Holy Spirit Teachings 49 From 08/31/23 to 09/10/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 49
From 08/31/23 to 09/10/23

June 16, 2024 12:17 PM

A Fool Does the Same Thing Over & Over and Expects a Different Result
My children are able to change and make the commitment to good, to righteousness. There is nothing holding them back from becoming who they were always meant to be.
Many of my children get on difficult roads and avenues while traveling thru life. They get on certain paths that lead them nowhere. Even sometimes loosing precious ground, while avoiding change. It is up to them to recalibrate who they are and the direction they have chosen when their deviated paths, no longer work. They must find the time to look at what is working and a benefit to humanity, and what is not. Too many of my children stay in the same rut with little thought till the path is worn out, but still will not change. Many say it is the fool who does the same thing over and over, but yet expects a different result.
Try that different path and know when you deal with people and situations with honesty and integrity you will always be on the correct path in life. Pray for direction, pray for my help. I can help guide you. Listen to the still small voice, I provide when you spend quality time with me.
I care for you; I care where your soul will go. Become part of me, as you spend more time with me. Together we can change anything, nothing is impossible when we work as one.

He Paid the Price
Each of us are servants of God. Jesus, died for each and every one of us and paid for our lives. It is only fitting that we honor the one who gave his life and paid our price so that we would be free. We seem to forget that there was no way to redeem our souls effectively before Jesus hung on the cross. Give honor to Jesus for giving you the ability to be free and choose your course.
Satan represents bondage. Try not to go back and loose the freedoms that Jesus made possible for you. Jesus made it possible for you to be forgiven of all your sins with repentance. He paid the price for you.

A Quarter for Your Thoughts
We all see that inflation, cost of goods, and cost of living is causing great turmoil in the world. Food is getting scarcer with less availability in many parts of the world. It used to be a penny for your thoughts, but no more. As the economy takes a nosedive and everything becomes next to impossible to obtain, be rooted firmly in I Am. I will be with you (my own) and making sure you are provided for. Do not fear what is coming, for those close to me, will see little.
Repent daily, read my word, pray often will keep you rooted in me. I Am all you will need in the coming storms.

Generalities Are Too General
Not many truly know what is happening behind the scenes. We are told one thing, but it is subterfuge, something to keep us off of the truth and misdirect us. Generalities of climate change are way too general. Everything is cause and effect. If looked at more deeply you will find perturbations (changes out of the ordinary) are happening throughout the solar system, but there is no mention of these changes at all.
As things become worse, look at systems outside of Earths general area for answers. Do not count on your governments to help steer you in the correct direction. Help will be limited as things progress for the worse.
The one person you can count on is I Am. I have always been and control all scenarios. I Am the Alpha, Omega, Beginning and the End. Nothing happens without my knowledge.
Prayer and repentance and time spent with me can move a mountain. Fear is only present when you have no options. With I Am, I have you cradled under my wing. There is no need for fear or concern. I Am the General and Chief and nothing is left to generalities if you take cover within me.

God is There For All People, All the Time
God is there for all people, all the time. My children sometimes believes that I Am not present in their lives. An invisible, non-hands on, type of God. I Am not a God who is too busy to know my children. If I know how many hairs are on your head, then how can I be oblivious to other areas of your life? I Am there to see all that you do, what your heart shows by all the encounters you have had on Earth.
I watch what you teach your children, and how you treat others. Who and what you care about are of paramount importance to me. I watch you grow as a person; I see the problems you encounter and how you deal with each problem you are confronted with. Do you put others above yourself or is it all about you? Are you honest in your dealing with all you encounter or is it done on a pick and choose basis? Life is one BIG choice, and when you make these choices are they well thought out or done flippantly?
I Am your creator and everything you do is important to me. I Am a hands-on God, never forget that. I love you and wait for you to comprehend these facts and truths that you sometimes seem unsure of.

Greatest Doctor of All Time- God
I see those who are upset, lonely, heartbroken, grieving, ashamed and sad, but I don’t see them coming to me for help. I see them at doctors getting prescriptions, self-medicating, and drinking to hide the hurt.
If they would only come to the greatest doctor of all time, so that they can be healed. I see all your hurt and pain; I know what you are going thru. Ask for my help in prayer, in a quiet area we can spend time in. Ask me to take away the mental grief and anguish you endure. Ask me to stop your need for alcohol or drugs permanently. I help those who ask and repent of their needs for these crutches. Believe in me, that I Am greater than any one of your crutches in life. I have always been there for you, but most do not use the greatest tool I have available to you…Prayer!

