I AM – AM I Alive in You? – Cheryl Adama

I AM – AM I Alive in You?


Cheryl Adama

I wait to enter into a life for invitation. For I never force Myself on anyone, this would go against who I AM. Though My very presence demands worship – I do not receive this worship as I AM. The rocks cry out to Me in praise and worship – for lack of praise that man gives Me. My creation when it gives to Me the honor due My name, is life to it. Flowers praise Me continually, and they receive from Me their life and My glory. Man, My creation has despised praise, thanksgiving and worship to Me and turns to the darkness in evil. Whoever you will praise, honor and give your worship, is in whose likeness you become. This is a dynamic in all My creation – a physical and spiritual law. My glory is attempted to be mimicked by the evil one – and many are led astray for this, because they have not spent time to learn who I AM. They have not allowed My presence into their lives to manifest Life in them. This Life I manifest in all who worship Me, in My Spirit and in Truth of who I AM – is the evidence of My presence upon them. The fruit that I develop in My own, is evident of who it is they obey. How many do not truly consider this in their own lives, to think through what they themselves produce, who they are in sudden hardship and troubles – for this is the proof of who it is they follow and believe. Do they run from Me, or do they run to Me? Do they look for where they must adjust or do they pray for Me to make adjustments? Do they give to Me their very worries and fears – in the troubles they face or do they cling onto them asking Me to rescue them from their fears? I do not take fear from anyone, I will give who I AM, which is peace to anyone who would ask for Me. For where I AM, fear will flee, for perfect love always casts out fear, and will never dwell with it.

All who are Mine do not ever have a problem with repenting. Yet, you do not see this in the large company who say they are Mine. They will argue with you saying they need not repent, for ‘it is finished’ as Jesus has declared. They are futile in their thoughts for these thoughts come from self-seeking and will make way for every evil thing to enter in. They are vessels that house many things that are not of Me and contend with My people like ravenous wolves.

I demand repentance, for the very nature of the human being must continually repent of this – nature. To say that there is no need is to deny that they have a fallen nature they walk around it. To repent is the invitation one gives when they exercise in this, to have Me come in and dine with them. I feed these ones My food, My drink and I give to these ones the wisdom and discernment they need to survive among the wolves who lurk to kill them. When anyone hears My knock, it is the stirring of their heart that I give that will bring them to the place of humbleness if they would yield to Me. I come in and will give and continue to give as they take what I give them. All that I give, brings Life that grows and expands and overfills to spill over! But, I do not continue to give, to any who would hold onto what I give and do nothing with it! What I give is not always what is promoted as from Me, among this community, for I give to some the very hardship they face – so they would walk with Me through it – so they would get to know who I AM. For these ones, they do not take the time to know Me and this is the invitation I give so they would. Some, I give to them a revelation of My Word and they take it for a moment and lift it up, but they then put it down and do not walk in what it is they have learned – and they lose what I desire to bring them into. My invitations are not what many have made it in their minds to be, so they miss them altogether and spend their time, praying against them! When those who are Mine walk with Me in humble heart, they are quick to see the joy I give in all things! They receive from Me in the hardships and in the times of plenty – both the same. They do not say only when this time or that time, will I be able to be ‘blessed.’ They say I am blessed in all things! These ones are the ones who worship Me as what I desire and they walk with Me and learn of Me and gain greater understanding into My depths and richness. Invitation of the Living God must be continual, it is not a one-time account. For this is how I can move in power – through a vessel that is continually yielding to Me, they at any time can turn from this – and sadly, many do this – and they no longer have the flow of My Spirit. Often, they do not notice that I am no longer powering them. For the power of the flesh and the enemy together can easily take this place and deceive. This is why it is most important to always know where you are, in Me. This means you must take the time to observe your fruit, what is being formed in you? Name them; peace, contentment? Worry, or discontent? I do not say that no one is to ever feel fear, what I do remind is that to hold onto fear, or worry or all others is to allow it to take place in your life, and that it will. This is why it must be a continual yielding process to Me; I give to you Life, as you give to Me all that will rob you of it. As one lives in this way, there will be praise and thanksgiving that will flow through your heart and will desire to worship Me. I am good, and do only good, and those who cling to Me will live in My good. Nothing that will come into any of your lives who live this way, will be allowed to prosper in its evil against you. Though from the outward and what many may say and even accuse, do not believe this – continue to walk in the way I call all to walk and you will live according to My perfection and My good.

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