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How the LORD got me out of the Boy Scouts and the Order of the Arrow (Part 1/3) – Mark

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How the LORD got me out of the Boy Scouts and the Order of the Arrow (Part 1/3)

June 22, 2021 7:43 PM

Greetings everyone and God bless! In this video,



I present my testimony of how the LORD took me out of the Order of the Arrow (OA), and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). During my experience, the LORD allowed me to do some research which links BSA and the OA to Masonic roots.

This is a three part series where I speak of the following:
1. A brief introduction to what the Boy Scouts are.
2. My experience in an OA initiation camping.
3. Proof that the Boy Scouts and the Order have Masonic/Pagan origins.
4. Proof that the Order of the Arrow is hiding this evidence from Scout parents and even their own members.
5. Proof that some Freemasons influenced Baden Powell in creating the Boy Scouts, and who they were.
6. What you should do if you are a Boy Scout or an Ordeal member.

If you are a Boy Scout and you have a relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ, I want you to be aware that those organizations have pagan origins and teach lies to young people like me. If you’ve had a similar experience, please share it with others so more young Christians can get out of the Boy Scouts. I hope this is a blessing to all of you and please pray so that the LORD can show you these things are true and lead you on what you should do. God bless, Mark!

Auto Generated Transcript

hello everyone
my name is mark and today is
may 14 of 2021
and i want to share a testimony
of a how the lord
took me out of the boy scouts and the
quarter of the arrow and
a y so
a i’ve been a boy scout a
since about since 2012
a but in 2010 i was a cop scout
right and uh the cop scouts are
for younger people for younger children
and when you get to the age of 10
you are you move to the boy scouts
right and so i’ve been a voice a
i was a boy scout all the way up to a
2020 which was last year
and and so it’s been
a so i was a boy scout for eight years
and my
a my mom and i have a blog
a in which we a we read
we’ve written some dreams or
testimonies that the lord has given us
and a in a part of the blog i wrote
about a part of my experience
of when a god showed me
the truth about the boy scouts
and i’ve done i’ve tried to do
this video recording
many times but
i wanted to do it like it
tell all the parts in one video but
it takes too long because it’s many
hey i’m gonna try to do like a one part
in one video so it’s gonna be
multiple videos so
they’re probably going to be three
videos because
the first one was a it’s basically like
in yeah like three events in one because
um i would say a
i was a boy scout for eight years so
and god showed me what he showed me
a about in the last
two years before leaving so it was in
2018 so i didn’t know
any of what god has showed me all the
way up to
2018 in a campaign
that i went and so on this video is
going to be
i’m just going to talk about my
experience in that campaign which was of
order of the arrow now before
and very briefly i i like to
like briefly say about a
what are the boy scouts a very a you
briefly and then what is the order of
the arrow
so basically the
boy scouts
right according to the boy scouts is a
basically a non-profit organization
that trains a young people
up to from 10 to 18 years old
and it teaches them basic survival
skills like how to make
a fireplaces how to use tools
a how to build tents a
basic cpr right and
we also we sometimes do like community
service for example we might
have activities where we go to a beach
and we
try to like clean the pollution
out you know the debris of trash
or we help a a
national reserves right in the same way
you know cleaning or helping staff
and a yeah
so basically
oh and also we have a you know like our
like like an oath
and we have different positions uh
with subgroups which are called patrols
and yeah and also we have ranks
uh there are seven ranks which are
a scout tender food
second class first class
and star life and eagle
right so the eagle is like the part of
scout emblem and i only reached up to
life which is the second highest
but because of what god has showed me
and because
of what he let me know through this
experience i decided to
finish before eagle and
all right so
a there are like a out of those
seven ranks a the last four from
first class to eagle uh
when you reach the first class rank
you are like the troop you
it’s called a troop your troop can
like select you for certain things that
people of the lower ranks can do
right for example you can be an
instructor or you can like
help the a the senior
which is like the
a one of the
not the adults but one of the young
who can serve as the like the i guess
the leader of the troop
right there’s the adult leader and
there’s a one
young leader or you can
just many other things but also you can