Value of Honesty, Earnesty and Righteousness
Many people do not hold truth, honesty, and righteousness as important traits to have. The go about their business, as usual, doing what pleases them or makes their life easier.
Rather than telling the truth, they will tell white lies to avoid consequences they do not want to occur.
Honesty used to be a trait most were proud of. Now it seems it is more of an inconvenience than ever. Lies cause problems when they are found out. It causes distrust in people. When there is distrust, you can no longer count on that person, because you never know when they will be honest and when they will not.
My Kingdom in Heaven is built on honesty, trust, reliance, and righteousness. Make sure that you love another enough to always give them the truth. The truth should never be a rare commodity. Be honest with all your dealings.

Today is the Day of Salvation
Salvation is extremely important. To be saved you must follow my rules. The Holy Bible sets out my rules and commandments and gives you an outline of what is important. I expect my children to be honorable, truthful, loving, kind and care about others.
Your salvation will bring you to Heaven upon your death. That is why it is so important to live in righteousness. I see many of my children lying, cheating, stealing, harming others, this is not why you were made. Salvation is the overall goodness of the soul when it is achieved. It is someone who can be counted on. Read my word to know what I expect, and then be that person.

Many Will Die in the Coming Pandemics
The coming pandemic will kill many, many people. I will protect those who are mine. Instead of spending time worrying, spend it praying and getting to know I Am better.
Much danger will come upon your planet. The sun, moon and stars are lining up to make a debut of unapparelled portions. The celestial bodies are in their places ready to be seen and noticed by all. Get ready for I Am coming in the clouds. I Am your King.

As Each Judgement Falls Upon You
As each judgement falls upon you, many will start to wake-up from their slumber. They will know these judgements are not normal and should be looked at with discernment and eyes wide open. Those who could not see or hear will have new abilities to comprehend. As they are enlightened to their new world, they will wake-up to the great I Am or will go further into darkness. Not everyone will want to shun sin. Not everyone will be ready to turn their lives around. But I will not lose one of mine, for it is written. Be ready for changes, beyond your wildest dreams. Be ready for the great I Am.

God’s Truth Will Be My Shield and Buckler
What is truth? Truth is something that conveys a fact that can’t be convoluted with argument and lies. One may try to turn the truth upside down, but no matter how truth is conveyed or exposed, there is only one truth that is correct. Truth is the opposite of a lie. A lie is a falsehood. It is meant to misdirect a person(s) to bring someone to an incorrect decision or picture of a situation. Lies are surrounded in darkness. They are part of the enemy’s tactics to mislead, as well as bring down those who use lies in their life.
Use truth while going thru life and God will be your shield and buckler, your protection from the enemy.
Times are getting more and more difficult. Make sure you envelop yourself in truth so that your protection is firmly affixed and ready for all times. Nothing penetrates the truth as you battle thru life.

God, Give Me the Strength to Continue in This Race – Holy Spirit and LynL
This is the Race I never knew I would sign up for. It is a direction I never thought I would go in (towards God). It was work that I swore I would never do (preaching in the streets). It was words I thought I would never say (my testimony). This race is unlike any race, that I thought I would ever participate in. It’s a race of a lifetime, a race I barely know I am in. The contestants are either in darkness or light and no matter which way I go I must keep my armor on, while I run in participation of this race. As I make it through each hurdle (avoidance of sins), I cleanse myself and refresh myself for the next hurdle. I am unaware of the presence of the contestants who shroud themselves in darkness, but I know they are there (demonic forces). They have always been there. I form my words and thoughts to bring them to their knees (spiritual warfare) and let them trip themselves up in the armor I have utilized (speaking Gods words).
The Race is going well now. Yes, there are valleys and peaks to contend with, but overall, I am winning the race. God is always with me while I participate in the race and provides me with my running apparel (armor). With God at my side, the hurdles seem non-existent, almost invisible like my opponent. Thank you, God, for the strength you give me, to continue in the race!

Abrupt Changes
Warning after warning after warning has been given in advance of judgements that will take place. I have informed all, that things will change. The norm that you have been accustomed to (even with Cob id) will now change abruptly. Many will be sorry that they did not heed the prophet’s warnings. Many will lose their souls to the enemy’s camp. As judgements start to take place, I will be there, thru my chosen, to guide and lead those who are now willing to follow righteousness. Nothing will be the same as events move forward and change the landscape of your world.

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