I Alone – Patti Young

Patti Young

August 30, 2015

“Trained, taught, discipled, purified, strengthened, matured, disciplined, taught truth, taught to be led by my spirit, as blinders on a horse being blindly led, trained, you’ve followed the voice of your Lord, you’ve listened when I have called, you’ve chided not against my truths, you’ve been obedient unto your own death.
For I am He who shall lead you into those unknown places, that while you are blind, yet you will see. Although you felt alone, in a far away land, a desert where you have questioned me and said I cannot bear this, I am alone, where are the others? They too are being taught, they too are being broken, they too are hearing my voice in the wilderness and they too are being mocked, they too are being persecuted, laughed at, scorned. But, man’s days are numbered, my appearing is soon, and I ALONE HAVE FORMED MY ARMY, I ALONE HAVE SEPARATED THEM FROM AMONG THE OTHERS, I ALONE HAVE PLACED MY ANNOINTING IN THEIR HEARTS AND IN THEIR MINDS, AND I ALONE WILL LEAD THEM BY MY HAND THROUGH THE DARK DAYS AHEAD, FOR THEY HAVE INCLINED THEIR HEARTS UNTO ME, THEY HAVE FORSAKEN ALL OF THIS WORLD AND A DYING KINGDOM SOON TO FALL. THOSE WHO HAVE NO VOICE, HAVE NEED OF NOTHING, FOR I, GOD ALONE SHALL SPEAK THROUGH THEM, I ALONE SHALL BE THEIR SHIELD AND THY BUCKLER, FOR THEY ARE MINE, I HAVE A PEOPLE WHO ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE UNTIL THE END. I AM THE STONE THAT THE BUILDERS REJECTED, AND MY HOUSE NO MAN SHALL DESTROY. FOR I AM ETERNAL, I AM THE BEGINNING, AND I SHALL BE THE END…..


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