Hosea Six! – Benjamin Faircloth

Hosea Six! – Benjamin Faircloth

January 27, 2019

“America your time has come to face your reality of judgement! Your institutions are failing and your systems of life are outdated! You have chosen the Art and Culture of Babylon over Me and My Word! You have sown into the wind and now the whirlwind is upon you. You will now behold the implosion of these institutions that you hold so dear, including the government that controls you! You have forsaken My government, and My Governor, therefore the yokes will only tighten in the coming days! Your master the devil will arise in greater power because you gave him the right to do so. You say, how is this so? I say because you have chosen to live according to your flesh. You’ve abandoned what is right, therefore you will embrace what is left; a broken nation, a broken people, who refuses to see the need of a physician! America, rain is coming! Not a rain of moisture, but of misery! Watch now, as peace escapes you and comfort eludes you, all because you have chosen Moloch over Me!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Hosea 6)

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