Holy Spirit Teachings 7 from 02-09-23 thru 02-10-23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 7 from
02-09-23 thru 02-10-23

September 4, 2023 9:22 PM

I Feel All
I am with you, even when you don’t feel me. I’m part of your DNA and what makes you. I feel your sorrows I feel your joy. I know when you are not feeling well. I know when you fast, know when you have helped others. You’re a reflection of me when you are at your best. You show the world who God is when you follow me closely.
Most importantly you will take on my characteristics as you spend more time with me. Each moment spent with me are important in changing you from the flesh to the spirit.
Many do not know the purpose of their existence. The purpose in life is to learn of me, spend time with your creator and know that I am with you.
Life is your classroom, your learning tool. Without problems in life, there are not many opportunities to learn from and show how you have advanced in the Kingdom.
It’s never too late to give your life to me unless you have taken the Mark which goes in your right hand or your forehead. This mark represents your allegiance to Satan and his Kingdom. You are irredeemable if you receive his mark.

I Am Not Invisible
I Am Not invisible; I have always been here with you. You can hear me in the wind, you can feel me when you are going to do something wrong. You can feel my Holy Spirit by the goosebumps you feel. I am here to keep you company when you are sad or lonely. I Am an ear to hear, when something is wrong. You may not see me, but I Am NOT invisible. I have always existed. I have always been. Your lack of knowledge of me makes me only invisible to you.
Change your outlook, then you will change your sight. You will then see what you previously could not see. What is invisible, will now be there.
I Am not hard to see. It just takes a little time and effort on your part. Prayer will open channels of communication that may have never existed before for you. Reading my word and about my life on Earth will let you know who I Am.
I Am your creator. Don’t let me fade into the background. I Am NOT invisible! I Love you.

Many Chances Have Been Given
I have given you many chances, but many do not heed the warnings that have been heralded by my children. That person who spoke to you at the grocery story, at the park, in the parking lot were sent by me. Most have a deaf ear and no sight to know that they were just given a chance for salvation. They ignore the message and look at the messenger as having something wrong with them. These messengers were created to give you the “good news” of salvation. I paid a price on the cross for your sins. Many glosses over the message and move on. How many messages, over your lifetime, have you walked away from. With no thought of me or my messenger that spends their valuable time trying to help others. They will be truly rewarded in the heavenlies. It is not an easy job trying to help others, when they don’t want help.
Even though you have passed up dozens of chances for Salvation, you now have another chance to come to your creator. This may be the last chance to “listen” and hopefully change. Time has run out. There is no more time to put it off. You have already done that. Try something different. I Am waiting for you!

This is for the Lost
This is aimed for the lost. Those who don’t want to change their stance on God. You feel you have held out and it has worked for you so far. But your luck and time has run out. What worked till this point, is no longer sufficient. It will not endure to the end without terrible consequences.
I hear many say, “I wouldn’t want a God who would allow me to go to Hell” or “I’ve always been a good person”. Unfortunately, there are rules to my Kingdom. Yes, this is my Kingdom and there are rules that get you into Heaven and things that will keep you out.
Like a good parent, I have tried to give you guidelines of what is considered acceptable to make it into Heaven. I hear, “I am good and don’t feel I need to correct my minor sins”. I say that no sin will make it into Heaven. So now there is a standoff that keeps you away.
I Am our creator and Father and if you continue to do what is sinful, you have made “your choice” for your eternal destination. All I can do is warn and explain what is needed for residency in Heaven.
Spoiled children, whether old or young, are at a crossroads to their eternity. If they continue the same wide road they have always travelled on, they will miss the turn off that the pearly gates are located on.
Get on your knees, give your life to me, repent of all your sins and then stop those sins. Love your neighbor like yourself and love me will all your heart, soul and mind.
If you are having a problem with any sin, ask me for help to take away that urge from you. Together, we can do anything.

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