Many preach against this truth as it does not seem fair to them. Speak to these filled with their fleshy pride. I am the judge of each man’s heart. Simply put, I AM. If you are not sharing my pure simple Gospel, you are not preaching My Gospel at all. Seek Me on this, and I will show you My truth. My ways are black and white, there is no gray area.

I love you, My Children.
Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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