HOLY SPIRIT TEACHINGS from 01/09/2023 to 01/14/2023 – LynL

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HOLY SPIRIT TEACHINGS from 01/09/2023 to 01/14/2023

July 31, 2023 1:22 AM

Golf Balls Aren’t Used with Tennis Rackets

Certain things go with certain items. Not everything is supposed to work together symbiotically. We are children of the most-high God. We were made to work symbiotically with God. All our parts connect directly and interface with him. We may or may not know it, but when we are apart from him, we do not run optimally. It’s like putting in the wrong sized screw to hold something together. It will not work at all, or it will work poorly for a while. Each of us are made to interconnect with God. Be part of him and be part of his glory.
We need to realize that we are only partially complete and in need of repairs. Only God can fine tune us.

Strings and Balls of Yarn

Like a cat plays with a ball of yarn, we, the body of Christ, unravels our yarn daily. Each bit of yarn is instrumental on the path we will take, the direction we need to go in. Without unravelling this ball, we stay stationary in life and make no commitments one way or another. Without commitments, we HAVE chosen! With commitments we have chosen a different way.

How is it that by not taking a stance, one way or another, you have made a choice? If you are a liar and choose not to change, that IS your CHOICE. As humankind sits on the fence of life this is also a choice. No forward or additional backward motion has been taken.

Today, nothing is like what it was yesterday. We are faced with an abundance of choices that need to be made. Belief systems are one of them.
There has only been one creator, one God. Jesus is the only way to God. Gods only begotten son died, so you could have eternal life. Your eternal life is hinged on your belief in Jesus and what he did for you.

As you unravel the ball even further, make sure you talk with your creator. He hears you. He is waiting for you. Let’s play ball.

Follow Your Heart

Always be fair and equitable no matter the cost. Be up front and honest. You are here to experience who you are. You are here to make sure you are forthright and a person who does make a difference. You need to always be part of the solution and not of the problem. Too many problems already exist and therefore we need to be upfront with what is happening, always. Don’t forget this.


The straight and narrow road is everything good you do in life. All your choices, decisions, turns and deeds are watched. Each person can travel the less travelled road (the correct way) or the wide, well used road (incorrect way).

This is the purpose of your trip here. This is how we form a conscience.


Many trees do not give much shade or coverage. Our lives, when in Christ, are covered with God’s protection. He is there for us no matter what is happening. Each of us are blank slates when we start in life. Everything we do, focus on and follow becomes a direction we have chosen. With these choices we become who we are. Some choose paths that are narrow, and others go with the masses. Each of us knows the difference from right and wrong but not always follow those feelings. It is never too late to change directions in life. Follow my direction, path and word.


Each of us are responsible for what we do in life. We are called to be individuals that will make a difference for the world and for others. There are only so many situations that we can show our true nature. So, it is always important to act when given these opportunities. One day we will be off this ball (circle) called Earth. But until that happens take every opportunity to show who you truly are and what you are capable of. Our earthy stay is not measured by length of time, but by what was accomplished while we were here!


Are we going over a cliff or not? Most don’t know the direction they are going in life. They are unsure as to what they will do, how they will do it and why they want to do it. Each has a direction while plotting their course. Will they take the less travelled road, or will they go with the masses? The only person who can make these decisions are us.
We have been coddled to long by our parents, peers, bosses, children and even ourselves. We now need to step out and make commitments on what and where we are going in life. Some commitments are hard to make. They require hard decisions that may make us uncomfortable. These decisions may mean others may frown at us or look at us differently. But is that so bad? Who is to say that their character should be emulated. Who is to say they have the correct directions in life?
Most follow the crowd. They do not make the harder, more just decisions that the righteous make. They fall into a herd mentality that brings them lower and lower on God’s measuring stick. Always think for yourselves and do not conform just because it is easier to do so. Be yourself and do what is morally right. Know that man, is not who you should be following. You should follow your heart and what you know is right in this fallen world.


There is much time, but not enough for the wicked. Time is slowly slipping away. The time we thought we had for parties, events, theme parks, and get togethers, thins with the veil. There is not more time for frivolous endeavors. What use to be, is gone. We must prepare for what is to be. My kingdom upon Earth is predicated on who you are in me. Are you righteous, are you loving? Do you follow my rules? Most do not. They have picked and chosen selectively the rules that apply to them. They have sifted the rules like flour and picked the few that certainly they will follow. None of these commandments (rules) have ever been optional. Similarly, the speed you travel on the highway is not optional. It is governed by rules that are posted. I post my rules in a book which some read. Some follow the rules to a tee and others pick and choose and then others don’t even know they are rules (OSAS).

It is interesting how each person covers their sins while pretending to read the rules.

Everyone must pay attention now! If they are to make it to heaven much care of their choices must be made now. I am a kind God that has warned thru my prophets, but this did not avail much. Now it is time to start, the beginning, of the end of my book. Get ready for changes beyond comprehension and get ready to know I am.

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