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HUGE Fiery Rock Hits New York City. JESUS IS COMING! – Watchwoman

Warning Vision: HUGE Fiery Rock Hits New York City. JESUS IS COMING!

Oct 9, 2019

Auto Transcript

Auto good morning is October 9th 2019 I’m
coming out today because the Lord gave
me a vision of a fiery rock hitting New
York City the vision was in black and
white I saw the rock paused above New
York City it was incoming from the
Atlantic Ocean side the built the
buildings were smaller than the rock the
rock was taller and wider than the
buildings or of New York City and the
rock came in out of the ocean side of
New York City so from the Atlantic Ocean
heading from east to west and the rock
was completely firing and on fire
flaming I don’t know if it was an
asteroid what it was but it was a fiery
rock okay and it was a very strong black
and white vision and when I saw it I was
shocked sort of a wake out of prayer had
been praying for over an hour and I
asked the Lord for immediate
confirmation he gave it to me he gave me
the number 227 in John 14 to 27 means
true and in John 14 it says truly you
have spoken he told me to look at the
time for in a second confirmation it was
6:16 6:16 means to give birth to and it
means prisoners as in setting the
captives free
the Lord has taught me for quite some
time that there will be some kind of a
judgment coming on to New York City and
this was confirmed in my vision today
I’m putting this out there because the
Lord has confirmed it and I am a watch
woman I do not know the day of this
happening but I believe it will not be
long because of the events that we’re
seeing we know the return of our Lord
Jesus Christ is very soon so if you are
not saved I would highly encourage you
to pray to Jesus repent of your sins ask
him to come into your heart Jesus is God
he died for our sins so that we can be
pure and stand with him in heaven ask
him into your heart ask him to show you
how to live for him and he will walk
with you and he will walk with him and
you’ll be with him in heaven
no matter when our time comes whether it
be in the rapture or in a judgment god
bless you

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  1. Sara L

    To confirm this Sister’s dream, I had a dream from the LORD in 2010 about a giant flaming asteroid. It was also coming in from the East coast. It was beyond huge almost like a fiery blue rocky planet. In the dream I wasn’t scared. It was the first dream I ever had in full color. Many of GOD’S children have had very similar dreams about this asteroid appearing to come in from the East coast.

  2. I was pondering over this Word post when I was suddenly reminded of Jesus’ Word of warning thru Efrain Rodriguez to the US government. What seems to be sometimes discouraging, at least to me, is how there can be so many seemingly different warning scenarios around a singular prophetic event, such as Efrain’s approaching asteroid prophecy? But what if it is not really a different or separate event, but now all parts of the same coming event?
    Part of God’s warning to the US government was a direct command NOT to try to shoot down the in-coming asteroid. I don’t think a reason was given at the time, but over the years I’ve heard other people speculate that if we tried to shoot it down with a nuclear weapon, for example, all it would do is break it up so it would hit us like a shotgun blast, instead of one big bullet. So as I’m pondering over this vision, it occurred to me that what this Watchman reports COULD BE the result of our government in fact trying to shoot down Efrain’s asteroid? So, instead of it’s impact being only near Puerto Rico, parts & pieces of the big rock might now hit all over the US & Canada? In fact, if you think about it, instead of the original warning being the actual result, it is far more likely that every nuclear nation on the face of the earth will agree to try to shoot it down, so that instead of us seeing the original prophesied singular impact outcome, we will now far more likely see the ‘shotgun effect’ of a rebellious reaction. In other words, what we see reported here might actually be what we will literally experience of Efrain’s big asteroid, now merely one chunk of many smaller pieces of the big 5 mile wide rock, now coming directly here to our own nation?

    Notice how this warning is coming now, merely days before the unveiling of Trump’s mid east ‘peace plan’? One of the Lord’s warnings in Efrain’s asteroid prophecy was that He would bring that rock in if this nation tried to take more of Israel’s land for a so called ‘peace treaty’. I had to wonder if this one little prophetic warning might be the hottest world news item of the day or the year? Take a look at the title below. Jesus told Efrain He would personally ride down that big asteroid on it’s path to impact. The title adds- “JESUS IS COMING!” rick

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