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Holy Spirit Teachings from 01/14/23 to 01/17/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings from 01/14/23 to 01/17/23

August 9, 2023 7:24 PM

Timeless Wonders 2

I wonder about the time people have spent on the Earth and still have accomplished next to nothing. Why is it that some people are driven and will do much? Others are driven and will do much but most of it doesn’t register as a positive action in the heavens. There are those who play hard and most of what they do is for self-gratification and showing off to others.

My Kingdom is simple. It does not care if you drive a high-end car or live in a big house. What matters is your use of your time and who and how you spend it on. Is it spent on self, is it spent for others? What is your motivation for the things you consider important? Are things that you do, done to advance you or advance someone else? Not all of us can change the world, but we can certainly make a dent in the people we interact with.
Interactions play a big role in how we develop our sense of self and others. Until we are willing to give of ourselves, we are only going thru the motions rather than the motives (good motives) that bring us to a place of peace in our lives.

How can we have peace if everything we do is with only ourselves in mind?

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is making sure the other person is more comfortable than you are. Do what it takes to put others before yourself. This is what life is about.

End of the Roll

The End of time keeps marching forward. We will all experience some of the end. We already have. The horsemen are riding now with fervor and direction. They are steadfast and have a job to perform. Much coinciding of their functions will take place concurrently. Much sadness will envelop the lands. All will know the Earth is at the end. All will know the “Good Old Days” were just that.
Many will look for answers but will still shun my existence. They will still spend precious time, wasting it, rather than turning their heads towards me. The proud will still be proud. The arrogant will still be arrogant. Many will fall due to their pride and stubbornness instead of seeing what is in front of them.

Also, there will be many who wake-up and understand they have gotten it all wrong in the past. They will be ready to take that step forward into my presence. I Am will lead and guide them to their salvation. The harvest will commence and be plentiful, though the workers are few.

Hopscotch (Warning)

The society we live in is predicated on who can move from one square to another the fastest, the best and with the most money. We don’t look at the whole picture, instead we look at only certain squares and isolated thinking. There is always a whole picture to look at. That picture should contain honesty and integrity; the mechanisms of how we complete these squares. But most will aimlessly circumvent the important aspects and finish the squares as fast as possible. Little thought goes into our day-to-day endeavors. So many are driven to complete the square as fast as possible with little care to HOW it is completed.
While making decisions and following paths, slow down and think out the consequences before following that direction (path). Make sure the consequences are not irreparable. Remember there are many paths to take. Does the path you take harm another? Does it harm you down the road?
Think carefully, the squares will be harder to complete correctly!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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