be like a the leader of your subgroup
of your patrol right so it’s like you
have like more
a i guess privileges
because of your experience so and
when i reached first class a
i was invited in two times
i was invited to the a group called the
order of the arrow and the
the initials are o a right
order and then arrow and the first time
a i was like maybe
16 so
a i was a younger
and well that time i declined you know i
i didn’t have like interest to go
so i didn’t go and then the second time
was which was in
2018 hey i was a year older
i i decided to go
so but before that i never heard of the
order of the arrow and i made or maybe i
had seen
like people with the logo of the
of the oa because it has a logo which is
it’s like a a red like uh
the end of a right of a stone arrow like
from an
indians a color a
red so
so yeah i was chosen twice and the
second time i went
and basically when they start
it’s like uh
like a they give you like a
an orientation and basically
now the group is like a separate group
in the boy scouts
because a
they have the same uniform but they have
a sash
a white sash a
across the uniform with a
different types of red arrows right
but the thing is that people of that
they can’t tell for example
they can’t tell non-members
that they are of that group you know
they can’t say anything about the group
but i didn’t know that so anyway uh
i went to the orientation which was a
meeting at a local college and they told
us what it was and then
they told us a date for uh camping
which was in the largest
uh international scout ranch which is
guajataca scout ranch
in so
basically in 2018 i think it was in
summer of 2018 i went there and in that
it was just a friday to saturday sunday
so a whole weekend
and it was very difficult and
like i never thought i would encounter
what i saw what i uh
what the lord showed me so
um okay basically
hey i’m just gonna talk about the
camping because it has some
a lot of details so
that’s why it’s going to be one video
per part because it’s kind of long
eh okay so on the camping
um we were told uh well my
dad and i my dad and i went to the
on friday and we arrived at the
a at the ranch a parking lot and then
we took our bags and we went to the
food court to the registry like a
registering area
and then we after we were registered
we sat at a table with
the with other members of my troop
who were also selected for that right so
they had to be
first class or higher and they were also
members of
true of other troops from all over
a puerto rico
and so it’s like we waited there
and then before we went
um before we went we went out into the
they took our i didn’t expect this i
didn’t expect them to do this but
they took our bags and they would like
do like a final inspection
and well a i had
a many of us had brought
some you know some matches and uh
paper and maybe
you know a pen or something and they
any paper any
writing utensil and they left us with
only like five matches
and so that was weird the cupping was
very weird but
and during the whole experience god
showed me
like the or at least a
he let me know that the boy scouts
in general is in
a cult it’s not because people think
it’s christian
or like faith-based but you don’t know
what faith you’re taught you know
because they say you know the scout has
to be reverent but
um they never specify
what god and they never talk about jesus
or anything of that so it’s really
hypocritically christian and it’s not
christians good
could because in what god showed me
so after that we went a
outside and they were like
some of the staff were dressed as native
american indians
right and they
took us through a weird a path
on that campsite now i i have been there
before because
that’s the campsite where we do our
annual a camping where our national
camping which
is usually about a week long
now it depends on the season for example
on summer it may be
a seven days long and
on winter it could be five days long
but it’s only either in summer or winter
and i had gone there like two times
so i knew the place pretty well but the
place where they took us which was
it was at night a it was
weird because we went to places that i
didn’t know existed there
and nobody told me about it and we
walked for a long time and i was
i was always very suspicious and i was
very confused through the whole campaign
so basically and
we went through like uh
it was a like a path but it was like
away from the prime from the main i
road not a road but the main dirt road
but you could tell that it was uh it was
a bit clearer so it was a path
but it was kind of hidden so we went
through this
a foresty area we walked a lot and we
saw i saw some structures that i
like i have seen before in the other
normal campings because
this one was this camping was only three
days right
and the well the crazy thing
it was that after that after that away
it a week later that summer it was going
to be the national
a general camping you know
and but i wasn’t going there because i
was appointed to this one only
