Holy Spirit Teachings 50 From 09/10/23 to 09/16/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 50
From 09/10/23 to 09/16/23

June 23, 2024 3:51 PM

Hell: The Eternal Ditch, in Death
Darkness cannot exist in light. It shuns the light and hides from its brilliance.
The light of the world is obtained thru Jesus; he is our guiding light. He provides all that is good and right in this world. He shines clarity on all situations and solutions that have not yet been found. He perpetuates life through love and patience and guides us in all we do.
Sometimes we are not driven by what we should do, but what we want to do. In these cases, be careful to follow light and not darkness. For the darkness will lead upon the wrong path. The wrong path will lead you to Satan’s Kingdom and not mine. His kingdom will keep you eternally in bondage and chains. There is no escape and no do-overs. You will be in an eternal ditch in death, that is not escapable. I tell you this now, so you don’t travel the wrong roads. Your path to Salvation is the one you make for yourself, not the path that you will get trapped in.
I Am the way, the truth, and the life, follow me for I will bring you to Salvation through your actions and by the road you choose to travel.

The Boat Will Sail Away with My Chosen
The boat is about to sail away with my chosen. They are ready to take on their new assignments, new projects that will be given to them. They will be responsible for many souls making it to salvation. Their job is great, important, and meaningful. They will stay focused on the job at hand and will accomplish what they have been set out to do. Each have different traits, suited to help certain groups of people. No matter where they are sent, they will be focused on their assignments and what needs to be accomplished. Warnings are coming to a close. Be ready for change to hit abruptly, swiftly and with precision. I Am is in control, at all times.

Much to do about Nothing
Men find themselves in seats of importance, which helps to elevate who they are in both their own mind as well as others. They prop themselves up with their elegant words, words of wisdom and claim their viewpoint is the correct one and others should listen to elevate themselves to their levels.
Whether they are right or wrong, is not important, it is who will listen. Will it be the rich man who can pay for their advice, or will it be a beggar down the way who has nothing to give? The more prestigious their audience, the more rules that they create.
Pride, arrogance, self-idolation are what these men thrive on. These are not men that should be idolized but should be pitied for their own lack of self-worth. They are empty shells that need others to puff them up. Those who think they know it all, are lost, without their constant bantering of advice and so-called wisdom.

A Gift of Salvation
I give you the gift of salvation. Each of my children have the ability to make it to heaven. Before I hung on the cross for you, this ability was much harder, almost impossible (to obtain). I died so that you could repent of your sins and be able to have a soul that could start anew.
Repentance is the key to making it to heaven. Repentance means leaving sin behind and not going back to it. Someone who repents but continues in the same sin over and over, really has no intention of leaving their sins. I died for you; will you stop your sins for me? I made a way for you to make it to Heaven, but will you take me up on it?
Currently many of you are headed for Satan’s Kingdom. By my death on the cross, I made a way for you to escape his Kingdom. How many of my children will take this opportunity that has been given to them? It is a free gift that I paid for with my life.
Remember that repentance, with my gift, is like a “free get out of jail “card. You can either use it or ignore it. The truth is that there are only two locations that one goes to upon their death: Heaven or Hell.

Life is Really Not a Bowl of Cherries
Life is difficult, it presents many problems while you are on your stay on Earth. Some are sick, some are in pain, some are mentally challenged, some have mental problems. These are all things we don’t count on; they just seem to happen. We try our best to alleviate problems that crop up, but many seem not to have solutions.
No matter what transpires while on our stay on Earth, there are reasons for everything, we just may not know the answer of why.
Do your best, no matter what problems occur during your life. Know that we are here to learn, experience, grow, develop, and mature into someone who will become a citizen of Heaven.
No matter if your bowl of cherries is sweet or not, know that your life is important to your creator. He loves you more than you will ever know. He wishes that you spend more time with him in prayer, reading his word and just talking to him. He hears all.

Meteorites, Hail, Flooding Throughout the World
Much will begin to happen, one occurrence after another. Meteorites will pelt your Earth causing much damage and destruction. Many fires will occur, displacing many. Heavy rains, hail and flooding will occur throughout the world. As each set of catastrophes increase, many will turn to me in their anguish. This is necessary to get them on the road to Salvation. Each of my children that are lost, must be found. No matter which route must be taken, it is necessary to wake them up.
The Sins of mankind have caused such a strain upon the Earth. It must be washed clean and made anew. Things will get much worse, before they are better.
As you get closer to me, know you are heading to Salvation and my Heavenly Kingdom.

Repent, pray, read my word, and fill yourself with I Am.
The world will be turned upside down. It will be nothing like it was in the past. Change is inevitable. All paths taken before will abruptly stop. New paths will need to be forged.
What will you do when there is no gasoline, no computers, no phones, no electricity, no conveniences that you have gotten accustomed to?
Time has run out, have you prepared? Do you have supplies, food, personal hygiene, TP, water, water filters, medications? If not, you will totally need to rely on I Am. What will you do when war hits your area? Do you have an escape plan. Who will even be able to get out of the city?
All of life can’t be totally planned out. That is why, my own, can rely totally and completely in me.
Get ready for things you have never experienced. Get ready for change. I Am in control.

It is Time to Evict Your Demons
We are all children of God. We all start out being empty vessels at birth. We are formed into who we are with each thing we do upon this Earth. Each encounter, each experience and everything we see and do. We are formed into who we become.
Many experiences that were made for learning and growing become burdens upon our soul if they are not properly perceived. Some experiences have terrible impacts rather than what could have been learned from that experience. Many of these situations invite demonic (demons) forces to reside, within us.
It is time to evict those demons from the housing you have provided for them, for in many cases, years. Repent of all sins, ask for my help, do not go back to your sins. Time is running out; you must address the sins that still remain. Together, it will not be difficult to change the housing they (demons) have been accustomed to. I will be there to help.

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