Holy Spirit Teachings-6 from 01/29/23 to 02/05/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings-6
from 01/29/23 to 02/05/23

August 28, 2023 10:31 AM

Sun Shines Now

The sun shines now, but for how long? The moon gives her light but for how long? How long will all be the same? We are supposed to be watching, but are we? Most take the stance we can’t do much about anything, so why worry?

They are right, worry will not help but getting into my word and learning about the Kingdom of God will make a difference.

It is like insurance that you hope you will never need, but glad you have it when things transpire that you did not expect. Your insurance policy has my words written on your heart, when you read them. My words need to be digested and read to be effective.

Give Your Heart to Me!

I have waited for such a long time for all to give their hearts to me. I still, continue to wait. Many have so many excuses. I am too busy, I have work that I must do to pay my bills, I need to relax, it’s been a lousy day. Yet I see many taking out their phones to play games, improve their skills to sharpen the mind, listen to podcasts, listen to health programs, the list goes on and on. Then we have those who want to watch sports on television all weekend or those who must watch numerous television series to keep up with who has started dating, what dilemma are they in now and who is going to be voted off the island. The list is endless.
It boils down to your priorities in life. Where do you put the creator of the universe? What spot have you found for him in your life? Does he go before your cup of coffee? Does he ever even get on your list?

Each of us seem too busy to even schedule our Father for any time at all. We can’t possibly find time to read his word, which in essence is him. There is no time to pray, unless we need him immediately for some catastrophe that has taken place.

What would your wife or husband or child think of you if you never or rarely bothered to pay attention to them?

This is what you are doing to your creator, your Father. Do you know that without knowing your Father in Heaven, you in most likelihood, will not enter Heaven?

Each of us needs to look at our priorities and re-arrange them. How hard is it to get up 30 minutes early, in the quite of the day to pray? Or to spend fifteen minutes before bed, reading his book. Time is running out to make these decisions.

Does it really look like this world is going to continue for an indefinite amount of time?
Now is the time to change priorities in your life. His salvation awaits you.

The Grab

Will you grab for salvation when you find out I Am needed? Will you grasp for salvation even though you’re not sure, what to do for salvation? My word tells you what you need to do to be righteous. Each story gives you examples of what is expected of you.

But there is a condensed version of the bible, and it is called the 10 commandments. It’s not like it is hidden from anyone of you.

Then we have the two most important commandments if the 10 rules are too hard to comprehend. 1. Love me with all your heart, soul and mind and 2. Love your neighbor like yourself.
The bible is an outline of what is permitted into Heaven and what is not. Sin is not permitted and never was. No exceptions. There would be no reason to transport sin from Earth to Heaven. The result would be devastating. Repent of all sin, mean it, and never go back to it. Ask the Lord for forgiveness and lead a righteous life for whatever time is left on Earth for you.

Never take the mark which goes in the right hand or forehead area. This mark, which will eventually be mandatory, will bring you to Hell permanently.
(Revelation 13:16-17 & 14:9-11)

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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