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Holy Spirit Teachings 8
From 02-11-23 thru 02-14-23

September 11, 2023 11:03 AM

Are Demonic Forces Attacking You?
Demonic forces are real. They have been mainly invisible to most over the years. As time moves forward the veil is thinning, and these forces will become more visible to all. They are of Satan. They feed off your emotions of fear and all traits that one would call sin. If you are a person who lies, then demons who love to lie will attach themselves to you and make the problem of lying harder for you to get rid of. If you are sleeping with someone out of wedlock or of the same sex, you will entertain those demonic spirits. It is imperative if you wish to enter Heaven that you rid yourself of any sins, now. These sins and many others can’t enter Heaven. All I can do is tell you the rules to enter Heaven, but it is up to you to decide if you will stop these sins or not.
To stop sins, get on your knees and humble yourself. Ask for forgiveness; ask for my help. Then stop whatever you have done in the past, that does not make it into Heaven. My bible tells you of what is important.
Sin is of the devil. You cannot sit on the fence and have both Kingdoms. It does not work that way. You have had a taste of Satan’s Kingdom and if you wish to be part of his kingdom, just continue what you are doing. No effort is required.
If you want to be part of my Kingdom, NEVER deny me. Even if it means your death. There will be tribulation saints at the end which will make it into Heaven. There is hope just as long as you have not taken the Mark of the Beast, which will be on the right hand or forehead (somewhere). This mark will enable someone to buy and sell. Whatever you do, DO NOT take this mark (Rev 13:16-18 & Rev 14:9-11). It will seal your faith into Satan’s Kingdom. You will go to Hell upon your death. This is eternal.

Cat Got Out of the Bag
There is no secret to my Salvation if you have listened at all, to my teachings. The problem is that many have not had an ear to hear or eyes to see my words that are documented in my Bible. Why is it that you must have “proof” of everything before you believe in it? Man has had many “proofs” of science until they superseded them with new and better proofs that made their initial findings null and void.
Man is flawed with their concepts of many things. But most blindly listen and supposedly learn from many of these incorrect doctrines that have been peddled by the elites.
Everything goes thru the elites (people in charge of Earth) before they will ok a concept. It must fit their narrative before they will allow scientific discovery to be announced. If it is not in their agenda, it will be called incorrect or a conspiracy theory. The public has been trained to hear the words conspiracy and turn off their brains and common sense. Man is flawed in many aspects. Much comes down to greed and who can pay who off to be quiet. If silence can’t be purchased, these people just disappear, one way or another (or at best, their reputations are tarnished for a lifetime). Just because you see it in a book or on television, does not make it true. The only one that has your best interest is God, your creator. All else is just extraneous noise. The cats now out of the bag- What are you going to do with it?

I Miss All of You
I miss all of you who will not make it to my Kingdom. I miss the time we could have had together in the Heavenlies exploring. I miss you, my creation, who missed the boat and had problems leaving sin in your rear-view mirror. I miss that you will not experience what and why you were made by me. I am sorry of so many things that could have been but will never be now.
You thought you knew better. But unfortunately, it is the humble that will inherit my Kingdom. You thought you had all the answers, but they were the incorrect answers. You thought I didn’t exist but that didn’t work out well for you. You thought I would give you a free pass on the sins you wanted to keep, but I didn’t. You thought, you thought, you thought your way into Hell and now there is no way out.
Is that going to be you or someone else?
I thought you are smarter than most. Prove it to me, before it is too late. I don’t want to miss you.

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