I AM – Angela García


September 29 2022 6:43 AM
Angela García

Seek now while I may be found, Repent for the kingdom truly is at hand The way, truth and life ♥️

Isaiah 55:6, Matthew 3:2
John 14:6

Rcv’d 9/28

Pray for discernment and understanding!

Hear the words of the mighty
I AM, The Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
I AM the true Messiah. There is no other, there is no other God!
I AM the only answer!
I AM the only protection! Will they follow, plead and pray for provisions?
I AM a just God! Will they open their hardened hearts?! This is all to save their souls tell them.
I AM the answer, protection.
I AM their provider of all things.
I AM their direction. Point the way to the father…The WAY, TRUTH and LIFE! Tell them I LOVE ALL big and small, but will they seek? Let it not be too late!
I AM the true Messiah
Yeshua the Great
I AM ♥️ #jesusistheway


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