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How to Avoid Studying the Bible Wrongly – Immanuel Acree

How to Avoid Studying the Bible Wrongly

September 1, 2020 8:13 PM
Immanuel Acree

My dream Tuesday 1 Sep 2020

I am looking at a Bible’s introductory notes on the scholarship behind the version. In this reading, I see the scholar explaining in a table the different approaches. There were three columns in the table, one of which I saw nothing about and it was the middle and right column of my centered interest.

The scholar had written words like this: “Of the three methods, Inductive has such-and-such”
Then the scholar moved on to the third column:
“The Deductive. This Wilde / Hex method is of such-and-such,” and “popular / widely used among witches and the lawless.”


“Wilde” was unfamilar to me but apparently refers to Oscar Wilde, a famous scholar. His learning path took him first through “classical” Greek and then he observed other forms of Greek such as the New Testament from the vantage point of that pagan baseline. Thank you God for showing me how the academics wrongly approach Your Word.

On the contrary we are supposed to read a document for its writer’s intended thoughts, not a culture associated with the language of that piece.
Hence, God has shown me that Inductive is the superior form of analyzing and interpreting Scripture. Please research Inductive Bible Study for yourself—that is the superior method—and throw out pagan lenses that do not belong on Hebraic theological teachings.

One last note: I had a chilling sense that the third category was not just a school of thought but was responsible for many translations of the Bible commonly used throughout the world today! Beware these Bibles are popular in the occult because they are watering down the truth of God and replacing it with license to sin.


Immanuel Acree

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