Holy Spirit Teachings 51 From 09/17/23 to 09/27/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 51
From 09/17/23 to 09/27/23

July 1, 2024 9:33 AM

Give Glory to God
Batton down the hatches, give glory to God. For his arrival is very soon. As the birth pangs continue and intensify, we are seeing the dawning of a new era. The seasons are changing rapidly now. No more time for fruitless acts, no more time for wasted endeavors, there is no more time. The hands of the clock have reached the start of the end of time and all of us will actively participate in this new season. Give glory to God for he is the only one who will be able to help in times of trouble. Honor him with your time, honor him in prayer and reading of his word. Change all your sins to sinlessness and stay steady on the road to your salvation. Give glory to God for he deserves his children loving him. Give Glory to God.

Fire Your Words Upon the Enemy
Each of us are captives to a certain degree, in our bodies. Our flesh keeps us chained to the Earth. Our soul (ethereal bodies) is so much lighter, buoyant, and able, to not be affected, by what the flesh is more prone to.
As we spend time with God, in our secret place, we work more in a soul capacity. The flesh no longer becomes the burden it has been in the past. Our ethereal bodies are ready to take on the enemy. We fight with Gods words through our mouths to cause the enemy to retreat. Darkness will not prevail when light is present.
The light will cut through all darkness and heaviness the enemy provides. When a situation is not normal and out of the ordinary, know it is the enemy trying to attack. Immediately take out your words and fire them upon the enemy. Never let them get a foothold in the battle by letting your guard down or being unaware. Your words (God’s words) will fend off the enemy and neutralize the situation. Be ready to take your battle position, for the battles are ready to start.

Reality is Not What You Have Been Told
No matter what you have accomplished in your life, no matter where you have gone, no matter where you have worked, no matter where you have volunteered, none will make a difference, if you do not know me, by the end of your life.
We all strive to have experiences, knowledge, and love but without I Am, your life is just an empty shell, that will not ascend at the end.
It is time to look to the soul and make sure the sojourn on Earth has meaning, purpose and accomplishment.
It is time to see the purpose of why you have been here on Earth. Have you learned to be a good person? Have you done what is righteous, loving and kind? Have you helped others? Have you stayed away from sin? Have you repented of all wrongs and corrected your previous actions? Have you asked any of these questions or do you plot courses that make no heavenly difference?
Each person has the ability to change. It is up to them to activate this change. For without change, we do not grow. Without growth we are stunned into complacency.
Re-adjust your compass towards Heaven and be the change you need to accomplish, to find your eternal home.

Most Importantly, They Know Their Creator
Each child of mine has a personality, characteristics unlike others, sense of humor, determination, love for others and the list goes on. Each child is unique. Some gravitate to a life led with fun and entertainment, others are workaholics. Some love to travel and check out other cultures but few spend their lives dedicated to I Am.
Those who spend their time dedicated to I Am will be fully capable of making it thru the trying times that will be coming upon the Earth. They have prepared with food, water, supplies (if they can afford them). But most importantly, they know their creator. They are familiar with Spiritual Warfare, how to fight the enemy and they have faith in I Am as their God and protector. There is not a doubt, that they will be fine, no matter what happens. They have no fear, but yet they are curious and always educating themselves on how my Kingdom works.
Each of these children are ready for battle, ready to do the jobs set out for them. They will follow me wherever I send them and accomplish the tasks I give them. They are my chosen children.

Time to Experience Revelation (John in Patmos)
Each of my children, who are close to me, are my reflection. They emulate what I did while on the Earth. They show their love for others in what they do.
As the stars, moons, and planets line up in the Heavenlies, we will see the time move forward to end-times. This is what John saw while in Patmos. His summary of the future has brought us to today. We will now experience all he set forth for us to know thru his revelation. Each of my children while in the body, will experience these revelations. The time is now, for we are in the future. The greatest story ever told will now come towards its end, and all will become revealed.
Be ready for changes you never thought you would see in your lifetime. Be ready for it all to commence.

Your obedience in the coming season will be paramount, for your safety, as well as others. It is important that you follow my lead, my still small voice, to get to a safe place. When you hear instructions, do not hesitate, immediately react, and do what you are told. Much will happen in this season, most for the worse.
I will be with my children, guiding them. Do not fear or worry, for fear is of the enemy and will allow for entities to attach themselves to you. Stay focused and centered on I Am. Pray for all your loved ones, especially those who do not know me. Give thanks for what you wish to be accomplished and know that I Am God.

Be Consistent
After you conquered a sin, DO NOT go back to it. It puts a mark on your soul that takes time to erase.
Be consistent, be steadfast in your walk with me. Do not flip flop your allegiances.
I Am your creator, your Father and only want the best for you.
You know I will forgive upon your repentance, but in the future be much more consistent with your walk with me.

Do Not Upset the Apple Cart
In life we tend to put all our life’s experiences, all lined up, on the apple cart. Each experience is looked at, tallied, and compartmentalized after being experienced. We do not want to tip that cart too far, for if we do, those apples will all fall to the ground, and we will need to start over.
Every time my children go to sin or restart a sin, that cart is tipped and must be reconstructed. Sometimes it is a small sin and not too much damage has been done. Other times, there is great damage that occurs. The soul must regroup and reconstruct what was, so to get to where they were before those apples fell. The easiest way, to not upset the apple cart, is to stay permanently away from temptations and sins. Stay on the straight and narrow road which leads to Heaven. Repent quickly if you falter and restabilize your cart. For the wages of sin are death (to the soul). Your soul needs to be a fine-tuned machine as you approach your death (flesh). Your entrance into Heaven is based on a clean soul, a righteous soul, a soul who forgives others. If you are prideful or arrogant, replace it with humbleness and love and meekness. I Am the wheels of your cart. Your foundation, your cornerstone. I wait for you to balance and count on me to steady your walk in life.

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