Holy Spirit Teachings 47 From 08/18/23 to 08/26/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 47
From 08/18/23 to 08/26/23

June 3, 2024 10:11 AM

Our Souls Are Light, Are Sins Are Heavy
Those of my children who have prepared themselves for Heaven will have no problem ascending. Their souls are light and ethereal. Nothing holds them down to the Earth for they are not interested in the things of this Earth.
My other children, who have not prepared themselves, will be weighed down with chains, made of sins. They love the things this Earth has to offer and partake in the pleasures and sins they know too well.
All sin acts as a set of chains, that keep you affixed to Earth. To get rid of the chains, that bind you, one must repent of all wrong doings. Pray, get close to God, and stop all sins. As each sin lifts off of you, you become lighter, more buoyant, less stressed, and less worrisome.
Imagine yourself guilty of a crime. You never quite know when you will be caught and incarcerated. Even though you are free, you are not. You always think about when the authorities will catch up with you. Sin is similar. You know it is not right, but you do it anyway. You believe there are no “police” for some of your sins and therefore no consequences. Your consequence of sin becomes more apparent towards the end of your life. You never really feel you have escaped prosecution. Sin keeps you bound to a different father.
Some never want to change who they have become, for sin is easy and righteousness is not. Remember you can only have one Father. Sin chains you to Satan’s Kingdom and lack of sin, you adhere to your Father in Heaven.
Make a choice, before it’s too late, to rid yourself of any unrighteousness.

I Reside in You When I Am Part of Your Life
Each of my children hold a special place in my heart. We reside within each other when you spend time with me. Each and everything you do, I see, and I Am proud you are following in my footsteps. As things start to change, be ready for many difficult decisions, directional changes, and choices you will be faced with.
Remember that you are NOT alone, and I will be there to guide you. Pray often and get closer than ever to I Am.

My Heart Has Much Love For My Children
I am terribly saddened by what must occur. Many of my children are not listening to the warnings that have been put out. They go about their day like everything is normal. Many will not even stop to question all the anomalies they are seeing in the world. It is sad that everything can be tied to “global warming”. But do they ask what is at the roots of the cause of weather anomalies? Everything is tied to everything else. When there is one perturbation in the universe, it effects all other celestial bodies as well. Soon mankind will be able to view what is the cause of all these weather changes. They will be able to see the truth behind the lies that have been perpetrated on the public.
When my children get woken up to the realities that now confront them, get as close to I Am as possible. This will be your protection in the coming storms. Pray, like you have never prayed before! Repent, to cleanse yourself. Stay away from all sins, otherwise filth will re-adhere to you. I will be your protection, sustenance, and shelter in these coming storms. Stay firmly affixed to I Am, while we weather the battles, that will ensue.

I Am Your Shelter in the Storms of Life
I Am can be counted on when things are not right in the world. I Am can change the outcome and direction of all with prayer. I Am can be found in a quiet place, a place of prayer and repentance, a place to get close to God. I Am with you when you voice your concerns. I change many outcomes thru prayer. I Am your guiding light when things seem at their darkest. As I light the way to change, listen carefully for my instructions and know that I Am God.

Fear of the Lord- Judge and Jury
For I Am kind and loving and at the same time I Am to be feared. I can control your destiny to either Heaven or Hell. I Am the judge and jury of where your soul will ultimately go.

(08/27/23) I may be called the judge and jury of each person’s soul but is predicated on what each person does and accomplishes on their stay on Earth. I Am a fair and just God. I look at the performance of each individual and at the end of their life, I judge accordingly to their choices, their actions and if they have held on to their sins by the time their stay is up on Earth. So, actually, it is a collaborative effort in judgement. Your choices, create my choices. We both are judge and jury depending on each child and the direction they take in life.

