Hunger for the Word – Cheryl Adama

Hunger for the Word

Cheryl Adama


Solid food that I give is such that very few crave for and is my Word.  And to add to this little are they who are concerned about this.  For those who lack and are void of My Word are in the hands of the enemy to follow after his lies.  What is My Word?  My Word is found in My Son for He is the Word.  You don’t have to be a scholar to embrace the Word, you only need to have a heart that is open and willing to embrace Him in all who He is.  When one has the right heart then, they are able to drink from the living waters that will nourish their souls and bring them life everlasting.  The Word must be drunk and must be eaten.  That is, counted as food for the health of one’s own soul.  Who does not eat food?  They are ones who will die if they do not feed their own body.  How can anyone who says they are Mine, not eat of Me and expect to live (in Me)?   Not only shall they eat but they should quickly leave from drinking milk and go onto solid food of My Word.  There is a movement among the churches where they do not teach.  How is this?  They have set up programs to feed continually the milk of the word and do not teach any to grow up and to learn to feed themselves.  This movement is the church at large.  The system and programs are like crutches to those who are under them that hold them up.  Without them, they would fall.  They are a sick and weak people who are void of the firm and solid truth of who I AM.  They do not crave the Word as the food they need because they are spoon fed mush, called My Word!  So they need to come back to the feeders of their choice to be ‘fed’ of Me.  My Word is not mere teachings, anecdotes or a good sermon series – for anyone can ‘preach’ the bible and turn it to how they wish.  My Word is filled – to the brimming of the person of Jesus Christ who fills His Church so they are satisfied in Him, and learn and know they want no other but Him, who He is and will live seeking this – for themselves.  The true teacher of My word, will impart this to others.  When anyone who is given the pure Word, through my own messengers, teachers and preachers – they will be confronted, blessed, offended or inspired by it.  It will motivate them to move – in Me, to get up if they have been lazy and eating the mush, and begin to exercise in Truth.  Be sure, when My word has been heard, it will harden the heart or will expand in the heart for it is power and it will have an effect either way.

So how is it that there are bodies of people who claim to hear and be under the teaching of My Word and they remain the same they were yesterday, last year and ten, twenty years ago?  They continue as they always have without any effect of the living, powerful two-edged sword?  I will tell you!  Because it is not the word they have been under – but one that has been suited to their own tastes.   Those who seek after their own teachers are deceived and deceive others.  And when they are confronted by My Word, they will surely be altered – and to their own detriment if they remain unrepentant to their ways.  These are the ones who seek after the sensational, the upbeat and the beautiful – of men and woman to sit under and so they are gratified as they desire.  The amount of these kinds of ‘leaders’ are sought after in the highest degrees, while my true teachers, preachers and messengers of the Word remain hidden and obscure to such as these, and even despised.   And do not think you are safe in the hearing of those who speak the truth, for you can be lulled by your own heart that craves not for the Word, even if you are under this, to fall asleep and hear it not.

Look dear soul, look!  See what I say here.  Look into your own heart and see what is true for you.  I will pour out into anyone who would desire the true meat of My Word and they will be filled to overflowing and will no longer crave the junk void of Me.  This will change anyone and will continue to change them to move closer and higher to the Living God.  Be deceived no longer and begin to live on the power of the Life the Way and the Truth, found in Christ Jesus My beloved Son.

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