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Holy Spirit Teachings 52
From 09/27/23 to 10/06/23

July 9, 2024 1:57 AM

Tick-Tock, Time is Out

Time ran out quite a while ago, But I have given you a bit more time. I need this time for the few who still are not in the ark. Watch as the sand slips away and we move forward towards the end of time.

The children who have prepared will follow me closely. They have spent much time getting to know I Am. They have learned to listen and hear my voice. They have good discernment of spirits and have awaited their assignments.
My other children, do not have a clue as to the severity of the times we are living in. Business is as normal to them and nothing, in their minds, needs to change. They wait for cv to become a thing of the past, but it won’t, for there are much greater problems, waiting to occur, around the corner. I wait for these children to wake-up to their need for guidance thru I Am. I wait for their sins to become something in their past. I wait for them to know I would do anything for them if they would let me. Many will wake up and change. I hope you will be one of them.


No matter where you are, where you are going in life, what you are doing, you will find a need to get closer to I Am. For those who look for me, I will be there to pick you up and set you on a different course, a different way of thinking. Things are going to change drastically, and with those changes, my children will need to change accordingly.

Unfortunately, not everyone will seek my presence and help. They will be too busy dodging catastrophes along the way, to stop to breath.

Each of my children are precious to me and I hope they will pause and reevaluate what is around them and make a decision to get close to me for time is terribly short. I love all of you with my everlasting breath. The one I breath into you.

Demons Will Start to Proliferate the Earth

As we get closer to events taking place, I will send you to places of safety. Many problems will occur as time goes forward. It is up to you to stay as close to I Am as possible, your life depends on it.

Do not let fear rule your life and cause you worry. I will protect my own. Fear is destructive to your soul and needs to be avoided. It will let demonic forces enter your body.

Demons will start to proliferate the Earth, more than ever, looking for housing in whatever vessels are accommodating and inviting. Do not invite demons to reside via unforgiveness, sin, fear or anything that is not allowed in my word. Get familiar with what rules and commandments are expected so you can navigate through all the pitfalls that are waiting to ensnare you.

Each and every one of my children are responsible for what they do, say and how they act. Only you can change bad behaviors that can lead to your demise. Beware of the traps the enemy have set for you. Be the best person you can be, for this certainly will set the enemy at odds, because they will have no footholds on you.

Dog and Pony Show

We have a dog, we have a pony, now image both are gone. What do we have left? Without either, there is nothing to focus on. Nothing to put our attention to. As things get worse, focus only on I Am. Do not focus on what might be, what can be or what you imagine will be. Make sure your attention is on I Am. Make me your focal point. Let no fear or trepidation creep in and pray for the safety of those you love.

I Am is Pleased When…

I have joy in my heart when my children listen to the warnings I have put out. I Am in awe of those who spend their time helping others. I appreciate those of my children who spend countless hours with me. I love when I am is given glory. My ears tickle when I hear the prayers of the saints. I have joy when I see a child of mine, who is saved. I love when I see my word being read and I appreciate when a child has faith in me. I Am in all the things you do; I Am with you.

All Things Are About to Change

The weather you have counted on will be no more. Anomalies in weather will occur throughout the world. People will continue acting strangely. Their health in many cases will degrade causing death in many. Governments will start to take over many factions that will change the lives of all. Civil unrest will become more prevalent and many places, you felt safe in before, will be questionable. Rains, hail, volcanoes will continue to change the landscape and cause widespread homelessness. Become close to I Am, for he can and will be your foundation during these storms.

It is Time to Start the End

There is no more time to procrastinate. That time is gone and now in the past. Your warnings that were received, were not perceived by many. The weather anomalies were just that, anomalies to be ignored. The sun, moon and stars which depicted a time in history that should have been heeded, failed at the wayside. My prophets who warned of impending doom, were also ignored. It is time to start, the end. My final book within a book, the revelation of John. What he saw, would happen, is now here. We are and will be living the future. For his revelation spells out the end.
I give all my children the ability to repent, for your sins are great, and will keep you from your salvation. It is time, for what has been written. May you find your way to your creator before it is too late.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

What we know, and do not know is conditional upon our sources. News sources, family, friends, radio, newspapers, magazines are all sources we rely on. When many of these sources are tainted with misinformation, who and what do we then rely on? The devil wishes to lie, steal, and kill, and in doing so, corrupts all truths.

How do we get the information now, that we have counted on in the past? What do we do to change our source of information?

