Holy Spirit Teachings 44 From 07/18/23 to 07/28/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 44
From 07/18/23 to 07/28/23

May 12, 2024 7:31 PM

Two By Two, We March to the Beat of Our Lord
My children (chosen) will go out two by two and administer my Healings, Deliverances, Love, Kindness, and my Spirit to all who wish to be healed of their afflictions. Each and every person will know, I Am, is there with them. Many will change their outlooks and directions in life due to my elite teams of Healers. Miracles will happen continually, waking-up the children that have been asleep for so long.
There will be new understandings of sin and why people have been afflicted with sicknesses and behavioral problems. They will understand that many of these (not all) sicknesses have been brought on by their sins and ways of life. Many will turn to me with their change in direction. The narrow path will get a bit wider.

I Am the Word
My Word is who I Am. The Holy Bible reflects what I expect from all my children. Rules and commandments were put in place to tell you who I Am.
Many have sinned for years, but now it is time to repent and know that your soul will be cleansed to move forward. I love you, my child, but repentance for all sins must be addressed before it is too late before you take your final breath.

My Word Is Who I AM
My Word is who I Am. It cannot be altered. Not one jot or one title will be allowed to deviate from what has been said. The Bible is my script, it is the outline, and the final Word of what was, is, and will be. Nothing can change, for I do not change.
I have said that all sins are the same. I have also said you must repent of any and all sins. These are the weights that keep you chained down to Earth and keeps you in your flesh. Your soul can ascend to Heaven with repentance.
Many have been taught doctrines of men. Beware of any teachings that do not conform to my Word. For I Am, my Word.

Time is Being Sped Up
Do you feel the rapid movement of the clock? Do you see the days go by faster than ever? I have sped up time, for the elect’s sake. We are getting closer to my arrival. All will know I Am is responsible for their healings and deliverances. Health, both mental and physical, will be restored. Many will come to salvation and my Kingdom thru these healings. My children will get the opportunity to get to know me, if that is their wish, before it is too late. I give these opportunities to my children because of my great love for them. Things will change swiftly now. Be ready for changes at breakneck speed.

Now is the Time to Get Extremely Close to I Am
As things change, with the landscape of your country, your life, and your thoughts, get closer to me.
I Am the way to the truth, the way, and the life. Life does not exist without me. I Am your cornerstone, your GPS, your salvation.
Celebrate who I Am, in your life, thru prayer, spending time with me, reading and listening to my word. As you grow in my truths, you become one with me. I Am your answer to peace of mind, direction, and love. Pray often and learn my ways, commandments, and rules to live by. Help those in need, as I help you. Be the solution, rather than the problem. Don’t forget I can be accessed at any time. Now is the time to get close to me, like never before. Times are changing swiftly.

A Diamond in the Rough
Each of my children go thru life learning, experiencing, and trying to figure out why they are here on planet Earth. As they get closer and closer to the truths of life, many are still stuck in the ruts they have been in most of their lives.
A new mindset is needed to get rid of all the cobwebs that have littered their past. It is time to forgive all that have made their lives unbearable. It is time to move on to forgiveness and pray for those who have done wrong.
One cannot heal themselves, when they hold on to hate and feelings, that do not promote healing. Move forward by forgiving others, ask for me to heal your wounds and give you a new way of looking at the hurt that have plagued you during your lifetime. I Am can heal you if you will let me. Move forward with this new mindset and watch the scales come off of you, during the process.

Pen to Paper- Here we Go
You are lost, but you will be found. But I can only find those who wish to be found. Salvation is for those who are working towards perfection, so they can be integrated into my Kingdom. They are the ones who know they need work on their lives. They are the ones who strive to keep themselves on the narrow road.
No matter who you are or what you have done, you are my children. I cannot and will not force anyone to do what is against their will. I can warn, and I have done this thru many of my children. Not much has been heeded. As things change upon the Earth, many will see the need to change themselves, as well. They will be woken-up to a new reality that has not been experienced before. As new input is introduced, many children will start to follow I Am. I wish none to perish. Follow me to Salvation.