(08/21/23) Your soul to enter Heaven, needs to be cleansed of all unrighteousness. I warn all that sin is to be left behind and expect my children to listen to the rules that guide each of them to a place of comfort. When rules are not adhered to, your soul is guided into a different more violent path. There are no do-overs after you have arrived at the wrong location.
This is why it is so important to listen and emulate me and the walk I had on Earth (Jesus). I do understand that none are perfect, but there must be forward movement towards perfection, to please me.
The fear of the Lord is your first step into understanding that Earth is a learning ground to better your soul. It is not a place that is made for your flesh to partake in sin. Get to know me, my rules, and commandments so that you will be steered in the right direction, to Heaven.

Time That is Left is Limited
Spend your time wisely. Wisely does not mean television, vacations, computer entertainment and partying with friends. It means spending time with I Am in prayer, getting to know me better and better and listening for my still small voice. I Am available, day and night, and do not take off. I wait for my children who have not discovered me, to make time to commune with me. Those who know me already, carve out a bit more time to spend with me.
Your world is about to change, and you will not be sorry about the time you spent with me. I Am your protector and provider in especially hard times.

I See Much Waste Among My Children
Much is bought with little thought of if it is something that will really be utilized or not. Sometimes it is just the thrill of the chase. Many items that are purchased are never used or utilized at all. They stay in the crevasses of dark closets, never to reemerge. If half as much thought was put into your soul’s destination, many would be much better off. The vast majority of my children never look to the future and where does the soul go upon death.
Many will give a quick flippant answer, sometimes connected to a joke, to avoid the subject completely. Why would my children spend months planning for that special gift for themselves, but will not spend 10 minutes on where their eternity will be spent? Do you see where this picture, makes no sense?
Eternity is either spent in Heaven or Hell depending on your beliefs and allegiances to my rules. Have you repented? Have you read my book? Have you given your life to me? Or have you spent that 10 minutes avoiding the subject and making jokes to alleviate being confronted with your eternal destiny? You can continue avoiding the subject, but it will get you that much farther from eternity, with I Am.
I am A Father who expects my children to have ties and allegiances with me. Would you invite someone to stay in your house for eternity if they would not even acknowledge you, did not respect you, didn’t believe in you, or refused to follow your rules? I doubt it.
I Am not any different than you. You were made in my image. If you wish to make it to heaven it is time to Wake-Up!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
It is not only about us, but also about our fellow man. What we can do for others, we are actually doing for ourselves. Most go thru life making sure they themselves, are comfortable. Few spend much time helping others that have few means for existence.
What have you done for your neighbor, the homeless one who asked for a sandwich, a person who needed help crossing the street? Do you volunteer your time? These are the avenues that make some of the biggest differences for others as well as yourself.
In my Kingdom, there is harmony, love, care, and concern for those around you. Why is it that most cannot see or want to see what is in front of them?
One of the greatest commandments is to love your neighbor like yourself. I see this quality in very few. Wake-up and smell the coffee and then bring a cup out to someone who might need it more than you.

You Hop From One Project to the Next, But They Are the Wrong Projects
I Am your creator, your one and only God. I wait for you to focus on the only project, only direction, you should be taking.
I see you at work, at home, partying, watching television, listening to hard rock, I see you sinning. What I don’t see, many doing, is trying to get their soul ready for the afterlife (Heaven). I don’t see a commitment to I Am, stopping of sins and repentance. Instead, I see further degradation of many souls. I see excuses of why “my sins” (children of God) are ok, but not the others around them. I hear, “I will quit the drugs tomorrow”. But of course, tomorrow never comes. I hear everything, all the time, but it only saddens me. Now is the time to stop all sins, for there is not much time left. I warn, but few listen. Be one of those few and redeem your soul.

Ding Dong the Sin is Dead
You have heard me speak over and over about sin. I have told you a few thousand different ways this is not what my children should partake in. Sin blackens the soul and makes it difficult to be on your way to salvation. All my children have sinned, but what is important is the ability to stop that sin and not go back to it. As you repent and leave sin, it is effectively dead. It has been changed from a cancerous growth into something benign.
I have also told you that sin cannot enter into heaven. So, it is up to my children to make all efforts, to stop all sins, if they wish to join me. I love you, but do you love me enough to stop sinning. Time will tell.

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