Holy Spirit Teachings – From 02/15/23 to 2/17/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings –
From 02/15/23 to 2/17/23

September 17, 2023 3:53 PM

The Rain Does Not Stop

We all start out on this planet doing what we feel is important and useful. As time goes on many of these endeavors are fruitless and show no growth. We prune our ideas to get rid of what has not worked and change what is necessary to get another result. Sometimes we do this over and over again until we finally get a new and improved version of what did not work in the past. It is now time to reevaluate our lives. What is truly important now, since all has changed? Is that job you have been slaving over worth it? Is that football game as pressing as you believed it was 5 years ago? Each segment of time we have on Earth brings us into new beliefs and new thoughts. What may have been important before is no longer of much interest now.
Reevaluate where you are in life and take time to see what needs to be addressed. Do not continue paths that no longer make sense. The rain may not stop but you need to STOP, LOOK, and CHANGE your direction, before it is too late. Everything has an expiration date. Make sure your changes happen BEFORE that expiration date!
Your Father in Heaven

I Am Waiting, Anticipating You

My love for you is great. You are my creation. I Am happy every time I see you and I wait for your heart to come to me.
The problem is I have waited for some of you, your whole lifetime. You make excuses for your sins and put off getting rid of them. You have waited far too long to repent and turn from these sins. The enemy, Satan, is very pleased with your progress. He smiles when you do wrong and do not repent. He is happy to see you headed for his territory.
I gave everyone free will to choose. All I can do is get messengers to you and convict you thru the Holy Spirit. It is up to you to facilitate the change you have been avoiding. It is time to knock that sin out of your life and the ballpark. I Am waiting, anticipating you.

My Time is Your Time

I give of my time to each of you as you go through life. I give you your life and create your traits that will tend to prevail during your lifetime. I set you up in homes that will give you the experiences, that you will need, to grow—Both good and bad. I spend time watching you grow and change each year.
Many stay on the right path. But even more deviate down the wrong path which many times will lead to the destruction of your soul. Much time is spent trying to correct paths that are off the mark, that they were meant for. These individuals will never reach the potential they were meant to achieve. Many times, it is one horrible event that tainted one’s soul, to choose that incorrect path. Satan is always there to facilitate help towards his kingdom. He lies, cheats, and steals whenever it is possible. It is on those bleak and horrible days that many go astray.
Don’t look back but look forward to changing how you can perceive the world differently. The past is gone, and the future is coming. You can start to change your future NOW. I Am here to help with that process. They say it’s never too late. Switch your mind, so that your life will turn around. My love for you is great—Beyond words. Let’s work together to accomplish that “new you”.

02/17/23 Part Two

Repentance is how you humble yourselves and apologize for what sins you have done. Get on your knees and speak to me. Confess your sins, all of them. This may take a while. Talk to me and renounce these sins. Then take that new and clean path you have always avoided. It is important to get a relationship with me. I can help you with urges that want you to go back to these sins.
Sin doesn’t enter Heaven. So, this is important preparation, so that you will enter my heavenlies. Renounce these sins verbally and tell me and Satan you will no longer accept these sins in your life. We are all sinners since the Garden of Eden was breached.
Man has a sinful nature, and this must be addressed by all.
If you have ever stolen, coveted, lusted, slept out of wedlock, had no forgiveness for someone, were homosexual AND the list goes on. These are all sins that must be addressed.
Each person is imperfect and at some point, they need to get ready to transition into a place of perfection. It is time NOW for transition. I cannot wait much longer. You may be “Left Behind” if you procrastinate. I love you and would be very saddened if you don’t make it. No matter what your sin!

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