but anyway
um and then we after we walked
a lot and we went through i recognized
like two structures
and like we passed through them but i
didn’t know exactly where we were
and it was night we we were not
any flashlights oh and also i think hey
one of the flash
flashlights were also one of the things
they confiscated
i forgot so yeah we
we were not permitted flashlights and
then we went
it to this we ended up in the shore
because a
that guarantaka has a lake where we do
canoeing and we ended up in the
behind the shore but i never gone to
this shore and the place there was a
well sand right the edge of the
lake and there were no leaves so it was
a clear
place and
apparently the only road to go there was
through that
a narrow 4sd road
so and then we went there and they were
like uh
candles or not candles but like
buckets with a bit of fire
in a circle and there was a
there was an unlit big fire in the
middle but it was
it wasn’t lit you know it was it wasn’t
on fire
and then some of the guys dressed in
indian clothing they did like a ceremony
they said
i don’t know what and we were like in a
and i was like i didn’t i wasn’t even
paying attention to what they said
i felt in my spirit i felt very confused
and i started from that moment on all
the way to the end of the camping
i felt very oppressed like spiritually
and so
basically um
after they did the that ceremony
which i didn’t remember what they said a
it was weird and
and then we went through the same place
oh i’m sorry we went to we went back to
the same road and then we went
to like uh um
another road which was like a secondary
road and we
we went to this i guess i would call it
like the common
the common place which was a
we went to a place where it has a lot of
and with that is actually in the normal
a week-long campaigns that’s where every
all the troops we go we
gather every morning and we you know do
the oath
and we are no a
cheer for the troops or whatever
and we went there and
it was night and basically i don’t know
we stopped there and the place the that
the the common place is a very
um it’s this is all outdoors
right it’s a big can side campsite
and that place it’s all cleared with uh
low grass
a from pretty long distance
and we went we did like uh
i don’t know exactly the name you know i
parties where they
in the movies they like hey you have
like one person
behind another you know in the in a line
and they’re like
dancing and i don’t know it’s
a i don’t know the name
but it’s a conga line
well it was something like that and we
were a
one person in front of the other and we
start and
we in through all this we still we still
had our
big backpacks on so we were tired by
this time
and in front in front and the back of
the group
they were one of the staff dressed as
and they were like leading the line
and we went in circles for like
well i don’t know it was like for like
10 minutes or something
it was actually 15 15 circles
but i was so confused
and i was like you know what’s going on
because they never told us you know this
is going to happen
they never told us what was going to
happen it was like
a i don’t know to me was very random
but so after that
we yeah we went
back through the path and as we were
as we were going back and we stopped
and then they told us the path was like
sometimes it was as narrow as one person
could fit and sometimes it was like
one and a half people could fit like
through it
and they told us to build our tents
to stop building build our tents there
in the middle of the path like in a line
and we just sleep there
and we had no flashlight and
we couldn’t do it with flashlight
because it was prohibited
so hey i don’t know how i did it i mean
i did it so fast
because i knew how to make tens you know
we are
we are taught that before but it was
like uh
it was like a so-called challenge it
wasn’t really a challenge it was
uh it was all a cold but i didn’t know
so the thing is that i did my tent
somehow and i always knew
that i always felt like through the
campaign that
i was confused i felt a spiritual
oppression that i didn’t know what it
i was so confused but at the same time i
could feel
like god was with me even though i
didn’t understand
i didn’t understand what was happening
hey i did my tent somehow
and i slept and they told us
that we when we when we wake up the next
day they told us that
we had to make a fire in front of the
like uh yeah yeah and it was like and
the whole campaign was
filled with this weird ritual stuff
which was
and which god later well
god helped me find out that it was
in pagan stuff
but to me because i didn’t know at the
time it was
weird and it was like random
ritual stuff i didn’t know but i still
had suspicion of like
something was wrong so
i woke up and this indian dress
staff they went to each of one of us
told us to make a fireplace and then
and and
and then after we did it whether it
turned on or not
didn’t matter we just had to do it and
yeah we went and reached the other group
