HOPE TO THE LOST – Cherrie Archer



February 25, 2023 9:34 AM
Cherrie Archer

2-25-23 6:21am

I woke to hearing a multitude singing, Yours is the kingdom, Yours is the power, Yours is the kingdom forever Amen.

I then heard, Glory to God in the highest peace and goodwill to ALL men. Amen.

Much comes to your world. For many hope is lost. These do not know Me. The evil one plays with their emotions. He is a tormentor that never sleeps.

He fills the hopeless with fear, doubt, anxiety and distress. He keeps them utterly confused, never letting up, to drive them to insanity. Which drives them to follow the lies he concocts to kill and destroy them.

There is nothing new under the sun. The evil one has not changed his tactics since he lied to the angels in heaven convincing one third of them to follow him to hell.

He used the same tactics on Eve in the Garden of Eden and he continues using the same tactics on man today.

Read My word. Know My word.

Know your enemy the Devil. Know how to fight him.

Fill your lamps with the oil of the Spirit. Continue to refill. This is imperative.

Do not allow the evil one a foot hold.

Seek Me. Know Me.

Fill your hearts with gladness. Open your mouth with praise. Keep My word on your lips.

The Devil can not stand on Holy Ground.

I Am doing a new thing on this earth. I Am reclaiming and filling the old wine skins.

Those that had dried from the lack of oil are now being refilled.

I Am bringing back hope to the lost.

I Am giving the gifts of peace, joy, and love to those who had become dry and brittle of soul.

These wine skins are now saturated, refreshed and renewed.

Onward Christian Soldiers.

I Am raising My army to go forth and conquer.

Be Not Afraid.



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