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June 4, 2020 8:48 PM
YanKee Gal

May 3, 2020, at 5:45 PM

I dreamnt I homeless. I was in a public place and saw a young lady. she had in her golden brown hair gold emblems of faith: doves, crosses. So I said, I noticed your emblems of faith. Do you mind if I stay here? She said no. Her hair then was pulled over the gold christian symbols no longer to be visible. I put a few things in the corner on the floor and said I am homeless, can I stay here for a week or so until I  find a place? Ahe said that is okay.

I said I am going to look for work. I’ll be back later. she said that’s fine. I did not have my cats or a car. So I started walking. The sidewalk was turned into like an underground tunnel with shopping mall inside. I came to one door.  I opened it and there was people in clean suits from IBM sorting tomoatoes. I apologized and left.

Now it turned back to a regular sidewalk. I opened another door and went to sign in. but someone was in front of me. I apologized. one a piece of paper given to me was a number (####). so they put that numer on the signin sheet for me. everyone was very nice. all in line waiting with a number and I woke up.


Woman: church that became hidden.
Homeless: my home is not of this world.
Number: years worked at IBM meaning micro chipped.
Tomatoes: rationing food, genetically modified.
Waiting in line: To receive an identification number to buy food, to work.
Woke up: We are at a place of choice NOW.
I did not sign my number into the register, others did it for me. This tells me we will be forced to comply. I did not go further after that. I did not move in line.
I woke up!

end of dream.


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