now instead of going to the food court
for breakfast
there was another weird thing and it was
that we went to
what we did formation like we do in you
in patrols i guess troop patrols because
from different troops and they have
placed us in different groups
now my dad was there and there were
parents of most of the young people
and the things that our groups were
separated between the adults
i barely saw my dad through the camping
except when they
placed us in the like
a common place or a reunion
area but i barely
it was i was oh and also we were we
weren’t able to speak
like we were prohibited to speak
throughout the whole camping like it was
like a
they call it a challenge but it was not
a challenge
or at least they don’t understand that
it’s pagan
and that what they’re doing is a
satanic ritual because
it has ritual aspects of freemasonry
right and so
basically after oh we went through
to that to the formation and the
formation they gave
they gave us like like a ration of food
you know like a boiled egg
a orange juice some piece of bread
and it was like a
i don’t know it was weird but i didn’t
know why
and i mean i knew you know captains are
like a challenge you know but
it’s not this is it was like random
weird it was
strange in processes that we had to do
so after so it was basically
okay a
okay so after that and
when we started to do chores throughout
the day
that was on saturday we did we went at
my group and i went and we cleaned
the bathrooms we cleaned the campsite
you know we were doing the groups were
divided in
different campsites you know campsite
and we had to clean and hey one of the
things that they made us do it was one
of the weird
the weirder things in which i later
realized what it was
there and in the registry area
uh they cleaned it up and they placed
there was a lot of
a like amount of cardboard
pieces a there were some old mattresses
newspaper you know inflammable things
and there were
cans 12 cans on
in a corner and our job there
was to fit all of the flammable stuff
and cut the mattresses
and it was weird because i was like
well i see i would see you know right
now i would see all that and i say oh
yeah we’re doing
because we were making the same um
fiery cans that i saw remember in the
they were in a circle in the first
ceremony right on the shore of the
lake but i didn’t at that time
i was so confused of everything and i
was like
well and i didn’t know
what we were making why i didn’t know
why we couldn’t speak because you see
they told us
not to do things but they didn’t explain
at all so and
we did that and i was
um yeah
i was very puzzled at everything and i
even though we couldn’t talk i was
really annoyed by that
like yeah it was almost like we were
being silenced
but they weren’t saying it they were
saying it’s a challenge
you know when you eat a less food it’s a
and also we couldn’t sleep because it
was basically torture
so yeah because at one point when we
finished all our chores we went to this
a plane another grass-covered area
and when they were we were told to rest
but the thing is that we we sat in our
groups and i was i mean we were all so
tired and i was so tired
that i s that i
laid back and i put my cap
on my face so that the sun didn’t shine
on me
and i tried to sleep but one of the
they told me you know hey you can’t
you can’t fall asleep and
i didn’t know it at that time but that’s
a form of torture called sleep
and one of the things that
makes the oa order
other than its freemason relationships
which i will explain in the other parts
of my testimony because
after the campaign a my dad and i did
some research
we found documents and we found
a guy who was a freemason and he
well two people and
he made a comparison between the
order of the arrow ceremonies and
freemason ceremonies and they’re
basically the same only
the only changes are um like
they disguise a certain
symbolism for example information
ceremony because
okay um
i’m kind of getting ahead of myself
because there’s
a lot of information that god showed me
about them okay so i’m just gonna
finish about the camping and then i’ll
go to the information
on the next video okay so uh
i couldn’t sleep and i felt very i felt
more confused and then i talked to a
because i really ignored the no talking
rule i didn’t
i didn’t care i was mad at them
i was confused i didn’t know why they
were making us do things against our
being young people giving us
less food for more work and not letting
us sleep
right rest so spiritually
eh for those um
right hey for those who have a
relationship with
christ and are boy scouts
or know people who are boys cows or
you’ve been boy scout before
and this is all it wasn’t this was never
and all that the
in the scout masters that the
those in you know instructors
they taught lies because well things
that they didn’t know themselves either
you know they were taught the same thing
but if you do your research and i got
a i have many a links to
the freemason websites one of them is
a phoenix masonry i think dot
com or dot org and
