Holy Spirit Teachings 46 From 08/11/23 to 08/18/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 46
From 08/11/23 to 08/18/23

May 26, 2024 11:11 PM

Rainbows, Water and Fire
I made a promise never to destroy the whole Earth again with water. As things get progressively worse, you will see volcanic activity, both on land and in the sea, increase steadily. Your oceans will get hotter and hotter. Fires will be started with heat coming from the ground as well as meteorites from the sky. As each disaster is added on to another, many will know that things will not return to normal.
All these occurrences and disasters that were written about long ago, are about to transpire. Give your life to me. Repent of all sins and let your life be bathe in the light of my essence.

Cigarettes, Cigars and Cigarrillos- Oh My!
We all believe that most things will not harm us—until they do. We count on our luck, longevity, and good looks to keep us going. Sometimes this is the case and other times it is not.
All poisons of various kinds were not made for the body. They are hinderances to long life. Whether you have a long life or not, is not as important as getting to know your Father in Heaven. Your soul and eternal resting place is determined by your belief and love for my Kingdom. If you do not believe in something, it is difficult to love it. Many believe in me and my Kingdom by Faith. But they are far and few between. My children, in many cases, expect to see to believe.
There will be a short period of time where I will make myself available for all to see (may not be physical but spiritual), so they can believe. But then, it is up to you to follow my rules and commandments if you wish to be part of my Kingdom.
My Kingdom does not allow sin and expects one to leave sin behind. I Am a God that loves every one of my children. You must go thru Jesus to get to me. I Am the way, the truth, and the life.
Heaven is your entrance into a realm of eternity. There is bliss and love and kindness in Heaven. Make sure you have forgiven all, so I can forgive you of your trespasses. Repent of all your sins to cleanse your soul, so that you are prepared for the Heavenly gates.
Your Father in Heaven

Get Out of the Murky Waters That Hold You in Sin
You are a product of your creator and your surroundings and what you learn during your stay on Earth. Everything is a learning process as you grow up and make it to maturity. Some grow daily while others stagnate and stay in the dirty waters, they wallow in. All one needs to do, is to step out of the filth of where they wallow to progress in life. But unfortunately, that one step, out of the slim and murky waters, they wade in, is sometimes too big of a step.
Focus on escaping the sins and things that have kept you stuck in the same areas of your life. Make conscious efforts to escape what has kept you from fully committing to my Kingdom. You currently are on a fence of indecision, balancing in the waters that are slowly sinking your soul. Make that decision to take that step out of the slimy waters and become the person you were always meant to be.
I will help you; you just need to ask for help. Repent, pray read my word ad rebuke all sins. DO NOT go back to those murky waters. I died so you could escape your sins. Now, it is your turn, to make that decision to follow me. I love you; I know you can do it if you try. I await you.

Deaths Will Occur
As end-times progress forward, many will see various calamities, sicknesses, fires, natural disasters that will take the lives of the ones you know and love. Mourn that person, but swiftly get back on your feet and stay rooted in me. Many disasters, problems, deaths, homelessness, unrest will become the norm. No matter where you are, as these occurrences happen, keep as close to I Am as possible. Listen to my still small voice for directions. I will be there to guide my own. I will not leave you.
Ground yourself in knowing that end-times was my Word that was spoken long ago. My Word will not come back to me void. Each utterance and Word will be fulfilled. Be ready for many changes, be ready for new directions you may have never thought possible.

Sirens are Blaring
The sirens are going off everywhere. What is happening to cause such commotion? People are gone, people are missing. No one knows where they are or what happened to them. My word tells of this event. The Rapture, the taking away.
Even though most thought it would never take place, it will. We are close, very close, to this anomaly which will wake-up the masses. Many will begin to believe my word as things start lining up with Revelation. Business as usual will no longer exist. Many will start to read my word, till they take it away. Start to read my word now, before it is too late. Put it into your heart, so it will always be there.

What is time?
It is a construct that gives one a beginning and an end. It is a unit of measurement, a way of dividing segments so one can ascertain compartments separately. Time is a construct which is artificial and is used by man on Earth.
As time gets closer to the end, we will see major shifts of both land masses and allegiances to those whom we believe are in charge.
God is the supreme ruler, creator, and King and then there are men who wish to be the same, but they are not.
Those who have read my word, spent time with me, practice my rules, treat others like themselves will know who to follow. The others need to change for they will be misled by men who wish to take their soul.
Start with repentance and do not go back to your sins. Know that my love for you and your follow thru with I Am can change your destiny and destination.

