HOUSE ON FIRE – Anonymous


Given 2/5/18

Finished 2:41 PM, Thursday April 18, 2019



When your house is on FIRE, you do not paint the windows.

You do nothing but what comes instictively, LOOK for your loved ones not things, and seek those yet that can be saved.
You call 911 immediately, you do not analyze, you simply RUN out of that house!
If it burns, it burns; you only want to stay ALIVE!

There is no more time to gather and keep, there is no more TIME!, for who do you
think you are, the giver of time to yourself?
NO, saith the Lord God, Take heed; there is no more time!

You are only under my “grace period” if you have fully Repented.
Your house is on fire, the house You have built.
I AM the ROCK you were to build on.

The only grace left, is that if you RUN to ME and leave your house of pitiful faith you believe you have-
RUN-Let your weak, fallen house burn.
Leave it now, REPENT! You will save your soul, your very lives and possibly your loved ones!

Shoold you choose to paint the windows when your house is on fire, the paint will only ignite the fire and ALL
including your soul shall be lost.

COME to ME, Repent, and ask ME to clean you off, and do NOT look back.
I have a HOME prepared for YOU, ONCE your Faith is built
ON ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous, finished at 2:41 PM, Thursday April 18, 2019.

This was given to me after prayer on 2/5/18, word was done at 2:37 PM.

Scriptures given to go with this word are:

Hosea 1:7, Proverbs 13:1, Micah 4:9, 13 Matthew:8:19, 23:38,24:13, 7:15, 16

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