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I AM a just God – Karen Newberry

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I AM a just God

January 20, 2023 2:24 PM
Karen Newberry

Shortly before prayer this morning I heard the words “I AM a just God” and as I heard this words I covered my head and began to write..please take this to the Lord Jesus and ask for confirmation and pray about it. Received 1/20/23

I AM a just God as in Isaiah 33 speaks don’t be spoilt don’t deal treacherously with thy neighbors
Do not abide in the WICKED, tarry with me a little while
Speak of TRUTH, speak of OBEDIENCE
Pick up your cross DAILY and walk with me
SEEK me in all you do
Love one another
Ye, not doubt for doubting is the same as no faith in me
I came as the LAMB that was SLAIN to bare your sins upon me
go speak my gospel to the four corners of the earth
Follow me my children to the promised land where I have prepared a place for you
My bride, I AM coming
Encourage one another with these words
I can not wait to hold you and to you show what all awaits you
Just hold on a little bit longer
My judgements must be done for I AM a just God
Reach the lost WARN them
Sound the ALARM it comes PREPARE my children, for a time like never before. I love you all

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

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