there’s a part of if it’s a formation
organization and
that freemason a group
actually in one part when you search
about the boy scouts
they talk about how they infiltrate
freemason leaders in boy scouts as if
they were
a you know scout leaders like scout
parent leaders
and they do that to gain members for him
in for the freemason lodges
right so and by the way and the order
the arrow has lodges
and the freemasons have largest so
there’s a lot of things in common
and sorry so
after all that sleep torture
sleep deprivation and whatever in
silence and all that
at the end of the day we went to our i
guess the barracks or the
the and
uh-huh and so and we went there
and they were in the bunker beds
and in
well uh after that
they told us to put on our
a they call it the class c uniform
which is the i don’t know if you’ve seen
boy scout uniforms the
the class c is the
like the i guess the
pale colored one the
the one with the very best that the sash
with merit badges uh
sometimes it’s depending on like your
position maybe it’s
green like dark green but many times
it’s like a light brown color
right sometimes it’s called a
gala right which has a formal uniform
and they told us to put that on because
we were going to
our the final ceremony so there was the
opening ceremony was the one
in the in the shore lake
and this one was going to be in another
place which was this one was
really more secret than the other
because this one was on the
basically next to the parking lot it was
weird because okay
we went to the parking lot we crossed
the parking lot
and we went to this another foresty
area and they cleared a place
and there was like uh you know they
cleared a path
which it was there but it had more
leaves like it was actually hidden on
and it was on the other side of the only
in the in that campsite the guataga
yeah there’s a and there’s a road
the highway which is
perpendicular to the campsite so
for example there’s a highway and the
entrance is at the right
you enter at the right right in the
you go and you turn right
you enter the gates then you turn
right and there’s the parking lot well
that area where we went was
a forest area between the highway and
the parking lot so it was like
almost to the outside of the campsite
but it was basically hidden
because you wouldn’t expect there to be
where there are no buildings no
structures because
it was basically well there was nothing
except that
except a that secret path and
at the end of it there was another
cleared area
without trees but it was secret
obviously you know they don’t want
people to know and even they say oh you
can’t tell anything about this
i don’t really feel them besides uh
god will judge them very greatly
for deceiving young people deceiving
for not knowing this
and for other things that i will tell
like they you know
like the ceremony documents
and how they are hidden okay but the
thing is that we went through that
secret path
they we were following these
indian dress staff guys
and because it was like part of the
and they told us to wait in the middle
of the path like to like pause
because there were other indian indian
guys on the on that
a clear area the the fireplace
and they like because i don’t know i
didn’t know this but after
i was able to get the transcripts
right i had i have the transcript of the
ordeal sermon well of the
yeah of the ordeal ceremony that that’s
the name
right because there’s three levels in
the oa there’s ordeal
brotherhood and then a vigil of honor
right and for masonry there’s also three
levels there’s can
there’s uh i think it’s
it was uh others apprentice
apprentice and uh
i think it’s like the other one is like
something like craft in
or maybe it’s i don’t remember exactly
i think it’s i don’t know it’s not
brother i think it’s brotherhood too but
thing is okay there’s apprentice
then just like a mason craft or
something like that and then there’s
master mason so they also have
three levels right
so he went after they were able to go
they gave us a rope to
and each of us had to take the rope like
we were like we weren’t tied to it we
like holding the rope along along it
so we went in line each of us took the
that one row
a very long one and we they told us with
the rope to go
around the those lit
candle the lit the cans with fire which
were also in a circle
which were the ones that i later found
or realized that they had made us do
right remember the cardboard and the
newspaper and the mattress
which were those mattresses were the
they were old mattresses from that same
campsite you know they weren’t
donated they were from there so they
were actually making
ritual craft with that stuff
with the same mattresses that we sleep
in our campings so
after this eh
we went around with this rope
and we did like the ceremony
and this time the center fire the big
one was
lit but it wasn’t it wasn’t
a it wasn’t just wood that it wasn’t
well or they already it wasn’t fire
and they talked about did you know there
was a story
and which was kind of a weird story