Unfortunately, all the thinking that has been done for us is gone and we must rely upon our observations of what we see and who we speak to. We must correlate our own data and make imperative choices from what we have found out. Sometimes “telephone” or what you have heard from the grapevine is more accurate than your previous sources. Question what you hear from those who try to mislead and deceive.

Deep Down Goodness

There is much goodness within the souls of my chosen vessels. They are with me daily and make time for me, that is ignored by many of my children. They worry about others instead of themselves. They help others when they can. They may not be able to solve the problems of the world, but they are aware that I Am can. They love me when the chips are down and continue to count on me, none the less.

They stay on the narrow road and when they veer off course, just a little, they recalibrate and get back on the tiny road they have carved out for themselves.

As time moves forward, these are the children that will help many to salvation. Some have volunteered to help when things get to their worse on Earth. My work will be done thru them, helping many find I Am.

They are not interested in recognition or compensation. They are interested in humanity for they have that deep down goodness that lives within them.

As My Judgements Play Out

As my judgements play out, most will find, they are totally unprepared. What they thought might pass over in a few days will last with one occurrence after another. There will not be much time to think or breath. What most have prepared for will be totally inadequate. Food and water will not be plentiful. Services the government has provided for years will be closed or non-existent. Electricity will be out causing gas stations as well to go out of service. Deliveries will cease and food will not make it to the markets. The few items that do make it to the stores, will be looted and taken by the thieves and robbers that will permeate the larger cities.

Your future, will be tied greatly to your belief and time spent with I Am. Much of this darkness has been allowed to make sure many will find their creator. Without knowledge of my Kingdom and rules, you will be relegated to a place away from me and my Heavenly Kingdom. My goal is to wake-you up before it is too late.

Repent, pray, read my word, and spend time with me. I created you to be part of my Kingdom. It is not too late. I wait and hope to change your fate.


I Am the Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, and the End, the First and the Last. I Am within everything. I Am everything. It is time to come under my wing of protection, it is time to find your creator, if you have not done so. Your safety, your life is in danger without I Am. Stay close to me as you get to know me.

Start with repentance of all sins, ask for help to leave those sins, do not go back to them. My word tells you what is important, read it. Spend time with me and I will be there with you. Times will start to get very difficult. Rest in knowing you have a friend in I Am.

Battles We Choose

Each of the battles we choose in life are important. What are we battling against? Are we fighting for someone’s rights, are we fighting just to prove ourselves, right? When choosing battles and sides it is important to make sure they are meaningful. Some battles are fruitless and should be avoided. If you win a battle, what is actually gained? Is it money, prestige, proving a point, making a fool of someone, or just getting what is due you?

Most battles are not worth engaging in. They promote hard feelings, animosity, hatred, and sometimes bodily harm is the outcome of these battles.

Before engaging in any battles figure out if there is a true and honest benefit to continuing forward. If there isn’t, avoid that battle for it is a waste of time and energy. Use your time and energy to get to know I Am. This will be time well spent. It will produce much abundance in the future. Always know what is important before opening a door that you cannot shut.

The Love of Many Will Wax Cold

Many hardened souls will not make it to my Heavenly Kingdom. They are aloof, uninterested, cold, and unconcerned by anyone, except themselves. They expect “my world” to revolve around them, not the other way around. They have spent much time taking care of themselves with little concern for others. They are waxed cold and do not care.

Selfishness, self-centered and alone they make it through their lives keeping most of what they earn to themselves. They think they are “good” because they have donated a paltry amount to some charity because it will impress someone, rather than it is coming from their heart. They are shallow and specialize in Me, Myself, and I.
These children have much to learn. As time runs out, their chances to salvation become slimmer.

Give of yourself, help others, spread your wealth, where you can afford to. Care about others, like you care about yourself. This is a cardinal rule. Be who you have not been, to change your destination.

The Veil Will Be Opened

The veil that has hidden much, will be opened. Earth has many secrets, which if we could see, would change how we think. In the near future, man will be able to perceive what has not been seen before. Much terror, in men’s hearts will accompany the sightings which have been behind the veil. The veil has covered many truths, that we have not been privy to. As these truths come to the foreground, my children will experience feelings they may have never felt before. The closer they are too I Am, the better they will be able to handle the changes that are occurring.

Pray, rebuke the enemy, fear not, for fear is of the enemy and will invite additional forces to attack your body. Use spiritual warfare to combat the enemy. As the world changes, you will need to change as well. Your allegiance to your creator will make the biggest difference in coping with all change. Stay close, in prayer, at all times.

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