Holy Spirit Teachings 45 From 07/29/23 to 08/07/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 45
From 07/29/23 to 08/07/23

May 20, 2024 10:10 AM

For Those Who Are in Righteousness, Following My Rules
I love you. Stay the course and know that you will have amazing adventures and experiences that will surpass time and space and all reason. You are my child, you have stayed the course, continued with love for all and try your best to do what my word says. Each day, each hour gets closer to the ending start. You will participate with my glorious revival, your light will shine, your countenance will be mine. No matter where you are, you will be seen. Some will flock to you and others will shun you and go the other way. You will represent I Am and be there for others who need us. Be ready for your adventure. I love you.

Torrential Rainfall
As the Earth changes many anomalies in the weather will become realities. Rain, the likes not seen by this generation, will saturate many areas that have not had this type of inundation before.
Winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, and different weather problems will scatter the world. Displacements will be commonplace. Many will roam without shelter. Focus on I Am, for I can lead you to shelter, sustenance and provisions. I Am there for you, as things change. Pray and spend time with me often.

What Destination will Your Boat Go To?
I come with vengeance for some, I come with love and protection for others. Each of my children have chosen their fate according to their beliefs and effort they have put in getting to know me. Each of my children are at the helm of their own boat. I have given suggestions, I have given directions, but many are oblivious to the same.
Their fate has always been controlled by their beliefs. As each sees the direction their boat is heading in, hopefully they will make corrections, in their navigational plans. It is not too late to change course, change directions and plot out new destinations.
The course of your boat is not set in stone. Let the waves bring you closer to I Am.

The Noose Around Your Neck
The noose around your neck has been provided by the enemy. He tightens the grip as you go thru life encountering the temptations he provides. Your noose is adjusted depending on if you start to realize you are doing wrong or not. With each sin added to your life, the noose becomes tighter. Each sin weighs you down with chains that bind you to your flesh.
Each of my children can escape the chains and noose that have kept them in bondage. They must make efforts to change their mindset, actions, and directions they have taken in the past. All sin is of the enemy. All sins are not acceptable. All sin can be repented of and put into the past. This is why I died for you, so you could have this ability to be forgiven. Stop all that is not of me and receive your salvation.

Shed the Skin of Sin
When sin is present in your flesh it is like a covering that has the ability to be shed. This outer covering of darkness needs to become part of your past rather than present or future. This skin keeps you bound to the flesh. It keeps you adhering to the enemy’s characteristics rather than mine.
Make that conscious effort to rid yourself of the enemy. Do not go back to the darkness, lies and deceit that lace the sins you participate in. Repent of all wrong doings and leave the flesh behind.
My Kingdom will not co-mingle with darkness, so it is your job to rid yourself of all sins.
Repent, pray, and know I Am will help in the process. The outer covering you leave behind will become your Salvation.

I Am a Father who expects obedience from my children. A child of mine will care about keeping my rules and commandments. A child of mine will follow what is righteous and right in life. Many disobedient children do not care to follow me and ultimately stay in sin. Their Father represents darkness and keeps them away from the light.
Only you can change from darkness into light. Only you are truly in charge of your fate. Only you can change your destination. Change before there is no more time. Your fate rests in the balance.

Many Do Not Know Who I Am
They have been told partial truths, fabrications and sometimes outright lies. I Am the God of this Universe and all others as well. I live within each of my children. When they do wrong (sin) my light gets dimmer within them. The darkness starts to prevail, and it makes it more difficult for that child to hear me. Their father becomes another, as their soul blackens.
Choices can be made, at all times, for the good. Yes, it does take effort and follow thru, but many will not follow thru due to laziness or a wanting need, for the sin they have adopted.
Life is part of learning to shed what is not good for our souls. It is a learning ground to change who we are. Sometimes, it takes hitting your lowest, low, before one realizes it is time for change.
Repent, pray, read my word, and become who you were meant to be.

Many Will Find Me When They Least Expect It
Many of my children will find me when they least expect it. Many will be saved supernaturally, both physically and spiritually. They will understand that I have been with them their whole lives, they just couldn’t see me. Many will have new understandings to the sever nature of sin and all its complications within the soul. Many will give their lives to me with their repentance and shunning of all sins.
As my children (chosen) work the fields, the crops will be plentiful. Those that many thought would never make it, will be surprise additions to the harvest.
Incredible miracles will happen and be displayed for all to see. My chosen army will be there to lead many to salvation and into my Kingdom.

Many of who you would have thought, would never believe in me, will change their belief system. They will begin to understand that life comes from I Am. They will understand their need for their creator. They will start to follow what has never been important to them, in the past. I Am the truth, the way, and the life. As they get more rooted in me, they will bring others along in their new belief system, saving many in the process. As each child develops and grows, the network of saved will flourish around
the world.

Our Purpose Revealed
Each wonder why we are here on Earth. What is our purpose? Each child of mine plays an intricate part while residing on Earth. Whether you interact with others or a recluse, you impact the lives of everyone you have ever spoken to, or met, or had any interactions with. You change the landscape of another person’s life with any interactions you have. Even when those people spend time with others, something that you may have said or done, will get passed on as well. You don’t even need to be there. We all matter as we share thoughts and experiences and actions with each other.
Your most important experiences, are of course, with I Am. Your foundation (cornerstone) is directly coupled with how close you become with me and what you have learned thru me. As you get to know my word (me), you become one with me. I Am the model you should emulate and become while on your journey upon this Earth. The closer you get to me, is the closer you become with all that is in the Universe.
Your goal as my child is to become one, with I Am.
There are many directions and avenues you can take to get closer to me. Find a path that suits you best.

Each path leads to a slightly different revelation, a different way of looking at things, a newer learning experience you may have not encountered if you chose a different direction. Heaven awaits so many opportunities to know me, my word, my creation, my (our) home.
No matter what you choose, your experiences are infinitesimal, and your knowledge expands with each choice you make. I Am at each path, each juncture you encounter with love and acceptance. You are my children and I give you the world of intrigue with each breath (not literal) you take. I Love You, more than you will ever understand.

The Sharpened Edge- Two-Edged Sword
The words you speak in my name are a two-edged sword. They deliver my might into wherever they are introduced. My words, when used in battle, become the only weapon you will need to stop the enemy from advancing or putting them to another location.
Suit up, before going into battle, with the belt of truth, shield of faith, shod your legs with the peace, put on the breastplate of righteousness and gear up with faith. I Am your protector and protection in all battles. Together, you are suited up and you using my words and the power behind my name and blood, the battle is already won.
My army will move swiftly, efficiently, and with direction to conquer the souls that wish to be freed from the bondages of the flesh. No weapon formed against us will prosper. We will be one with the creator as we do his work.

The Gangs All Here
You don’t need a gang of people to celebrate I Am. Each of my children glorify me in many ways. I can be cheered, one can clap their hands, another might sing, someone else may pray, one may dance, the list is endless! I Am appreciates it all. Whether alone or in a gang I hear and appreciate all that is done to glorify me. As glory is bestowed on, I Am, magical things begin to happen. It changes the atmosphere and realm. It gives the supernatural a boost. Glorify my Kingdom, glorify me. It changes everything.

Glory to God
God’s glory is available to all my children. I Am your light in the darkness. I Am the direction you shall take when in this darkness. I love all my children and wish none to perish. No matter what you see or encounter, follow me closely for I will show you the correct way.


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