uh about the
the founders of the order of the arrow
and the order of the arrow follows uh
there’s a lot of a native american
a spiritual symbolism because
the order of the arrow like it took its
symbolism part of it is from freemasonry
but another part of it is usually from
an indian tribe called the leli
lenape a indians
from i think it was delaware and
so it has a lot of pig if well the
american part is pagan and the formation
part is also pagan
so um
yeah it was a big shock to me to
realize this but the thing is that
during the whole
a crazy weird ceremony
which i have the transcript eh i don’t
have it right now in my hands but
in like i don’t i don’t really
remember much of the details of the
because i was so confused and i was so
puzzled that like what like why is this
going on what is this
that i really didn’t and concentrate on
the details
but the thing is that during this
i don’t know what part of the ceremony
but during the ceremony
a god gave me a vision in which
and this is the only vision that i’ve
had and that i’ve heard something
and in the vision a my
when i started i was in a circle when i
was i don’t know we were waiting for
something i don’t know
and they were like drums because they
were doing like
music so it was really cool stuff
all right it’s not this was this isn’t
christian this is
pagan and
in the vision by my hearing
my my vision and my hearing went
like like kind of blurry
like kind of like vanish a little bit
and i
suddenly couldn’t hear well and i
couldn’t like i was i saw
everything was blurry there was a lot of
spiritual oppression
a lot of demonic stuff and i saw a
a written like a sentence appeared
in front of me like it looked like 3d
white letters and
but they weren’t like they weren’t
english they weren’t latin
letters they weren’t in a weird language
which i don’t know what it is
and i don’t know if it’s hebrew or
whatever i don’t i thought it was hebrew
it’s uh it was also the sentence was
also blurry so i didn’t
read i wasn’t able to read it but god
read it to me like three or four times
and i heard his voice and he said
in spanish he said hey clearly
he said that the order of the arrow has
pagan origins right in spanish he said
that’s the way he said in spanish so he
told me the order of the arrow has pagan
origins and
he told me so clearly and i heard it and
i was like
um well
i don’t know i in
when he told it to me at the same time i
was mumbling what he was
like i was repeating the sentence kind
of whispering it
like two like two or three times because
he repeated it over and again and over
and after that after the vision went
and i kind of i didn’t unders
exactly what he meant because he
later led me to research about it very
very intensely and
a i kept research i kept researching it
and finding it out for about
like i don’t know a year or something
and but i kind of understood that
because i was so spiritually confused by
was kind of answering my confusion like
trying to
well he was telling me that that group
is pay has
pagan origins so at that time i didn’t
understand that completely i didn’t know
what he meant by pagan origins
and i was like i understood that that
was like an answer
like god was trying to take me out of
the confusion that i was feeling because
it was very strong
i wasn’t able to grasp details about the
i was confused hey i didn’t know why we
were doing this
i asked i i at point at times i had
asked one of the young staff you know
why are we doing this why do we have to
keep silent and they just they wouldn’t
anything so
but god explained it to me
right because he knows he knows what
they hide you know he knows what the boy
scouts has
hidden for about a century right since
and the order of the arrows since 1915
right and so yeah after that
ceremony we were we went to eat normal
at the food court right it was like the
ceremony was over
they gave us the sash they gave us a
a cd i don’t know a folder with our
with our register info and it’s like you
know things like that
you know i said oh well you know you are
now members of the
ordeal so
after the camping the next day we went
and i felt um i felt very a lot of
i was exhausted my my dad and i were
and sometimes even right now when i
every time that i talk about it when i
explain it
you know to my mom you know and they
know about it right because
i’ve told them what happened and
god has shown a lot god has shown us a
lot of
stuff regarding this
and and
so the thing is that
okay after that when we were driving
weird thing happened basically and
some might say oh it was you know bad
luck but it
this is because there are demonic things
going on there
and they can harm us like literally
when we were driving a way when we went
to the car
we were getting out of the parking lot
uh my dad and i were kind of silent but
he told me you know
we looked at each other like this
happened because we could feel that
something was wrong
in our spirit and he told me you know
like when we get home you know we’re
