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Hordes of Monsters – Paul e Campos Jr.

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Hordes of Monsters

July 20, 2022 12:58 PM
Paul e Campos Jr.

Vision on Wednesday July 13th

All of hell will be unleashed I saw fire, consuming something I could not see what it was, then the mouth of hell opened and armies of demons came out of it. The demons had weapons of all kinds, they marched with anger and hate, then a whirlwind of dark fire and smoke like a hurricane circled a dark tower and at the top an evil eye of the storm and all summoned around it. The monsters of hell came out of different mouths, monsters I have never seen. The only thing I could connect it to is the video game gears of war. The locusts, I asked is this the locust? The spirit of the lord says yes Paul, that’s what they tried to capture in that video game. Now I saw the hordes of Monsters coming out, some moves like trains, they were like machines but living creatures, some like insects, some like demented deformed earthly animals, the demons ride on their backs And on their sides, flying levitation creatures, they looked like the flying monsters in avengers. Marvel is evil paul, I’m sorry, but it’s gone it’s evil. Then I saw what looked like a big piece of meat and under it a hot blazing fire roasting it, it was being burned to a crisp. Then the meat continued to burn. The spirit of the lord put the impression on my heart “this is marvel” after this vision I opened my eyes, the lord said okay paul “let go” my eyes could not move from a particular spot in the natural my mouth quivered and I could nothing but cry nothing but cry nothing but be in awe of what is coming. I am not afraid of what will happen to us, but will happen to those who do not make the right choice. I have never seen demons in this way I did tonight, the detail of their armor and weapons, the war machines, the levitation creatures coming over the water and flying over with metal wings, the wide mouth to consume the people of this earth who do not choose God. The ant eater plated with metal armor, the demons coming out of the mouth of hell, and the Hurricane of evil black some and fire. And the dark tower at the center as the eye of the storm, I pray we all chose Jesus, if the gates of hell opening are not enough to rally together to fight them, only Jesus himself coming back will change our hearts, but then it will be too late. Jesus loves you, hell is not made for you.

By levitation I meant Leviathin, I did not want to change the original wording I wrote when I had the vision

Thank you Shalom

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