Hostile Takeovers Ahead! – Juanita


Hostile Takeovers Ahead!

November 27, 2020 1:43 PM

Dream 11/27/2020

I saw a Biden supporter being hired by a dollar store to become a manager. The now new manager was hanging up posters of Biden and saying, “If you didn’t vote for Biden you can’t come inside!”
It was clear in my dream that something bad had happened to Biden and all his supporters were devastated and weren’t taking no as an answer from anyone. Then the person in my dream that hired them came into the store and was not a Biden supporter and said, ” no political bias in my store.” The manager responded it was his store now and kicked the actual owner out of his own business! It was a hostile take over of the business. The owner told them they were fired and the manager laughed at him! It then turned into a physical fight and multiple employees beat up the owner! He was eventually able to get control back of the store, but it took time and a fight and for some reason the police would not get involved!

Whatever is coming is about to be bad, stand your guard and protect what God has given you and let no man demand what political affiliation you must be, we serve God and not Man… Dark times are ahead, but our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is the only one who can protect us and the only one we will bow down to.


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