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HOLY SPIRIT TEACHINGS from 12/31/2022 to 01/07/23 – LynL

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HOLY SPIRIT TEACHINGS from 12/31/2022 to 01/07/23

July 24, 2023 6:36 PM

Tick Tock- Now I am Woke

Each of us are on this planet to do works that make a difference. Even though we do not get into heaven by these works, but by our belief in the Living God, these works define us more clearly.
As we wake up to the Holy Spirit and knowledge of God, we are confronted with choices. Do we follow Jesus, or do we stray from the path that will keep us in line with our true destiny?

Each of us are players on a board of life. We move a few steps forward and a couple backwards, but the goal is always in site. What are your goals? What are your aspirations? Have you been put on this Earth only to party, hang out with friends, watch tv and get high?

Or have you been put here for a more positive reason? Finding your reason for existence is part of the path to finding who you are and what you will do. Will you work for God’s kingdom or against it? Will you be a deterrent to the light? Will you expose the darkness and be the light you were always meant to be?

These are questions that have plagued mankind for centuries. It is NEVER too late to change your direction. That is why I died on the cross. So that you could turn back from your sins and give your life to me. Repentance means “turning back” and ceasing from what is not of my word (commandments).

The Cart Before the Horse

No matter what happens in this life there is an order to everything. We need to make sure we are grounded in the things that make a difference in this world. Do you understand the difference of the mechanics of life and death. Do you know that each are totally different. One is of the light, and one is of darkness and death. We all need to choose which path is for us. There are consequences when following darkness. Life does not follow darkness; it only follows light. The light of the world is love and kindness.

You can’t expect to get a good result in life if you put the cart before the horse. There is an order to all of life. There is a correct way to go through life and an incorrect way to go through life.
No one expects anyone to be perfect. But striving for being on the side of light is extremely important. We are vessels that contain light. As we do things that are of the other realm, we darken that light and allow darkness to penetrate.

Life holds many mysteries we don’t know about. Just because we have not been taught about something does not mean it does not exist. This realm that is called Earth is truly a mystery to men. One era man will say the earth is flat and the next century it is round. No one truly knows who is telling the truth about anything. Lies are there to deceive and keep one from the truth. Without truth there is no compass from where to build on. When you have a wrong origin (starting point) the results will always be wrong.

The only truth is with God. The Holy Spirit is our compass of right and wrong. He will lead you to the truth and away from the lies. He is our rock when the winds of trouble obscure your sight from right or wrong. The Holy Spirit is your barometer of measurement of right or wrong. We can’t know everything. We were never meant to be all knowing.

The Skateboard that Lost its Wheels (GPS)

This lifetime is a learning ground. It is a place where we find out who we are, what we are made up from. We find out what is important and what is not. Each of these directions we take, form the person we are. Without decisions we do not have free will. So, in essence, our free will is us.
No matter what happens we express ourselves only to find we are either on the narrow road or the wide road. The wide road has typically brought one into sin and a place of self. We can’t expect to travel the wrong road and make it to our destination. Can we??

Our GPS of life is me. I Am your internal compass. I am there to lead you on the right path, the correct route. Some do not listen to their internal GPS (Holy Spirit). Instead, they barrel thru life thinking there are no consequences.

It is time to wake-up and repent. It is time to follow your GPS. Without your wheels (direction) you will go nowhere.

Many are empty and missing excitement in their lives. They listen to the wrong directional finder (thinking this will fill their void). They need to fill themselves with my compass with my word. I Am here for you.

The Box

We are a society that has grown up with many games, electronics and computers. We are entertained with a box in front of our eyes, no matter how big or small that box is. It is like full time entertainment is expected from the time we awake, till we go to sleep.

Why is it that few of us spend time with the Holy Spirit? Why is it that we live only for that next fix that the box provides?

Soon the boxes of all sizes will be down. Our attention will need to migrate to other avenues. Will you choose me, or will you choose a different form of a box? I have always been here, but few partake of their creator. I am not a game, but a way of life!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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