Are You a Child of God?
Most who think they are a child of God, are not. They do abominable things in the eyes of the Lord. They call themselves Christians and even go to churches that profess my name. Sins are prevalent in most of these churches with very little time, if any, spent on the teaching of repentance. Everything from the tiny infractions of white lies to outright lies, cheating, fornication, leud acts, theft, disrespecting of one’s parents, laziness, unforgiveness and the list goes on and on. How can you call yourself my child when you are guilty of many of these infractions?
I Am a God of righteousness, goodness, love and caring for others. What have you done for others? What do you spend your time doing each day? If I were to look at your soul, what would I see? Would I see a person who cares for others? Would I see someone who follows my rules? Would I see you in me?
Ask yourself these things and if you need to change, then do so. Repent, pray, ask for my help, and get on the road to salvation. Do what gives a person peace of mind. Sin is a catalyst which causes worry and heartache. Stay away from things that bother your soul and mind. Salvation is not that hard. It just takes a willing person to want change for the better. I await you.

Trial and Error
Humans through history have always done much by trial and error. Sometimes, what is tried is accomplished and other times it is by trial and error.
My children were never made to be perfect. They were made to have free choice. This always meant they could navigate the waters. It was always their choice if they would listen to the rules, I set up for them, or not.
Over the centuries, many have failed but a great deal of my children would pick themselves up and tried a different way, a better way, and found the answers they needed.
We are at a gateway to a new era, a new time on Earth. Many of my children will now have to re-figure out what directions to take when confronted with blocked roadways. They will have to use their brains and wits to circumvent the newer problems that will be confronting many.
I will give a hint, to those who will listen. Make sure your thought processes include righteousness, truth, and excellent character. Do not throw your neighbor under the bus to save yourself. Be cognitive of everyone’s needs, not only yourself and your immediate family. All sins should be left behind and never returned to. Repent of all wrongs you have done in the past to be washed clean of those sins. It is never too late to become the person I always hoped you would be. I love you and please make a difference with the time, though short, which is left.

Warning: Get Close To Me Now
Each of my children need to get as close to me as possible. The times you are living in will be changing the fabric of everything you know and understand. As these changes occur, the closer you are too I Am, the easier it will be to navigate thru all pandemonium.
Learn to be with me in a quiet place so you can get to know my small still voice. Spend time in prayer, get to know your creator.
As all things start to change upon the Earth, most will not know what direction to take. My still small voice can and will help you navigate these uncharted waters.
Be ready for things you would have never expected. Be prepared for things that you would have said a month earlier, was impossible. The improbable will become the norm and the norm will no longer exist. I Am your rudder and direction finder in these storms.

Garbage In, Garbage Out
What we put in our bodies is what we become. Part of our make-up is the food we introduce daily into us. Do we put in organic or GMO’s? By the same token what do we allow into our souls? Are we careful to watch for contaminants of lies, fornication, swearing, stealing and anything that pollutes the soul? Do we accept and introduce garbage that makes us unfit to enter into Heaven?
Every contaminant that poisons our souls, need to be extracted if we wish to enter Heaven. Sins of all kinds become the garbage that destroys the balance of our soul. If we can introduce garbage into our souls, we can certainly extract garbage, out of our souls.
This is done by repentance, stopping of all sins, getting lose to our creator and prayer. All garbage belongs outside our bodies. Do not introduce old garbage back into your bodies.
It is time to clean up all messes we have made of our lives. Repentance is part of this process. Stay clean and know that your soul can ascend, for all chains will be broken, by using this process.

Rub a Dub, Dub, Three Men in a Tub
One cannot clean themselves of the filth of this world by bathing in a tub. Sin sticks to you like glue and to rub it off takes far more than soap and water. Scrubbing is done, in a unique way, by getting on one’s knees and repenting of those sins you are guilty of. Those sins will stay adhered to the body until you repent.
The second procedure to remove these stains on your soul is to make sure you do not go back to them. Yes, the enemy will make sure that you will have ample ability and chances to re-adhere to the same sin. If you smoke you will find a pack of cigarettes, that just showed up, out of nowhere. This temptation now becomes a battle of good and evil to pollute you once again. The enemy, though unseen, is there at every turn to tempt and coerce you into returning to the sin you have just left. Demons have a responsibility to keep you in sin. They feed off your bad habits and sins and try to coerce you into keeping each and every one of them.
Demons live in the bodies of those who practice various sins. If you are a liar, you will get demons who feed on lies. It is hard battling an invisible adversary. But to have knowledge and a means to fight them, is a major leap forward.
Do not let the enemy control who you are and what you do. Stay away from all sins and get close to I Am. For I can and will help if asked by you. Stay on the straight and narrow road to salvation and my Heavenly Kingdom.

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