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Hosting the Harvest – Abigail Harrison


Hosting the Harvest

March 26, 2022 11:53 AM
Abigail Harrison

Recently, I was sitting in a church parking lot waiting for my kids to finish their piano lessons. I heard God whisper “If churches really knew what was coming, they would be planting gardens in their green spaces for the ‘harvest’”.

The collective church loves to talk about harvest, but we must also talk about famine and fasting. All three are in the book we cherish so dearly. With the rising cost of inflation, people are going to be hungry. It’s time for the church to step up into new levels of faith.

The spirit realm often reflects the natural. I learn so much about God when I’m gardening. Most of His parables use farming principles to explain the deeper things of God. Use this time to draw people into the depths of the Word.

The church stands at the precipice of the most glorious time in human nature. We have an opportunity here to see the “greater works” the Bible talks about. This is a time of preparation and faith-building for the next season. The Lord is saying “Prepare to Host.”

Grab your members with a green thumb and start a garden. Glory of Zion Church has a great example. This food and preparation will not go to waste. The planting season is NOW. Harvest is coming.

Abigail Harrison

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