but you know we gotta talk about it and
i was like yeah because
it was something you know we gotta
uh know what this is for real
because it’s not what they say it’s a
lie but the thing is that
when we were getting out of the parking
lot you know the road is parallel to the
to the gate entrance we turned left
we were going that road and as we were
going there
out of nowhere the front
the front right wheel of our car like
blew up but it wasn’t like a little bit
was like
boom you know blew up the car went like
kind of
slanted down and i was scared and then
but it was like right when we turned
left like
a couple meters later some meters
after that we the tire blew up
and it wasn’t a it wasn’t a puncture it
was it was like
like as if you took a knife and you
slashed the whole wheel
basically it was a
we had to rep we had to take the wheel
out and put uh
one of the replacement wheels
and now gratefully uh behind us
because we were all going away behind us
was uh one member of my troop
and when they saw it and we stopped at
the side of the road they helped us
and they were like wow you know it was
inches long that it was a sash
and after that i was like hm you know
and it’s no coincidence because
coincidences don’t exist you know
and yeah there’s in and that’s that’s
proof because in another campaign that i
won later which i’m gonna talk in part
or part three well part two
uh which is next video okay i’m gonna
talk about
the a all the things that i found out
about this you know later all the
and all the documents but basically
i started to realize that this did have
um very bad
repercussions you know like oh what a
coincidence you know you
went out of that and suddenly your tire
blew up at the same time that you went
so yeah there’s uh demonic things in
and after that camping when it was a big
shock to me because
i’ve been a boy scout for eight years
i never thought there was anything dark
or any anything bad there
but there is and unfortunately it’s
hidden from
basically everybody in the boy scouts
i i i don’t know
i only know like maybe one person that
has talked about you know freemasonry
and hardware to
the boy scouts i think it’s on youtube a
but apart from that i don’t know
anybody else who has had the same
and i’ve only shared this with two
people my two
a friends from my group for my troop
and and hopefully
they listen to me until like you know
like well because
well this is something that god doesn’t
show everybody and i
never expected that this was going to be
something like this
i always thought that the boy scouts you
know was a
innocent christian organ well
soda christian organization
but i never thought that it actually had
you know
pagan origins so on the next video
a video recording okay i’m going to talk
all the information that i found out
about it
and and
uh yeah next has the information
all the i’m going to talk about the
links that i found about it
from some freemason websites
in some
a and also a oh from the boy scouts
from the boycott of america right
from this in fact this actually because
you see
they they don’t hide it but they don’t
talk about it so because they don’t talk
about it nobody else
knows you know like why because people
usually don’t find
you know they don’t do research they
just do what they’re told
they just follow what it said and that’s
but people have to do their own research
they have to read about themselves they
have to question everything
and that includes the mainstream so
yeah so yeah
next part is going to be all the
information that i found out about this
about a the boy scouts and how
and the order of the arrow and how those
two things are
related directly or indirectly
to freemasonry and also i’m going to
talk about
how a the boy scouts basically lied
valen powell being the founder of boy
and and also in the some freemason
influence that
baden powell had from freemasons because
he had friends who were freemason
you know it’s not just that he he was
information but
he had pretty mason influence so that
does matter
that matter when he created the boy
scouts because
yeah so that’s what i’m going to talk
about next video and then on the last
day part three i’m gonna talk about
a another camping the last camping that
i went
okay after that which was one of our the
annual campings you know the week-long
i think this one was on 29 um 2019
on winter so on december 2019
so a year later and in this other
god showed me more evidence
regarding the relationship between
and the scouting movement and the away
and also some things about that specific
campsite and how
that scout branch is basically
a dedicated to premisery and also how
it got showed me that some staff there
are mason like i saw them with
symbols of a masonry of the
compass the ruler and the letter g
in the middle so
yeah uh so i’m just going to post the
this one and then the next two
so god bless and goodbye
How the LORD got me out of the Boy Scouts and the Order of the Arrow (Part 1/3)

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