Tide Has Turned
The tide goes in and out every day. Pounding the shores, effecting the coastlines. Each of my children while on Earth are being formed and shaped while experiencing the pushing motion of life. Some are formed and shaped sooner than others, while some children never reach the potential they were put on this Earth for. They are stubborn, self-centered, opinionated, selfish and believe they are the center of the universe.
I can only work with those who are willing and wanting to change. I Am does not force himself on anyone.
Prayer does help in some cases, but free will supersedes all. Children of another father have made their choice.
There is always hope that child will wake-up before their time runs out. I respect their choices, even though most do not understand the ramifications.

Pop Goes the Weasel
My children’s lives are surrounded by the things that are not of I Am, chaos confusion, deceit, and sometimes danger. All these traits, of the weasel, are tied to Satan.
Satan’s job is to capture your soul and then bring you to Hell upon your death. He will do anything to keep you in bondage, in chains, in need. He is cunning and has been around for thousands of years. He has perfected his technique over many years. His traps are set with sin and laced with deceit. Stay clear of all sins because he will lure you in with just a tiny bit of sin, to then proceed with larger and larger sins.
I died on the cross so that you could repent of all sins, so that you could start anew. Now is the time to stop all sins and break free of the chains that have bound your soul to the flesh. It is time to wake-up to the prison, you don’t even realize you’re in, and eradicate these sins from your life.
All my children are important to me. But all decisions are in the free will, I gave you. To make it to my Kingdom will require sin to be left behind. Those who wish to keep their sins have a different father than me. It is your choice where you will eternally go.

You Are Not What You Seem
Each of my children are upon the Earth trying to figure out who they are, what is their purpose and what they are supposed to do. But most of my children are clueless to their purpose, direction and what is truly important.
I Am your Father, your creator, your Leader. Most ignore who I Am and, in the process, they are not able to truly ascertain, who they are. How can you figure out who you are if you can’t figure out your roots, you are given, thru creation?
Life is difficult, but I Am here for each of you to discover. I Am here to be part of you, and you me. Learn who you are, to find out what direction to go in.
Your Father

God is Light
The Light Bulb, The Fluorescent Light, The LED, –God’s Light. There is none other than the light that is emanated from God. His light eradicates the darkness and becomes. Everything is within the light, goodness, grace, love. His might is in the light, he is light. All is right when we are in light.
Shun the darkness and travel to the light for it is life. Life abundantly, without end. Let the light become who you are and emanate my light as you become one with I Am.

End of Time-Beginning of Time- Which is it?
Where do we start with time. Of course, there was the beginning with Adam and Eve. But let’s move forward to now.
As we are entering the end of time, we know that not every child of mine will make it to Heaven. My Kingdom comes with rules and commandments to live by. Many do not want to adhere to these rules. They believe the rules are for others. They believe that they are “good enough” because any God that they would believe in, would allow their entrance into Heaven.
What most do not realize is that I Am a kind God, but also a firm Father. A Father that expects their children to behave in an exemplary manner. I have seen centuries of misbehaved children who believe similar to most sinners.
Sin is a sickness that takes over the body and infects its (the) soul. The soul must be clean to enter Heaven. Preparations to your body must be made before the soul is advanced. The flesh (sinful nature) must be dealt with before your entrance into Heaven.
Repent of your sins, pray for help to leave these sins, follow thru, and do not go back to them. My Kingdom waits for your change in direction.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide
When events, tragedies, occurrences start to envelope your planet, many will go into a catatonic fear that they have never encountered in the past. Remember, fear is the imagination going into hyperdrive. Do not fear what you see, you are far more capable of getting rid of all that your eyes see.
Rebuke in Jesus name, what you encounter, and it will flee. Know your power exceeds the enemies, when using my name, with faith and conviction.
Spiritual Warfare has not been taught in most of my churches. These are the skills you will need to get you through these difficult times. Learn to fight the enemy and put them in their place.

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