I AM a consuming fire – Jeffery Stewart

I AM a consuming fire

Jan 15, 2020 11:47 AM
Jeffery Stewart

The Father says

“My Word is a fire that will consume the earthly out of your life. I am a consuming fire. I am My Word. So My Word is a consuming fire. It will consume the earthly out of your thinking as you say it. It will change your thoughts to My thoughts. It will consume the earthly out of your heart as you say it. It will change your beliefs to conform to what I believe about you.

It is better to be consumed by My Word NOW, than to go through the consuming process when you stand before My Throne. If you will meditate on My Word by saying it, you will become a vessel set aside for My use, for as My Blood cleanses from sin, My Word cleanses from the world. It will purify every aspect of your being – not so that you are acceptable to Me, for I performed a perfect work on the Cross in your behalf, but that you will be used by Me.

The earthly will be consumed by the heavenly. My Word will take you from being called to being chosen, and when your thoughts and motives become MY THOUGHTS AND MOTIVES, and when you see yourself as I see you, you will fulfill your purpose and what you do will remain, and your reward will be great. For My Word came from Heaven, and what you do when you walk full of My Word and My Spirit will be founded on a heavenly foundation which cannot be shaken.”

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  1. S.S

    Fantastic Revelation!
    Meditation of Word of God brings Fire of Holy Spirit

  2. Toyah Bell

    Amen and hallelujah

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